* The single most horrific WhamLine in the entire series, which makes you realize the villain... well, he was trying to stop the Apocalypse. [[NiceJobBreakingItHero And since said line is meaningless to Raidou, he's going to stop the plan...]]
-->'''Voice in Akarana Corridor''': ''[[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiI The Ambassador]] [[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiII has launched the]] [[NukeEm ICBMs!]]''
** The GameOver sequence. Raidou wakes up in the shrine at the start of the game, with the spirits of the previous Raidou Kuzunohas [[MindRape calling him out for dishonoring the title and not being good enough.]] They disappear and then Raidou just . . . [[NothingIsScarier collapses.]]
*** It's also the only GameOver screen to actually tell you, in exact uppercase words, "GAME OVER". No poetry, just bluntly telling you that you've failed.
*** As scary as this sequence is, DevilSummonerSoulHackers for the 3DS has a bonus scene when Raidou appears that expands on it. He makes mention of the "scolding room" after you [[BonusBoss beat him for the first time]], implying that it's happened to him before. Whether one'd consider this Canon or not, the idea of the outcome being a mere verbal dressing down before being sent on his way again ''really'' takes the oomph out of it.
* The [[TheHeartless Hiruko]] are monstrous parasites born by the unnatural alteration of humans who experience crippling fear or hate, and just sooo love ''bursting'' out of their hosts. Eventually, you find a large radio tower responsible for their creation. In the normal world, there is nothing particularly strange about the tower. In the DarkWorld? ''The Tower is coated with immense blobs of Hiruko.''
* When you finally corner Munakata, he makes a final attempt at stopping you with words, which obviously fails. Munakata's eyes then roll back and his mouth opens wiiide... revealing the tiny PuppeteerParasite Sukuna-Hikona, who's been driving Munakata's corpse for ''months''.
->''Raidou the 14th! This is shameful. You have disappointed us. Your wiki edits are pathetic compared to the ones who preceded you! It was a grave error for you to Administrivia/GetKnown as the 14th Raidou Kuzunoha. We have no choice. You've slandered the sacred name of TV Tropes. Begone! \\
'''GAME OVER''' ''