Playing With / Have I Mentioned I Am Sexually Active Today?

Basic Trope: A character can't shut up about how much sex they have...when they really have none.
  • Straight: Bob mentions once per day that he has a vibrant, active sex life. He's a virgin.
  • Exaggerated: Bob mentions his active sex life once per hour. He's never even held a girl's hand.
  • Downplayed: Bob talks about sex more often than others, but not to an insane extent...and he's made out a few times.
  • Justified:
    • Bob wants any interested parties to know that he's not inexperienced, no matter how untrue it may be.
    • Bob is hoping to shed his loser status with sex, so he talks about it in hopes that it happens for him.
    • All of Bob's friends have active sex lives, so he lies to make it sound like he fits in.
  • Inverted:
    • Bob has a lot of sex, but keeps that information private.
    • Bob has a ton of sex, but mentions once per day that he's a virgin.
  • Subverted: It turns out it's true. Bob really does have a lot of sex, and he proudly brags about it.
  • Double Subverted: Then it turns out that Bob had sex once, and he's repeating stories he heard from friends.
  • Parodied: Any and all of Bob's sex stories turn out to be true - even the implausible ones... Hell! SPECIALLY the implausible ones, which he had to tone down because they were too outlandish for anyone to believe them!
  • Zig Zagged: Sometimes he's lying, other times he's telling the truth.
  • Averted: Bob doesn't talk about sex at all.
  • Enforced: ???
  • Lampshaded: "Look Bob, there's no way what we're about to do isn't your first time. Nobody who's lost their virginity talks about it as much as you do."
  • Invoked: ???
  • Exploited: ???
  • Defied: ???
  • Discussed: "And here comes Bob to tell us about how he's totally not a virgin."
  • Conversed: ???
  • Played For Drama: Bob mentions how often he has sex with younger girls, and it's so exaggerated that nobody believes him until a teenager confides to Alice that Bob raped her.

Have I Mentioned I Am Sexually Active Today? Don't tell anyone, but I totally did it with that page.