Nightmare Fuel / Pushing Daisies

  • Numerous aspects exist when it comes to being brought back from the dead. Specifically: since Ned can re-awaken the dead through mere contact, does that mean he can never die naturally?
  • Several instances of dead characters exist. One of the few things worse than death-via-horrible-circumstance is probably coming back to life following it; considering the response of Bao Ting to waking up with a pipe in his skull, it's possible for the lack of pain to be outweighed by the horrifying memory of being gruesomely murdered.
  • The fate of Ned when he explains his nightmares of being discovered:
    Ever since I was little, I'd have this dream somebody found out what I could do. it starts off with lots of ice cream and balloons, and ends in a small white room where bits are cut out of me until there's nothing left to cut.
  • How many people died in place of the rhino?
    • Ned is seen running after it and touching it again, so, none, probably.