Quotes / Adaptation Displacement

"I've got my little movie that runs in my head. And I'm kind of afraid that will be changed or wiped out by what somebody else might do with it. And it is sort of thrilling and creepy, because now the characters have an existence apart from me."
Audrey Niffenegger on the prospect of a film adaptation of her novel The Time Traveler's Wife

"I've never read the Neverending Story book, I actually keep forgetting there is a book."

"I was in comics? How embarrassing."

[Discussing Earthworm Jim]
Duck: There's a cartoon now?!
C.C.: It's … been around for a while, actually.
Koneko: And yes, it's every bit as messed up as the video game on which it's based.
C.C.: There's a video game now?!

[Discussing hostage demands]
Rex: Sixty-seven copies of Moby-Dick.
Suzzi: The movie or the book?
Rex: They made a book outta that?
Suzzi: I think so…

"And YOU thought it only existed as a series of TV cartoons, DIDN'T you?? It began with this."
Platypus Comix on U.S. Acres

The deep penetration and popularity of the Disney representations of these traditional stories and figures tends to turn the Disney version into the canonical one in the public eye. … The same thing has occurred with more modern source material[…]
Rational Wiki on Disney's history of appropriating literary sources as the bases for its animated films and supplanting them in the public eye