Nightmare Fuel / Agatha Christie

One would expect the world's most famous mystery author to have some scary moments. After all, murder and death are the order of the day.

  • The cover of Agatha Christie's The Hound of Death. It's a skull with one eyeball swollen so big (or, perhaps, under a magnifying lens) as to be nauseating.
  • And Then There Were None though the Radcliffian ending kind of spoils it. Incredibly effective use of seaweed! There's a reason Agatha Christie is known as the grandmother of the slasher film and that reason is And Then There Were None/Ten Little Indians/Ten Little Niggers. Say hi to Grandma, kids!
    • "Don't you see? We're the zoo!" Shiver.
    • Emily Brent's hallucination of the dead Beatrice Taylor walking towards her fits here too. Especially if you know what she has done to the girl.
  • Nevile Strange's Villainous Breakdown in Towards Zero. It's deeply unsettling to see such a seemingly nice young man turn out to be a psychopath.
    • Apparently his breakdown is so bad that he won't live to come to trial which makes his insanity even more unsettling since pushing the right buttons could not only trigger a breakdown but cause his death which is in of itself disturbing.