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Playing With: Handi Capped Badass
Basic Trope: A Bad Ass who has disabilities, but can still fight.
  • Straight: Alice is in a wheelchair, but can still fight competently.
  • Exaggerated:
    • Alice is in a wheelchair, but is also the most Bad Ass of her team.
    • Alice is paralyzed from the neck below. She's still badass.
    • Alice has every disability known to humanity, and yet...
  • Downplayed:
    • Alice has a sprained ankle, but can still fight competently.
    • Alice is a Hollywood Cyborg, and thus is only nominally disabled.
  • Justified:
    • Alice trained harder to compensate for her disability.
    • Her wheelchair is WHY she's badass.
    • Alice lives in a World of Badass, and just happens to be disabled.
    • Alice has magic, or Psychic Powers; there's no reason she shouldn't be able to still use them.
    • The area in which Alice is badass has nothing to do with her disability. For example, being in a wheelchair doesn't necessarily have anything to do with being the team Smart Guy who uses genius technology to defeat The Big Bad.
  • Inverted: Alice is not disabled, but is unable to fight.
  • Subverted:
    • Alice had faked her disability.
    • Alice is a pacifist and can barely hurt a fly.
  • Double Subverted:
  • Parodied:
    • Alice has no arms or legs, but is still the team Bad Ass.
    • Wheel-chair bound Alice manages to cleave her way through an army of mooks AND The Dragon... only to be stopped by a set of stairs.note .
    • Alice's wheelchair has tank treads.
  • Zig Zagged: Whether or not Alice's disability makes her the team badass or the team damsel depends on the monster of the week
  • Averted: Alice's disability prevents her from fighting.
  • Enforced:
    • The writers want to show that disabled doesn't equal weak.
    • "How do we make Alice even more badass? Make her a paraplegic, and still be able to kick ass!"
  • Lampshaded: "We're getting beat by the cripple?"
  • Invoked: Alice tears out her own eye in order to win the respect of her peers.
  • Exploited: Hiro poses as a mafia boss and mentions that their next target, Alice, is a cripple, in order to ensure the hitmen come unarmed, and at her mercsy.
  • Defied: "I can't let you fight. Sorry, Billy, but You Just Don't Have Legs."
  • Discussed: "Just because someone is disabled doesn't mean they're defenseless."
  • Conversed: "Alice is in a wheelchair, but she can fight like that? Hard to believe."
  • Played For Laughs:
  • Played For Drama: Alice loses her wheelchair in the final fight with the Big Bad, and has to literally drag herself over to him to fight him.

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