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Quotes: Ascended Extra
"We took silhouettes and gave them an episode."
Doc Hammer, on the characters Dragoon and Red Mantle in The Venture Bros.

"I always imagined that Lethbridge-Stewart's introduction would be met with some kind of fanfare given the important role he would go on to play in the series. Thinking about this logically for a moment...why would that be the case at all? He wasn't designed to be a series regular, this was just a one shot character that worked out really well, they decided to bring back and became woven into the fabric of the series. In fact he is dumped in the middle of this story without ceremony and treated as a figure of suspicion for a while. If nobody can trust anybody, who the hell is this bossy Colonel who has appeared out of the darkness from nowhere? I like that approach, it might just be the most interesting use of the character in his entire run."

"Up until a year ago, I had seen maybe three episodes of DS9. Back when the idea for the show was first announced, I clearly remember making fun of it with a college buddy of mine. We were under the misguided impression that because the recurring TNG character Chief Miles O'Brien was moving to a new show meant the spin-off would be about him, i.e., it would be Star Trek: The Chief O'Brien Comedy Hour."

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