Nightmare Fuel / Murdered: Soul Suspect

  • The Ghost Stories, which can be uncovered via fully collecting their respective artifacts, are exceptionally creepy and more than likely would keep anyone up at night. A few of them are:
    • A Watery Grave: A man decides to become a tenant of a particular apartment and finds some particular oddities. Wet spots often mysterious appear around the place, the water from his shower is brown, and his neighbor down below is very noisy. Eventually, he can't tolerate his rather flooded situation and calls a plumber who decides to check the boiler to see what's wrong. During this, the man decides to address his noisy neighbor. He discovers that the room his neighbor supposedly lived in is completely empty except for some wet footprints that approach him. At the same time, it's also discovered that the source of the brown water in the man's apartment is actually caused by a bloated decomposing corpse that was shoved into the boiler. After the whole matter, the man ultimately decides leave the apartment, doubting he'll ever feel clean again.
    • The Heirloom: A former kleptomanic woman in her youth snuck into a mausoleum and stole what she assumed to a wreath made out of rope. She took it home with the intent to sell it at a later date, but starts experiencing nightmares of a dead-faced hag with rotting flesh. The nightmares soon become worse as the woman after waking up from them would find clumps of hair missing and her scalp bleeding. Eventually she decided to pawn the wreath only to find out that the wreath is actually made out of human hair of a dead loved one as was the custom in the past. Wanting to finally get rid of the thing and her nightmares, she pawns the thing. The nightmares didn't stop and she's been searching for years for the wreath so that she could return it to its proper place.
    • Ashes to Ashes: A man relates how he and his friends played a prank on a kid who believed in witches in the past. He also wishes that they hadn't, as Robbie Barnes would still be alive. The narrator and his friends dared the young Robbie to go to the old Judgement House and perform a spell involving ashes from the each of the house's fireplaces. Said ashes were rumored to be what were left of the remains of accused witches a judge in the past disposed of. If Robbie performed the spell well, the narrator and his friends would stop teasing the poor boy. Unbeknownst to Robbie, the whole ceremony was to be filmed in secret by a hidden camera and later exposed as part of the prank. A few days after the supposed dare though, Robbie was reported missing. The narrator, scared, decided to retrieve the hidden camera. On it, he saw Robbie perform the spell as instructed. However, upon performing said spell, a shadowy figure crossed in front of the camera just as Robbie turned in horror and the camera cut to static. When the image finally returned, Robbie was gone and the only sign that anything had happened at all was the now smoldering fireplace in the corner.
  • Every single time the Bell Killer kills a medium in a flashback.
  • The demons. They already look creepy enough, but their fast and twitching movement when they change direction or spot prey can provide a shock to first time players and make it difficult to tell in which direction they're about to lurch next. They also let out some pretty disturbing screams, almost all of which are much louder than the background sounds of the game.