[[caption-width-right:300:[[IncrediblyLamePun He'll catch a grenade for you and uptown funk you up just the way you are, 'cause you make him feel like he's been locked out of Heaven.]]]]

->''When I see your face''
->''There's not a thing that I would change''
->'''Cause you're amazing''
->''Just the way you are''

Bruno Mars (born Peter Gene Hernandez on October 8, 1985) is an American pop/R&B singer/songwriter. After bursting onto the scene with his song "Nothin' on You" (2010) with the rapper Music/BoB and the song "Billionaire" (2010) with Music/GymClassHeroes frontman Travie [=McCoy=], he has become a very popular artist. He has won ten awards, and has been nominated for 65. His debut album has sold over two million copies and has been certified double-platinum in the USA. His song "Uptown Funk!", a collaboration with British DJ Mark Ronson, is one of the best-selling songs of all time. He also performed at UsefulNotes/SuperBowl XLVIII and 50. He is a member of the production trio called The Smeezingtons, who have produced his own songs as well as for others.
* ''Doo-Wops & Hooligans'' (2010)
* ''Unorthodox Jukebox'' (2012)
* ''24K Magic'' (2016)
!!''[='=]Cause you make me feel like/I've been troped out of Heaven'':
* AdultFear: "Grenade" is a song about an abusive relationship that implicitly ends in the victim committing suicide.
* AllTakeAndNoGive: "Grenade" starts off by calling out the woman of affection for being guilty of this:
---> Easy come, easy go,\\
that's just how you live, oh\\
take, take, take it all,\\
but you never give...
* AnalogyBackfire: "Gorilla". As WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows notes, [[TeenyWeenie a gorilla's penis is only an inch and a half long.]]
* BadassBoast / BoastfulRap:
** "Uptown Funk", a track where he talks about how hot he is and that his band is about that money. And he raps in the quiet part of the bridge before the last chorus. Plus, there's that line: "Don't believe me, just watch!", which is a boast in and of itself.
** "24K Magic" absolutely fits this trope to a T. "That's What I Like", in a similar vein to T.I.'s "Whatever You Like", also boasts about how rich he is, although in a way that he can give anything to the girl in the song.
* BeYourself:
** "Just the Way You Are".
** These lines from "Uptown Funk":
--->If you're sexy then flaunt it,\\
If you're freaky then own it!
* BittersweetEnding: "When I Was Your Man". The "bitter" part is the narrator realizing that there's nothing he can do to mend his relationship with his ex. The "sweet" part comes in when he tells her that [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy all he wants now is for her to be happy with her new boyfriend and for him to avoid the mistakes he made]].
* TheCasanova: The narrator of "Runaway Baby".
* ChivalrousPervert: Essentially the impression you'll get if you average all his lyrics and leave out [[MurderBallad "Natalie"]]. May have once been this in real life, but now has stated that he prefers being monogamous.
* CoitusUninterruptus: In "Gorilla":
--> "If the neighbors call the cops, [[SerialEscalation call the sheriff]], [[RuleOfThree call the SWAT]], we don't stop, we keep rocking while they knocking on our door…"
* CoolShades: Seen sporting these a lot.
* CrossOver: Started his career by appearing on B.o.B. and Travie [=McCoy=]'s songs, and later was a guest in [[Music/{{Eminem}} Bad Meets Evil's]] "Lighters". On the other hand there's B.o.B. and Music/CeeLoGreen in "The Other Side", and Damian Marley in "Liquor Store Blues".
* DanceSensation: In "The Lazy Song" he mentions "learning how to Dougie".
* ADateWithRosiePalms: In "The Lazy Song", he speaks of being able to "put my hand in my pants" because "nobody will tell me I can't."
* DownerEnding: "Grenade". The narrator finds himself permanently trapped in an abusive relationship because as much as he hates her for it, he still can't bring himself to break up with his girlfriend and the music video implies that he tries to escape by [[DrivenToSuicide killing himself]].
* DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale: Averted in "Grenade".
* DressHitsFloor: Creator/ZendayaColeman does this in the "Versace on the Floor" video.
* DrivenToSuicide: In the ending of the "Grenade" video.
* DrowningMySorrows: "Liquor Store Blues".
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys:
** The video for "The Lazy Song" has dancers in monkey suits.
** There's a gorilla on the cover of the ''Unorthodox Jukebox'' cover, and of course the actual song "Gorilla" on the same.
* ExpectingSomeoneTaller[=/=]FunSize: He's just under 5'4".
* GenreThrowback: One of his specialties. "Treasure" is a throwback to disco, "Locked Out of Heaven" is explicitly an {{Homage}} to Music/ThePolice, "Gorilla" is an emulation of {{Music/Prince}}, and his guest spot on Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk" is a throwback to, well, '70s-style funk. Everything in ''24K Magic'' ranges from Music/JamesBrown influenced funk to NewJackSwing and late 90s/early 2000s Hip Hop and R&B.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: 24K Magic lacks a parental advisory warning, despite the TitleTrack containing a few utterances of "Shit"
* GoldDigger: The titular character of "Natalie".
