Music / Foals
Foals L-R: Yannis, Walter, Jimmy, Jack, Edwin
Foals are an English Alternative Rock band from Oxford, known for their songs being used in the show Skins and the game Life Is Strange.

Formed by Yannis Philippakis (vocals, guitar), Jack Bevan (drums), Jimmy Smith (guitar) Walter Gervers (bass) and Edwin Congreave (keyboard), they were founded in 2005 by former member Andrew Mears and had a really frenetic, Math Rock inspired sound. It remained that way until around 2010, when ''Total Life Forever'' came, showing a complete new direction in their music, much more Alternative guided (even Yannis' vocals were different). If this was good or bad, opinions diverge.

As of 2015, they have released four albums:
  • Antidotes (2008)
  • Total Life Forever (2010)
  • Holy Fire (2013)
  • What Went Down (2015)

Their music contains examples of: