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Quotes: Chandler's Law
Kaguya: We've got a problem, Eirin. There are no more plot ideas for this manga.
Eirin: Not to worry, Your Highness. Just have the characters say any old thing, then in the last panel, show the Scarlet Devil Mansion or the Hakurei Shrine's offertory box exploding, and you've got yourself a Touhou manga.
Kaguya: I knew you could do it, Eirin...
[Scarlet Devil Mansion blows up. Hakurei Shrine's offertory box blows up. Sakuya's breast pads blow up.]
Danbooru post #747138: "Punch Line" (original)

So no matter how deeply you've written yourself into a corner, all your problems can be solved, or at least delayed, by an invasion of space zombies.
The Book Of Elements, on the benefits of setting a campaign in the Negative Elemental Plane.

Tarquin: Not that I've never gotten a chuckle out of dipping people in acid, but is there some reason we've announced our presence?
Sabine: Nale knows the Order of the Stick a lot better than you do.
Nale: Indeed. I know that if you want them to do something, you need to prod them now and then. Otherwise, they'll just stand around talking until they fill up like eight pages with speech balloons.

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