Quotes: Ascended Extra

"We took silhouettes and gave them an episode."
Doc Hammer, on the characters Dragoon and Red Mantle in The Venture Bros.

"If anybody where to tell me that the showrunner of the new series would take a character who is basically a giant head pickled in a jar and over the course of three stories he would become one of the central figures of the series and one whose death would have me reaching from the hankies I would probably have laughed in your face."

"Up until a year ago, I had seen maybe three episodes of DS9. Back when the idea for the show was first announced, I clearly remember making fun of it with a college buddy of mine. We were under the misguided impression that because the recurring TNG character Chief Miles O'Brien was moving to a new show meant the spin-off would be about him, i.e., it would be Star Trek: The Chief O'Brien Comedy Hour."