* HashtagRap: "24K Magic", oddly, has a Lampshaded example:
-->We too fresh
-->Got to blame it on Jesus
-->Hashtag blessed
* HotterAndSexier: The songs on ''Unorthodox Jukebox'' are much more explicitly sexual in nature than the preceding album. It also got a Parental Advisory label whereas ''Doo-Wops'' didn't.
* TheHunterBecomesTheHunted: "Natalie" is about the titular gold digger taking Bruno's money...and then he goes after her with the intent to kill.
* IntercourseWithYou:
** "Our First Time", "Locked Out Of Heaven," and "Versace on the Floor."
** "Gorilla" is the most explicit song on ''Unorthodox Jukebox'', getting filthy with the animalistic similes. The remix (with verses from Pharrell and Music/RKelly) is even more extreme.
* InTheStyleOf: The general consensus is that "Locked Out of Heaven" is extremely influenced by the sound of Music/ThePolice, particularly "Message in a Bottle" and "Roxanne". Bruno himself admitted that when he was initially writing the song, the key it was in made him sing in a sufficiently high register to resemble Sting, and [[AscendedFanon he then decided to play up the similarity and record it as an homage to The Police]].
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: The end of "When I Was Your Man".
-->I hope he buys you flowers
-->I hope he holds your hand
-->Gives you all his hours when he has the chance
-->Takes you to every party because I remember how much you loved to dance
-->Do all the things I should've done
-->When I was your man
* JustTheWayYouAre: "Just the Way You Are", obviously.
* LargeHam
* LazyBum: ''[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin The Lazy Song]]''
* LoveMakesYouCrazy/[[LoveMakesYouDumb Dumb]]: Several of his songs.
* LyricalDissonance: A lot of his songs sound upbeat and have lots of energy, but the lyrics themselves can be pretty depressing.
* MadonnaWhoreComplex: Attempts to talk a woman out of this mindset in "Show Me".
* MelancholyMoon: "Talking to the Moon", about trying to reach a distant (or possibly deceased) lover.
* MixedAncestry: He's half-Filipino (with some distant Spanish ancestry), quarter-Ashkenazi Jewish, and quarter-Puerto Rican.
* MurderBallad: "Natalie". She ran away with all his money, and she did it for fun. Now he's diggin' a ditch for that [[GoldDigger gold diggin' bitch.]]
* NiceHat: Frequently sports a fedora. Later a cap with "XXIV", roman numerals for 24, for ''24k Magic''.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Does he look like he's just over 30?
* OneWomanSong: "Natalie", although it's not a love song, but rather a murder song.
* PrettyBoy: Oh boy, is he ever. The voice helps.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: "Grenade", though he still loves her.
* RefrainFromAssuming:
** "When I Was Your Man" has a handful of phrases in the chorus that one could see it as, but the title is not said until the very end of the song.
** "Uptown Funk" is not "Don't Believe Me Just Watch". Although the latter phrase is not said more (in the radio edit they are both said 18 times, in the album/single version the former is said 30), it is probably the phrase you will remember more in the long run.
* {{Retraux}}:
** His performance at the 2011 Grammys included a performance of "Grenade" in the style of an old soul song.
** "Treasure" from ''Unorthodox Jukebox'' appears to be a throwback to '70s disco, as does the video with all its ''Series/SoulTrain''[=/=]Solid Gold-style lighting artifacts, greenscreen effects and thinner-than-widescreen resolution.
** The video for "Locked Out of Heaven", aside from the stylistic nod to Music/ThePolice, imitates old-school video tape recordings.
** ''24K Magic'' is sprinkled all over with [[TheNineties 90s]] R&B. The video for "Finesse" is complete with music video cinematography from that era and the 4:3 aspect ratio.
* StageNames: It comes from both his childhood similarity to wrestler Bruno Sammartino, and that "I felt like I didn't have [any] pizzazz, and a lot of girls say I’m out of this world, so I was like I guess I'm from Mars".
* ThePowerOfFriendship: "Count on Me".
* ShoutOut:
** The numerous {{Retraux}} effects in the "Treasure" music video show very obvious nods to the music video for "Let's Groove" by Music/EarthWindAndFire.
** "Uptown Funk"'s refrain of "Uptown Funk you up" is a reference to "Funk You Right On Up" by The Sequence, one of the first commercial rap songs (it was even the b-side to [[Music/TheSugarhillGang "Rapper's Delight"]]).
** The video for "Finesse" is a direct homage to the '90s series ''Series/InLivingColor''.
** His StageName is a tribute to Wrestling/{{WWE}} Hall of Famer Wrestling/BrunoSammartino.
* TheSlacker: In "The Lazy Song".
* SomethingBlues: "Liquor Store Blues".
* StupidSacrifice: In "Grenade", the narrator would die for someone who doesn't love him back.
* VocalDissonance At times his voice is feminine.
* WhenSheSmiles: In "Just the Way You Are":
---> "And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while."
-->''For too lon-on-ong\\
For too lon-on-ong ong on-on-ong\\
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah\\