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Music: Barry White
The Maestro.
"I woke up one morning, went downstairs, said 'Good morning' to my mother and nearly scared both of us to death.'"
Barry White, on the day he first developed his voice

American song writer, 1944-2003.

The "Walrus of Love" was famous for his deep voice and steamy romance songs, which were probably responsible for the creation of a fair number of babies.

According to The Other Wiki, he was offered the role of Chef in South Park but declined as, being a devout Christian, he was uncomfortable with it.

Was allegedly planning a collaboration with Marvin Gaye before Mr. Gaye's untimely death. Had this come to pass, another baby boom would likely have resulted.

Also, he was apparently a fan of The Simpsons, which led to his making two guest appearances on the show.

For some reason, hbi2k thinks Mr. White's music goes great with Jello shots.

"I was just... sitting here thinking. Certain things turn me on. Like the way you might say a word, or the way you wear your hair, have a certain smile on your face... or just the way you're standing there, right now. In your baby blue panties."

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