->'''Stephanie:''' I sorta... drove Joey's car... into the kitchen.\\
'''Jesse:''' Steph, you can't even drive!\\
'''Stephanie:''' You're telling me.
-->-- ''Series/FullHouse''

->''"Listen. You probably didn't realize this, but the parking lot's outside."''
-->-- '''J.J. [=McClure=]''', ''Film/TheCannonballRun''

->''She was into the house before she saw it, crashing through boards and glass and plaster, pushing couches and chairs and draperies ahead—and, sure, it was like a mad dream of a crazy women's libber—FUCK HOUSEWORK in ten-foot flaming letters on a poster no artist could draw.''
->''She briefly experienced the sensation of flight and knew that she had been flung from the belly of the arrested beast.''
->''And she found herself in bed beside a startled elderly man who kept croaking, "What? What? What?"''
->''Toby muttered, "You're dreaming, go back to sleep."''
-->''Literature/TheExecutioner'', "Detroit Deathwatch"