Nightmare Fuel / Virus

  • From about the twenty minute mark until the end of the film.
    • Stand out moments include Cyborg Squeaky and especially Workroom 14.
  • The Goliath robot: It's already sinister looking, but look closer and one can see that its head is based around a charred skull and it has human flesh draped over it in various places.
  • The virus's lair within Workroom 14 is a charnel house filled with the corpses and assorted body parts of the Academik's former crew, who are all in the process of being carved up and put back together into new cyborgs. When Everton visits it, we're treated to shots of a man getting his brain haphazardly scooped out of his skull, and what appears to be a trio of charred bodies being grafted together into an amalgamation.
  • The scene where the cyborgized Captain Everton tromps out and demands his crew become like him.