Nightmare Fuel / Orphan

  • Not since Damien Thorn have we had a child whose stare alone genuinely sent shivers down your spine, much less her actions... Just try looking into her eyes in the poster on the main page for more than 3 seconds... no sleep for you tonight.
  • The Dream Nightmare Sequence at the beginning of the movie...
  • Esther's paintings.
  • "Do you want to play?"
  • Esther breaking her own arm.
  • Esther's lifeless-like expression upon overhearing Daniel and Max discussed Esther's murder on Sister Abigail. This is a big clue to explain what really happens on Esther: she's mentally unstable, and moreover, she's not really a child.
  • Esther's Death Glare while staring at her 'paintings' and switching the lights of her room on and off, without any explanation at all why she's doing that. Nothing Is Scarier as this point because Esther hasn't done many bad deeds yet so it's pretty disturbing because it makes us wonder if there's really something wrong with her. Later, you know what kind of painting she's actually staring at.
  • The scene in which Esther takes off all the things that help her pass a 9 year old; the ribbons and laces which hide her scars, her fake teeth, the strap-ons which help hide her breasts, while the doctor from the Saarne Institute explains that she's a dwarf with a hormone disorder and a violent, mentally unstable murderer. It's extremely chilling, to say the least.