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''Franchise/PowerRangers'' is normally the poster child for NeverSayDie, but it has had a few creepifying moments over the years.

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[[folder:Power Rangers Turbo]]
* The two-part episode ''Honey I Shrunk The Rangers'' where the rangers got shrunk, although large amount of it was played for comedy (the rangers got trapped in Divatox's closet at one point).
** Adam was fooling around during a ride on a torpedo and nearly got killed.
* The final episode of [[Series/PowerRangersTurbo Turbo]] had Divatox leading an army of mooks to destroy the Command Center, and the Rangers desperately (but uselessly) trying to fight them only to lose, running away into outer space for their life.
[[folder:Power Rangers Lost Galaxy]]
* ''Lost Galaxy'' had one episode featuring an Elvis-like lobster thing that after drinking a potion became a much more dangerous, and more monstrous, creature. He proceeded to smack-talk with the Lion Galactabeast, then got blown up.
* Trakeena's evolution from whiny daughter of the main villain, to competent warrior, and eventually BigBad, to utterly deranged madwoman over the course of ''Lost Galaxy'' was impressive character development, but by the end, she was known to do things like turn her {{Mooks}} - and not [[MechaMooks robotic ones]] - into suicide bombers. [[AdultFear This is perhaps scarier to parents, more familiar with the newspapers, than kids.]]
** Trakeena's mutated form, with the sludge she leaves behind and those eyes. The first scene of this form is terrifying, with the [[BodyHorror initial transformation]] and the fact that the form is barely seen in the first few minutes.
[[folder:Power Rangers Time Force]]
* Ransik, the BigBad of ''Time Force'', has what looks like the ability to pull bones from his body and turn them into swords. In the ''Wild Force''/''Time Force'' team-up "Reinforcements From The Future" we see exactly how he got the ability to do that: he frees the life essences of three fossilized Orgs, who literally jump down his throat and copy his DNA to create their new bodies. There's also the [[BodyHorror horrific disfigurement of his face]] and the liquid-mercury boils that erupt from his body when his disease flares up. During the SeasonFinale for Time Force, he takes out all the Rangers by simply punching them [[spoiler: before pulling a HeelFaceTurn, which is the only thing that spared the rangers]].
* Frax's death in "The End Of Time, Part III" was a DiesWideOpen involving a scream and parts of his robotic face falling apart. This after his having been reprogrammed into a mindless automaton by Ransik.
[[folder:Power Rangers Wild Force]]
* Wild Force gives us one of the nastiest pieces of work in the franchise in the form of Dr. Viktor Adler/ Master Org. To elaborate: Dr. Viktor Adler was once a respected scientist who worked with Cole's parents Richard and Elizabeth Evans and secretly had a crush on Elizabeth, but after Cole's father proposed to her and took the spotlight during the press conference on their research, Adler became driven by jealousy and sought revenge against them. So what did he do? He took seed of the original Master Org, become an Org himself and proceeded to kill Cole's parents and would have killed Cole(who was just an infant, by the way) if he had found him. What makes him even worse is that he is the first ''human'' villain who actually ''chose'' to become evil, all other human villains before were either brainwashed and didn't have control over their actions or had sympathethic qualities(like Ransik). He willingly became the second Master Org so that he could murder two innocent people who saw him as a friend and meant him no harm in the first place(They didn't knew that Adler had a crush on Elizabeth and Richard even encouraged him to speak during the press conference), out of a petty grudge, while claiming that it was his rightful revenge. All these things make him one of the most vile, malevolent villains in Power Rangers universe, with only a handful of villains matching him in terms of evil.
* Cole's parents' FamilyUnfriendlyDeath, as shown in flashbacks in ''Wild Force'' was something that [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar shouldn't have gotten past the censors]]. Saying "kill" just won't fly, but having vines assault and grow through the bodies of two terrified humans is hunky-dory so long as no actual blood is shown. Allegedly, writers told Fox standards and practices the parents were going to come back just fine - rumor has it that had it not gotten past the radar, Toxica and Jindrax would have turned out to be the parents (though that doesn't jibe with them having known the original Master Org from 3,000 years ago and ''immediately'' suspected something wasn't right about the current one, so don't quote us on this one.) The show was in the middle of transferring to Disney's control, and standards and practices folks there did not see earlier episodes and merely assumed they were dead the whole time.
* In ''Wild Force'', Toxica was tricked into cutting off her horn, which weakened her to the point of being unable to stand up. Soon after, Mandilok avoided a shot from the Jungle Blaster by using her as a human shield. She disappeared in a cloud of gold glitter and died, despite being the only human-looking org in the season. Mandilok carelessly taunted Toxica as she died screaming in agony.
[[folder:Power Rangers Operation Overdrive]]
* One of ''Operation Overdrive''[='s=] main villains enhances some monsters by reaching into their chests and leaving devices inside that revive them as cyborgs - those monsters were typically defeated and unconscious at the time. Even though beaten monsters usually don't leave behind a body, it's still not too much of a jump to think that the villain is reviving a monster corpse, although the [[{{Mooks}} Chillers]] he tried it on were still standing; on the other hand, foot soldiers can't take the upgrade as they start twitching, then their customary babbling noises get louder and faster... and then they burst apart, becoming an indoor mini-snowstorm.
