[[caption-width-right:350:Bringing together football fans of all types.]]

''Striker Xtreme'' and ''NFL'' are sports-themed PhysicalPinballTables produced by Creator/SternPinball.

''Striker Xtreme'' is a game based around UsefulNotes/AssociationFootball; released in 2000, it casts the player as a soccer player who must defeat sixteen teams to win the Cup. Shoot the ball past the rotating goalie at the far end of the field to collect awards, make Free Kicks and Penalty Kicks, then lock balls in the Stadium to start multiball. Make various {{Combos}} to collect soccer balls, then collect a mystery award from the Vendor. Defeat all sixteen countries for the championship, then strut your stuff with the Celebration Multiball frenzy.

''Striker Xtreme'' is noteworthy for being the first game designed and produced entirely by Creator/SternPinball (earlier games were developed under the Creator/SegaPinball brand). Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, it did not catch on and quickly faded into obscurity, and it is rumored that fewer than 500 ''Striker'' machines were made.

Undaunted, Stern returned to the game a year later, re-releasing it as ''NFL'' and changing it for an UsefulNotes/AmericanFootball audience. Aside from superficial changes to the artwork and sound effects, ''NFL'' is the same game as ''Striker'', pitting the player against sixteen other teams to win the Super Bowl. To better appeal to football fans, it was available with nineteen different team translites for the backbox, and the game software could be configured to play graphics and sounds for a specific team. This game was moderately more successful with several thousand sold; finding an ''NFL'' machine today is tricky, given that the owners tend to be die-hard fans who hoard them for their game rooms.

!!The ''Striker Xtreme'' and ''NFL'' pinballs demonstrate the following tropes:

* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning: The Goalie (''Striker Xtreme'') or Linebacker (''NFL''), who spins in front of the goal.
* FanserviceExtra: The playfield for ''Striker Xtreme'' prominently features a woman wearing a blue soccer top and shorts posing next to a winning player.
* ForeignRemake: Inverted, as Stern Pinball is based out of Chicago.
* GameMod: Not content with simply changing the translite, some individuals and companies have further modified their ''NFL'' machines with custom backbox art, cabinet designs, and additional playfield toys.
* IncendiaryExponent: Both games include flaming arrowheads, logos on fire, and balls with fiery trails.
* LicensedPinballTable: ''NFL,'' obviously.
* LimitedSpecialCollectorsUltimateEdition: ''NFL,'' given that the game is ''only'' available as a Special Edition, without a "generic" version available.
* RecycledSet
* ShieldedCoreBoss: The Goalie/Linebacker in front of the goal, who is guarded by four knockdown targets.
* SpellingBonus:
** ''Striker Xtreme'' has C-U-P to increase the bonus multiplier, and S-H-O-O-T-O-U-T to collect the Hurry Up bonus and take a free goal shot.
** ''NFL'' has N-F-L to increase the bonus multiplier, and F-I-R-S-T-D-O-W-N[[note]]yes, that's one more letter than in ''Striker''[[/note]] to collect the Hurry Up bonus and try for a Long Bomb for the touchdown.
* XMakesAnythingCool[=/=]XtremeKoolLetterz: ''Striker Xtreme,'' of course.