Colton Dixon (born on October 19, 1991) is an American singer from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He placed seventh on the eleventh season of ''Series/AmericanIdol''.

'''Studio albums:'''
* ''The Messenger'' (2012)

!!Colton and his work exhibits the following tropes:
* AscendedFanboy: Of ''Series/AmericanIdol''. He sang two former contestants songs (David Cook's "Permanent" and Music/{{Daughtry}}'s "What About Now"), and was in awe when Chris Daughtry asked to meet him.
* BadassPreacher: He prefers ChristianRock after all.
* BigBrotherInstinct: Towards his sister Schyler.
* HitlessHitAlbum: ''A Messenger'' reached the top 20 of the US Album charts, but the highest single on the chart was "Never Gone" at #113.
* NotChristianRock: Colton is an outspoken Christian, but he said he doesn't want his music to exclude anyone.
%% * PerishingAltRockVoice
%% * ShockingElimination