Nightmare Fuel / Power Rangers Dino Thunder

  • Mesogog, plain and simple. Possibly the most evil being since Lord Zedd.
    • He's actually worse, because Lord Zedd still had some sense of humor to him that made him seem more Faux Affably Evil. Not with this guy, AT ALL!
      • He lampshades this in "Back In Black" after a captured Tommy fires off another badass snark: "There's that wit again. If I had a sense of humor, I might actually appreciate it."
    • And that voice... Not. Raised. ONCE.
    • The fact Mesogog's suit looks extremely realistic, complete with a working mouth with internal details, makes him all the more terrifying.
    • Some of Anton's transformations into Mesogog.
  • Kira's death stare after being brainwashed by the Fossilador in "The Missing Bone".