** From the same series, it's subtly hinted across several episodes that Mack, the Red Overdrive Ranger, isn't human. TheReveal happens when this character finds himself as a talking severed head lying on a table. Turns out he's an android and his "dad" must finally explain (Rangerboard dubbed him "[[FanNickname iMack]]" fairly quickly afterwards).
*** Mack's breakdown in following episodes, too. The way he kept putting himself in harm's way and declaring himself expendable, deliberately pushing the Megazord (piloting it solo this time) toward overload so it would explode in a TakingYouWithMe moment, and again in the final battle deliberately overclocking his armor (the Sentinel Knight, Zordon-like ancient warrior/sage, shouting for him to stop - it means a lot coming from ''him,'' since it had appeared much earlier in the series that to him the Rangers were just a means to an end) it was clear [[DeathSeeker what he was trying to do]]. Apparently even if you can NeverSayDie, you can have the main hero become outright, explicitly suicidal. (Like the Stingwingers basically being made into suicide bombing terrorists, this is another from the AdultFear column - a teenager being DrivenToSuicide by an identity crisis his father can do little to help him with.)
[[folder:Power Rangers Jungle Fury]]
* ''Jungle Fury'' brings us Camille and her OverlyLongTongue, which she uses in her human form as well as her monster form. Also, she hoarks up a CombatCommentator just in time for the Megazord battle, then eats him again after the MonsterOfTheWeek loses.
** Camille got ADayInTheLimelight, and Flit (aforementioned commentator) urged her to go into a pizza parlor (the Rangers' pizza parlor, though he didn't know) because he was hungry. "Eat something, so I can eat something!", as Flit says, implies he survives by eating Camille's partially-digested food.
!!Unclassified examples
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQCuJNVBecU&feature=related This ad]] for Power Rangers toys appeared in the beginning of some MMPR tapes. Aside from the prospect of Megazord crashing through the wall, viewers saw it coming at them from head-on.
* The time Tommy was kidnapped from the Power Chamber in ''Power Rangers Zeo''. He was taken by prince Gaskett and basically mind-raped and brainwashed to think the Power Rangers were evil. While Tommy had been brainwashed before, this time it was much more graphic and drawn-out, complete with a machine over his (still helmeted) head, a dark chamber with a single light over the chair he was restrained on, while he was making sounds which clearly indicate pain. It can be seen [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COMq9_RhPS4 here]].
* ''Ninja Storm'' has Motodrone suffer melting at the hands of Vexacus. Forget a SwordSparks-inducing strike followed by DefeatEqualsExplosion or DisappearsIntoLights - we watch him incinerated by a stream of flame. His half-slagged body is seen in a rare exception to PR's EverythingFades tendency. Vexacus quips that he was "[[BondOneLiner having a little meltdown]]".
* The arc of ''Lightspeed Rescue'' in which Ryan gets a cursed "tattoo" burned into his back by the BigBad, and whenever he morphs the tattoo moves up his body even more, until it reaches his neck, at which point it will kill him. The tattoo moved during a NightmareSequence, too.
* Possibly even worse than that is Queen Bansheera absorbing Vypra to regain her full power.
* In the final arc of ''Mystic Force'', the Master has been incubating in the body of one of his followers, who has had a change of heart and intends to spend eternity in the "sleeping lake" to prevent his return. (That's worrying enough - sleeping forever, neither alive nor dead, to keep the EldritchAbomination inside of you dormant.) Just when it looks like he's about to succeed, he's prevented from reaching the lake by another villain. The Rangers, and the audience, are treated to the sight of the Master's hatching from him: parts of his body swell before tentacles burst out of him from within, causing bluish ichor to fly. Finally, his body bursts apart and falls about the Master's heretofore-unseen true form like an empty sack. Then, the Master promptly subjects one of the heroes to MindRape, making him experience his own death at the Master's hands/tentacles. That scene was in [[Series/MahouSentaiMagiranger its source series]] as well.
* ''Samurai'' has some of the MonsterOfTheWeek powers. Because the villains need to increase the sorrow in the world to weaken their seal, some of the things they will do to you can become ''outright torturous.'' These monsters, while ''able'' to give the Rangers a good fight, aren't made with combat in mind. They all have one purpose - create as much suffering to innocent people as they can. How about, you're body-switched with inanimate objects so you can suffer AndIMustScream followed by terror when those objects are destroyed? Or, you're made to feel like you're starving to death but the more you eat it only gets ''worse?'' Bug-things that force their way into your body through your mouth and cause you unbearable agony while they're in?
* Prince Vekar's [[spoiler: FamilyUnfriendlyDeath]] in ''Series/PowerRangersMegaforce.'' Unlike most villains, [[spoiler: he left a corpse, and a burnt one at that]].
* Vrak's MoralEventHorizon in the ''Vrak is Back'' two-parter. He [[spoiler: brainwashes Robo Knight and turns him against the Rangers]], he kidnaps Orion and painfully drains him of his life-force to aid him in his goal, and used his monsters as pawns to enable to activate three Earth-destroying drills. Robo Knight has to die to reverse it.

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