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Quotes: Boomerang Bigot
"Never never never be ashamed you're Jewish, because it's enough that I'm ashamed you're Jewish."
Farber, You Could Live If They Let You

Bellatrix Lestrange: You dare speak his name?! You dare sully it with your filthy halfblood mouth?
Harry Potter: Did you know he's a halfblood? Voldemort? Yeah, his mum was a witch, but his dad was a muggle. Or did he tell you lot he was pureblood?

"Which one is actually composed of people interested in the artistry of music, and not northern twats? (I'm allowed to say "northern twats" because I'm from the north—well, my mum was from the north. She's a twat.)"
Ben Croshaw on the differences between blur and Oasis

"Apparently some people were offended when I kind of called the new Pope a motherfucker yesterday! I am sorry I offended a few of you, but you have to understand that while I respect other people and their faith, but I'm not going be reverent towards an institution which I disagree with on a fundamental level. Also, I was Raised Catholic so I'm allowed to poke fun if I want to."
"Who's more racist, white people or black people? Black people, and I'll tell you why — it's because we hate black people, too!"
Chris Rock, "Niggas vs. Black People"

"I feel repugnance for the critic John Simon, who made it a specialty to attack the way actors look. They can't help how they look, any more than John Simon can help looking like a rat."

"In order for this joke to work, Carlos is taking for granted that we already know something about Mexicans having sex with pigs. Is that a real stereotype? If it is, and we also assume that swine flu comes from pig sex, then yes, those same people might also fuck a donkey and create a donkey flu. I see what he was going for, it just seems like a lot of hoops to jump through in order to create a reality where the line makes sense...where's the joke? That someone fucked an animal? Of course they did! That's what we do here!"

"A true leader is willing to go against his own kind. F.D.R. was rich. He dumped on Wall Street. Ike was a General. He attacked the military-industrial complex. L.B.J. was southern. He sponsored the Voting Rights Act... I'm the first old President. Social Security must go."
Jules Fieffer, 1982 political cartoon

"The ultimate irony of gay liberation is that it has made it possible for straight people to create more fluid gender, sexual and social identities, while mainstream gay people salivate over state-sanctioned Tiffany wedding bands...Of course, Christian fundamentalists make no distinction between diesel dykes and Diesel jeans, or, to be more direct — they think all queers are gonna burn in hell, Tiffany or no Tiffany. Every time gay marriage proponents patiently explain to Fundamentalists, 'One, two — we're just like you — three, four — we bash queers more!' the Christian Right gains authority."

"If WM/Afs are something sick and evil, it is only rational that something sick and evil should result. Nothing good can come of pure evil. I am the outcome of all that is evil in the world. Iím pure blackness. I wish me ill."

Years later, when he led a famous league side out to play Celtic, this same corporal, having said his Hail-Mary and fingered his crucifix, instructed his team, "Awright fellas, let's get stuck intae these Papes." There is a lesson in team spirit there, if you think about it.

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