Playing With / Cloudcuckoolander's Minder

Basic Trope: Someone who keeps an eye on the resident Cloudcuckoolander.
  • Straight: Alice hangs around with the strange Bob and keeps him out of trouble.
  • Exaggerated: Bob is completely and utterly insane, it's a wonder he's not been locked up in an asylum rather than allowing Alice to keep him in check.
  • Downplayed: Bob comes from another place or culture. Alice helps explain things to him.
  • Justified:
    • Alice is a relative or close childhood friend of Bob, which is why she puts up with and tries to help him.
    • Alice was hired to take care of Bob.
    • Alice puts up with Bob because she's secretly in love with him.
  • Inverted:
    • Bob has been tasked with keeping Manipulative Bitch Alice isolated from everyone else to keep her from causing any harm.
    • Alice follows Bob around so she can encourage his strangeness.
  • Subverted: Bob is perfectly capable of looking after himself (and isn't really that crazy), Alice is just a bit of a busybody or wants an excuse to hang around with him without admitting she wants to.
  • Double Subverted: Alice is still very helpful in keeping Bob's life in order.
  • Parodied: Alice insists on helping Bob no matter how much he protests (quite accurately) that he's fine as is.
  • Zig Zagged: Sometimes Alice keeps an eye on Bob, other times she just accepts the inevitable.
  • Averted: Bob never comes close to suffering any consequences for his shenanigans.
  • Enforced: Bob is initially written as a loner, however executives decide it's too implausible that he could look after himself and Alice is written in.
  • Lampshaded: "Don't worry guys, Alice'll clean that up"
  • Invoked: ???
  • Exploited: Bob avoids appearing too sane because he's worried his friend Alice might move on if he can survive on his own.
  • Defied: Alice retreats to safety whenever Bob starts any of his Zany Schemes.
  • Discussed: "Ah, there's Alice and Bob. I've got no idea why she sticks by him, but I doubt he'd last long without her."
  • Conversed: "Are you one of those people who keeps their crazy friend in check?"
  • Deconstructed: Alice is essentially Bob's full time carer; he's completely dependent on her.
  • Reconstructed: Alice managed to teach him how to get by on his own long ago. They just hang around with each other because they're close friends as a result, Alice corrects Bob out of habit and Bob doesn't mind this for the same reason.
  • Played for Laughs: Alice is forever suffering in her efforts to prevent things getting too out of hand.
  • Played for Drama: Bob often comes close to getting them both killed and this puts a strain on their friendship.

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