Tear Jerker / The Langoliers

  • All of the major character deaths, and their respective Famous Last Words where applicable.
    • First, poor Craig Toomy. With his life already ticking away after Albert crushes his skull with a toaster, Craig fruitlessly tries to run from the titular Langoliers and dies screaming pitifully to the hallucinations of his Abusive Parents.
    Craig: No.... No..... No.... Daddy, no.... Make them go away! Please make them go away! I'll be good! I'll be a good boy! Please I promise I'll be good if you just MAKE THEM GO AWAY
    • This effect is lost in the miniseries. Not only do the Langoliers look too funny to work for the scene, but Craig's screams, his incomprehensible dialogue, his goofy style of running away, which includes looking back several times to see if the Langoliers are still there, and the random closeups of his mouth kill any sorrow.
    • Second, Dinah, who quietly succumbs to a punctured lung on the plane. It's worth noting that her death is arguably one of the only things the miniseries does right.
    Dinah: I saw. I saw through Mr. Toomy's eyes. Everything was beautiful - even the things that were dead. It was so wonderful to...you know...just to see.
    • Lastly, Nick, who goes out in a Heroic Sacrifice worthy of a soldier, successfully carrying his people back through the time rip at the cost of his own life. As above, Nick's death is another one of the few things the miniseries actually pulls off, even if it is just for Mark Chapman's performance.
    Nick: Oh my God, so BEAUTIFUL!
    • And even though he's a comparatively minor character, the death of Don Gaffney is also very tragic. He dies by getting stabbed in the back by Craig Toomy. The reason he wanted to fly to Boston in the first place was to see his first granddaughter, and he never gets the chance.