Nightmare Fuel / Farscape

  • Natira's penchant for plucking out people's eyes.
    First red. Now blue. Scorpius wants your brain. He said nothing about your eyes. Mmm, blue eyes. So soft. Very rare.
  • Zhaan's nightmare in "Dream A Little Dream", in which Aeryn is killed when her Prowler is destroyed, and Crichton's space visor cracks and his head starts to pop...
  • The temporary Nebari Mind-Cleansing procedure in "A Clockwork Nebari". One of the best (worst?) examples of Eye Scream ever.
    Rygel: I don't want my eyes sucked out!
  • The scene in "That Old Black Magic" when Maldis, in order to get Crais fired up against Crichton again, conjures up a vision of Crais' late brother, Tauvo, before re-enacting his death. As in, he shows Tauvo exploding into flame and his flesh melting, in graphic detail.
  • The fate of Aeryn's former friend, Henta, in "Into the Lion's Den Part 2: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". She confronts Aeryn as the Command Carrier explodes around them, intending to kill her. Before she can, she is burned alive in a sudden explosion... and is alive long enough to actually reach out to Aeryn, even after all the skin has been seared from her body. Ouch.
  • Towards the end of "Nerve", Chiana is confronted at gunpoint by Commander Javio. How does she get out of the situation? Burn him alive! Following this there are a couple of lovely close-ups of his charred corpse, mouth open in a silent scream... it's safe to say Farscape seems to like depicting people burning alive.
  • "Eat Me" has Kaarvok, a cannibalistic mad scientist, who clones people solely for consumption. Best summed up by these two lines:
    "They cut your arms... and when they grow back, they hack 'em off again? Why the hell would they do that?"
    "Because, because, because THEY'RE EATING MEEEEEEE!"
  • Moya being infested by a mass of creepers, and Pilot waking up to realize that they've wormed their way up through his body and out of his mouth.
  • The failed Pilot/Sebacean hybrid that NamTar has chained to the wall of his lab, still alive and still screaming.
    • Aeryn slowly mutating into a Pilot over the course of that episode.
    • NamTar and his crippled assistant.
  • Diseased Plokavian judges melting all over the place while sentencing Moya's crew to death.
  • Captain Jenek frying a test subject's unborn child alive with Heat Projection. The whole thing is revealed to be faked at the end of the episode, but the scene is still deeply disturbing.
  • Scorpius as a child. There is a very good reason why we never see under his suit as an adult.
  • "Won't Get Fooled Again":
    • Crichton's mother begging him to stay with her is bad enough, but then she starts appearing in the last stages of her cancer.
    • Late in the episode, DK starts bleeding from every orifice, all the while blaming Crichton.
    • The ending, where, after Crichton resolves to get the neural chip out of him ASAP, Harvey alters John's memories to remove his knowledge of Harvey's existence. The episode's last lines say it all:
    Harvey: I won't trouble you again, until I need to... I leave you to your shipmates John. But rest assured, I'll be with you always. Keeping you safe.
  • Scratch 'n' Sniff, features villain of the week Fe'Tor, who sells a powerful aphrodisiac named freslin, which is made primarily from the pheromones and secretions of sentient beings. To this end, he kidnaps young women, including Chiana and Jool, and milks them. After milking Chiana, he attempts to sell her to the highest bidder, and attempts to milk Jool to death. "Disturbing" is putting it mildly.