Quotes / Dead All Along

Shulk: What was I doing? What was the purpose of my life? ...No. I've got it wrong. I was never alive. It was Zanza! All along! I...Everything I did was...
Alvis: ...Do you want to say 'pointless'?

"Rei cannot... stay here. In fact, she can't stay anywhere. The truth is... Rei is dead."

"It seems that reports of my... survival... have been greatly exaggerated."
Col. John Konrad, Spec Ops: The Line

"But every time someone tries living in the Malone house, back they come. I guess they don't know he's dead, and so are they."
Red Knott about the titular Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Jet: You're dead! I saw them check you and say "Bag 'er, she's dead." You're dead!
Rachel: Obviously I'm not dead, Jet. Look at me.
Jet: You look dead!
Rachel: I'm having a rough night, okay?!

Aunt Johnny: Nobody falls five stories and feels fine, Rachel. Come here. Stand still and let me look at you. Where's your pulse?
Rachel: What?
Aunt Johnny: You don't have a... wait... there's one pulse...
Rachel: You're not doing it right.
Aunt Johnny: [Hand extended in front of Rachel's mouth] Breathe.
Rachel: I am breathing!
Aunt Johnny: And you don't feel that?
Rachel: Feel what? [Johnny lifts Rachel's hand, showing the pin she had stuck deep in Rachel's finger] Okay, just stop it! There's nothing wrong with me. Get out of here!
Aunt Johnny: Tonight you feel five stories onto a car, Rachel. They had to pry you out of the roof you crushed. The EMTs at the scene found no signs of life and declared you legally dead. But here you are two hours later standing and talking to us, so either Jet and I are sharing a grief-induced illusion or you're not dead. At least, not medically.
Rachel: That's what I'm trying to tell you... wait... what?
Aunt Johnny: But the state you're in is not conducive to life either. You didn't feel the pin for the same reason you didn't feel the fall - your nervous system is in a kind of stasis - your whole body is. Your pulse is down somewhere around six beats a minute, your skin is cool to the touch, your breathing is almost undetectable... and you don't feel any of these changes? So we'll focus on the facts. You're deathly pale but still pink, indicating some, if minimal, circulation. The acute petechial hemorrhaging in your eyes is caused by the blood vessels bursting during the trauma of asphyxiation. The marks on your neck are from strangulation. Rachel, you should not be alive. By all known medical reason, your next breath should be your last.

Ouken: [at Takeru] "I don't understand... why are you helping that girl? She isn't even human! The problem is, that woman is neither human, or a god. She's nothing but a doll! That body is made of what's left of the real Kodama Himegami!
Maken-ki!, Ouken's attempt to demoralize Takeru, by dropping a bombshell on him.

"When I walked through the door my wife she lay upon the floor
And with tears her eyes did soar, I did not know why
Then I looked into her hand and I saw the telegram
Said that I was a brave, brave man, but that I was dead"
Iron and Wine, "Love Vigilantes"

"Honey, I'm dead and I have been all the time."