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"i think Halo is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills aleins and doesn't afraid of anything"
—Anonymous philosopher

"Its easy to dismiss the movie based on the trailer so full of fail it is almost epic. 'Gerard Butler hasnít kicked so much ass since 300 years ago!' Ok 300 didnít refer to 300 years ago or even the year 300. Unless you are referring to a Gerard Butler performance that was set 300 years ago. The only thing I can think of thatís even close is Phantom of the Opera. But I digress."

"As Abraham Lincoln once said, Journalism is the first rough draft of history. Or possibly it was Thomas Edison who said that. I'm pretty sure somebody said it, because you often hear journalists quote it in an effort to explain how come they get everything wrong."
Dave Barry's History of the Millennium (So Far)

"DegrassiĎs little discrepancies in terms of how players got their jobs on the Ice Hounds... can be forgiven because these are things that the casual observer, one who does not have regular exposure or extensive knowledge of the junior hockey system, would overlook."
Margann Laurissa , at thehockeywriters.com

"And I can tell you that someone who loves everything there is to love about mythology isn't necessarily interested in the differences between an allosaurus and a T Rex. The paleontologist isn't too keen on finding out every legend involving Athena, either, and neither is the junior Spiderman."
The Asperkid's SECRET Book of Social Rules

"If Rule of Rose is remembered at all, it is usually for the moral panic it inspired. Troubles seem to have started when Sony dropped the game for localization in North America, apparently feeling that the 'sexual undertones' of the game clashed with the company's brand image (Atlus, who doesn't mind this kind of stuff, picked the game back up). Things got worse in a hurry when the Italian magazine Panorama featured the game on its front cover with the caption 'Vince chi seppellisce viva la bambina' ('He who buries the little girl wins'). The connected article heavily criticised the game and video game violence in general. After that, the rumor of the 'child torture game' caught like wildfire...In fact, Rule of Rose was directly mentioned in a bill of the French National Assembly and described in the following words: 'The goal of the game is an unacceptable incarnation of sadism and perversion: raping a little girl in the most horrible conditions then torturing her before killing her in the worst of sufferings. The one who has acted with the most heinous ignominy, the most disgusting, wins the game.'

Strong words. It really must be some game, huh? For example, here is the most explicitly sexual scene of the game:

Two little girls smiling complicity while holding hands and touching forehead to forehead. Shocking, right?"
Hardcore Gaming 101 note 

Linda: Holy guacamoly, that's a lot of information.
Robert: And all of it's wrong. Sally Dunn, preferred to be known as Silly Sally, has rocks in her head that have beaten her brains to mush? What? She has breath that smells like rancid cheese? Who comes up with this stuff? She drives like a maniac on fire?
Robert: But none of this other junk is. And there's a lot of it.
Growing Around, 'Silly Sally'

What if Zelda was a girl?
—Another anonymous internet philosopher.

Cooper: Gamers are seeing women as these objects of desire, as these hot bodies. They don't show women as being valued as anything other than their sexuality, and it's a man choosing how many women he wants to sleep with.
Jeff: First of all that is completely not true. You can actually play as a man or a woman. Cooper, have you actually played Mass Effect?
Cooper: No!
—Fox news article on Mass Effect