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Podcast: The Webcomics Company
Would you buy a comic from these people?
''"I'll cut that bit out."
Zoe Kirk-Robinson

The Webcomics Company is a podcast by five (originally four) webcomic writers and artists from the UK and Ireland. They discuss current issues in the world of webcomics, talk about how they make their own comics, and generally try to give helpful advice to anyone interested in making a comic of his own.

The members of the team are:
  • Zoe Kirk-Robinson, artist and co-writer for All Over The House and The Life of Nob T. Mouse. She is also head writer of The Webcomic Builder;
  • James Spence, artist and writer of Dr Sheep And The Aardvark and Girls In Space;
  • Luke Healy, writer and artist of Swanny Nook and Pint Size Pixel;
  • Luke Surl, writer and artist of Luke Surl, and
  • Matt Dyson, the newest member, artist and co-writer of Moo And Keo.

This podcast provides examples of:

Irregular PodcastPodcastThe Old Oilhouse

alternative title(s): The Webcomics Company
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