Nightmare Fuel: Tom Clancy

  • Without Remorse gives the reader a lovingly detailed description of what repeated sudden decompression can do to the human body, when John Kellynote  uses an old US Navy presurization chamber to politely question a drug dealer (among other crimes) who was involved with the death of Kelly's girlfriend.
  • There's another one in The Teeth of the Tiger: the reader gets a play-by-play of the death of a playboy financing terrorist operations. While it doesn't look like anything other than a heart attack to the casual observer, everything that goes on inside his mind is enough to make you paranoid about feeling pricks on your posterior.
  • Locked On where a group of Dagestani terrorists re-purpose space rockets and turn them into nuclear missiles,they destroy a part of Moscow before John Clark and Spetsnaz Alfa break into the missile command station and kill them all.