Known for high-pitched singing and songs in both English and Spanish, Belanova is a synthpop trio from Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico. Composed of Edgar Huerta, Ricardo Arreola, and Denisse Guerrero (who has a really high voice), Belanova has reached reasonable success in both Mexico and the United States.

* ''Cocktail'' (2003)
* ''Dulce Beat'' (2005)
* ''Fantasia Pop'' (2007)
* ''Sueño Electronico I'' (2010)
* ''Sueño Electronico II'' (2011)

!!Belanova provides examples of:

* BreakupSong: Multiple. A ton, in fact.
** Of note: Necio ''(retard)'': basically, ''retard, retard, you are so annoying''
* LetsDuet: ''Me Equivoqué'', done with another Mexican synth group, Moenia
* LoudnessWar: Fantasia Pop and Sueño Electronico I.
* PerformanceVideo: ''Rosa Pastel'', ''Mariposas''.