Makeup and Vanity Set is a musician who specializes in {{chiptune}}s, a style of music monikered by the use of the NES chips of old Creator/{{Nintendo}} games.

His sound revolves around repetitive arpeggios and sounds like handclaps. He has been affiliated with Music/TheProtomen, doing an eight-bit remix of their first album. He has released other albums, ''Aesthetically Speaking'', ''Charles Park'', the self-titled, ''Makeup and Vanity Set'', ''Charles Park II'', ''The Final Fire'', and ''Never Let Go''. He's also released ''M&VS Presents: The Protomen'' on vinyl, along with an accompanying T-shirt. M&VS has composed the soundtrack for a film called ''88.88''.

He is also a ninja.

His website can be found [[ here]].

!!This artist and his works contain examples of:

* TheAlcoholic: May or may not be this, judging from reports from Music/TheProtomen.
-->'''The Protomen''' (Via Website/{{Facebook}}): On the bus heading to the East Coast and Makeup And Vanity Set is already drunk. He'll be throwing things at cars before you know it.
* [[{{Chiptune}} Chiptunes]]
* DarkAndTroubledPast: The Act I remix's CD insert paints a picture of a dystopia where those around him died.
* FanOfThePast: He's quite fond of cassette tapes.
* InTheStyleOf: The Protomen in the style of NES games!
* {{Ninja}}
* NoIndoorVoice: He uses ALL CAPITAL LETTERS on Twitter a lot.
* Music/TheProtomen: As stated above, he created an 8-bit mix of their first album.
* {{Retraux}}: 8-bit music made in the 2000's.
* {{Sequel}}: According to M&VS, ''The Final Fire'' is a sequel to the 8-bit ''Act 1''. Specifically, the story outlined in the liner notes.
* SignificantAnagram: [[spoiler: Tastyvein is an anagram for Vanity Set]].
* StealthExpert: Being a ninja, this is to be expected.
* ZombieApocalypse: ''Charles Park II'' and ''III'' are this.