Nightmare Fuel: The Langoliers

  • The Langoliers, questionable SFX aside, are just terrifying. They're Clock Roaches that devour the previous time continuum in order to extend eternity, but there's if that's the case, they would've attacked everything including the rest of the main cast instead of hounding down Toomey. According to him, they're this universe's equivalent to working class Boogie Man who chase after all the "lazy bums who lay down the job"; and it was hammered into this man's head by his father who did not take his son getting an A- well creating a paranoid obsession with success, causing him to one day miss an appointment because his father wanted him to succeed in a job he hates forced onto him by his overbearing dad. When he finally admits his failures, the Langoliers finally arrive at his "father's" beckoning in order to eat him alive as he screams "DADDY! MAKE THEM GO AWAY!!" Langoliers are sadistic creeps, aren't they?
  • What about Nick and all the other people that vanished in the flight? Where are they now?
  • Toomey's equally-insane, abusive father has a surprising amount, despite his limited role. The implications that he may have drove his alcoholic wife nuts certainly helps.
  • When Toomey looks at his fellow human beings, what he sees is quite frightening. It's a true look Through the Eyes of Madness.