Bullet for My Valentine are a {{Metalcore}} band (also dabbling in HeavyMetal and [[ScreamoMusic Screamo]]) from Bridgend, UsefulNotes/{{Wales}}. They formed in 1998 as Jeff Killed John. The members are: Matthew Tuck (vocals, guitar), Padge (lead guitar, backing vocals), Jamie Mathias (bass, vocals) and Moose (drums) former members include Jay James (bass, vocals) and before their genre shift and name change Nick Crandle (bass).

Also, try not to confuse them with Music/MyBloodyValentine, it's been a problem.

* ''The Poison'' (2005)
* ''Scream Aim Fire'' (2008)
* ''Fever'' (2010)
* ''Temper Temper'' (2013)
* ''Venom'' (2015)
!!This band provides examples of:
* AlbumTitleDrop: Every album since ''Scream Aim Fire'' has had one.
* BadassBeard: Padge
* {{Emo}}: A hybrid of this, heavy metal, metalcore and screamo.
* IAmTheBand: ''Temper Temper'' was written and recorded entirely by Matt and Moose. Matt also played the bass parts on ''Venom'', as Jamie didn't have enough time to make his own creative contributions to the band when he joined.
* IntercourseWithYou: "Fever"
* {{Keet}}: Jay was known for being rather hyperactive during shows or interviews
* MetalScream: All three types.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: 7 to 8, with their softer songs in the 4-6 range. Most of ''Scream Aim Fire'', instead, is around a standard 9.
* NewSoundAlbum: ''Scream Aim Fire'' has a ThrashMetal sound very akin to Music/{{Megadeth}} and Music/{{Slayer}}, and features much less [[MetalScream screaming]]. ''Fever'' has more '80s HardRock influences than the previous albums.
** Subverted with ''Venom'', as it's stylistically a hybrid of the sounds of the first two albums.
* RearrangeTheSong: They reworked several Jeff Killed John songs into material for their debut album "The Poison" and their first EP.
* RageBreakingPoint: Many of their songs are about rage and anger, and deal with either the aftermath or build up to this trope.
** Invoked in the songs ''Breaking Point'' and ''Temper Temper''. The former has shades of [[BullyingADragon var]][[YouWouldntLikeMeWhenImAngry ious]] anger tropes, and details the lead up to the eponymous [[TitleDrop Breaking Point]], while the latter has the aspects of [[UnstoppableRage other]] [[TranquilFury anger]] [[BewareTheNiceOnes tropes]]. Basically, they document what happens to anyone who has experienced bullying, to the point where the victim cannot take it anymore and retaliates; the end result being seen in ''Temper Temper''.
* YourCheatingHeart: "Room 409" is about a man walking in on his partner giving oral sex to another man. "Tears Don't Fall" appears to tell a story of a man cheating on his partner and feeling guilty about it.
** They might even be the two halves of the same story.