Nightmare Fuel: American Horror Story: Asylum

  • The Raspers. We don't see much of them but we do know that they used to be human.
    • They make their visual debut in "Nor'Easter". Enjoy your dreams after seeing them up close...
  • Lana being admitted in to Briarcliff against her will.
  • Lana's electro shock treatment.
    • Jude receiving the same.
  • The Demonic Possession from "Tricks and Treats".
  • Shelley discovering that her legs have been amputated by Dr. Arden and becoming another one of his experiments.
  • Lana (Can the girl get a break?) discovering Wendy's corpse in Dr. Thredson's basement. Not to mention the mask made from her face.
    Thredson: Don't worry, she won't bite. I took her teeth.
    • Dr. Thredson explaining what he makes his furniture out of and how he does it. Its all the more disturbing because this was a guy who seemed relatively tame compared to Dr. Arden.
  • Santa. Oh my God, Santa...
    • He's a crook who has long-standing issues with Christmas (that left him with no Christmas spirit whatsoever and a desire to convince others not to have any), who dresses up as Santa Claus and murders people. He was locked up by Sister Jude when he arrived at the asylum and forgotten about until Eunice decided to use him against Jude.
  • Dr. Thredson is pissed. "You're going to be the start of a new Bloody Face...."
    • Kit and Lana manage to imprison him in a supply closet. Sister Eunice took care of that.
  • Lana attempting to give herself an abortion via coat hanger.
  • The sheer amount of torture Timothy Howard had to go through. He got drowned, crucified, and raped by his own subordinate, who he is later forced to kill.
  • Johnny skinning Teresa. Even with a Gory Discretion Shot, simply because of the agonized screams.
  • Dr. Arden cremating himself alongside Mary Eunice. Also qualifies for Tear Jerker.