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Nightmare Fuel: From Concert To Chaos
If you've read the story, you'll know that From Concert To Chaos is not for the faint-hearted.
  • The second part of Chapter 4. Imagine if you were in the same situation as Miku and Rin, being brutally and senselessly attacked by two people, you didn't even know existed, who are out for your blood, and blaming you for something you didn't even do.
  • Or even more to the point, imagine if you were unfortunate enough to be in the audience as this whole thing was going on. You and more than 16,000 others (including more than 5,000 children) are now trapped in a huge wall of fire. People are catching on fire and being trampled all around you, and there is an unimaginable amount of panic.
  • The part when a now homicidal Zatsune manages to escape from prison and is now hell bent on killing Miku. Yes you heard that right. She had already beaten her to within inches of her life, and now she plans of MURDERING HER.
    • And that part in Chapter 7, right before the final showdown, where she is gleefully saying that she'll make sure that Miku suffers as slow and painful a death as possible. Brrrrr.
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