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Quotes: Cool Car
"It's the car, right? Chicks love the car."

Beekeeper 1: To the Beemobile!
Beekeeper 2: You mean your Chevy?
Beekeeper 1: ...Yes.
The Simpsons, "Lisa's Rival"

"Ohhhh yeaaaahhh..."
Yello, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, when Mr. Frye's Ferrari is first shown

I'm burnin' aviation fuel and my foot's to the floor
Ya know she's crusin' one-forty, she'll do even more
I'm burnin' solid rubber, I don't take no bull-shit
'Cause my wheels of steel are rolling
If you're comin' come quick
—Saxon, "Wheels of Steel", about this

Nobody ever gives you the finger in a Corvette.

Gian: "... Ivan, is this yours...?"
Ivan: "That’s right! Haha, ain’t she awesome? Ain’t she cool? Ain’t she the best?! You’ve gotta go German if you want the best car!"
Gian: "...But man, this is a big sedan. It’s practically a tank compared to that Alpha..."
Ivan: "She’s the newest Mercedes model! A brand spanking new virgin! Just wait ‘til you ride her through the night city! She jolts everyone on the streets off their feet and makes ‘em piss their pants." [both get inside] "Ain’t the inside awesome, too? Ain’t it cool? Take any virgin and she’d flood her pants with a ‘Whoohoo! Here it comes!’ the moment she sinks into the seat."
Gian: "Is that so."
Ivan: "Oh, and if you smoke in here, you’re dead."

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