[[caption-width-right:267:Ash's old lineup]]

Ash is an AlternativeRock band started in 1992 in UsefulNotes/NorthernIreland. Its lineup consists of:

* Tim Wheeler, guitarist, vocalist and main songwriter
* Mark Hamilton, bassist
* Rick [=McMurray=], drummer
* Charlotte Hatherley, guitarist and vocalist (joined 1997, left amicably in 2006)

Their style can be generally summed up as {{Britpop}} with elements of {{Grunge}}, PopPunk and PowerPop, although recently they've been experimenting with [[NewWaveMusic New Wave]] and synths.

They can also be distinguished by their love of ScienceFiction, especially ''Franchise/StarWars'' (their breakthrough album ''1977'' was named in honour of the year ''Film/ANewHope'' was released; the first sound on that album is a TIE Fighter, and the last song ends with a choral version of the ''Franchise/StarWars'' theme) and the fact that they were in their teens when they created the band.

Not to be confused with [[Franchise/EvilDead that other]] [[{{Anime/Pokemon}} Ash]] or ''Literature/AshASecretHistory''.

* ''Trailer'' (1994) - a mini-album in the UK, fortified in the US by the addition of [[BSide B-sides]];
* ''1977'' (1996) - their first successful album
* ''Nu-Clear Sounds'' (1998) - the first album with Charlotte Hatherley as a bandmember
* ''Free All Angels'' (2001)
* ''Intergalactic Sonic 7[=''=]s'' (2003) - compilation; one CD contains their singles and the other, ''Cosmic Debris'', has B-sides and rarities
* ''Meltdown'' (2004) - last album with Charlotte Hatherley
* ''Twilight of the Innocents'' (2007)
* ''A-Z Series'' (2009-2010) - a series of single format releases somewhat similar to ''Teargarden by Kaleidyscope'' by Music/TheSmashingPumpkins
* ''Kablammo!'' (2015)

!!Tropes that apply to the band include:

* BadassBoast: "World Domination" and "Meltdown" have some very badass lyrics.
* {{Britpop}}: Mostly their early stuff.
* CoverVersion: "Punk Boy" by Helen Love (on ''Trailer''), the aforementioned ''Franchise/StarWars'' theme and "Cantina Band" by Music/JohnWilliams (the latter as a B-side for "Girl from Mars"), "Gimme Some Truth" by Music/JohnLennon (as a B-side for "Angel Interceptor"), "Get Ready" by Music/TheTemptations (B-side for "Goldfinger"), "Does Your Mother Know?" by {{ABBA}} (B-side for "Oh Yeah"), "What Deaner Was Talking About" by {{Ween}} (B-side for "A Life Less Ordinary"), "Blew" by Music/{{Nirvana}} and "Who You Drivin' Now?" by {{Mudhoney}} (both B-sides for "Numbskull"), "Teenage Kicks" by The Undertones (B-side for "Sometimes"), "Melon Farmer" by Lazer-Gun Nun (on the ''Cosmic Debris'' CD), "Warmer Than Fire" by Little Hell (B-side for "Shining Light").
* DarkerAndEdgier: ''Nu-Clear Sounds'' and ''Meltdown''.
* LongRunner: One of the few Britpop bands still going (without breaking up and reforming later).
* LyricalTic: "Woah"s and "ooh"s can be found in... Well, pretty much any Ash song.
* ObsessionSong: "Lost In You".
* OneOfUs: Considering all the {{Shout Out}}s in the titles ("Luther Ingo's Star Cruiser", "ProfessionalWrestling/HulkHogan Bubblebath", "Darkside Lightside", "Day of the Triffids") and lyrics... yeah, this trope applies. Also, they hired PatLee to draw the cover of ''Intergalactic Sonic 7's'' and are allegedly Weezer fans.
* PunBasedTitle: ''Nu-Clear Sounds''. "Skullfull of Sulphur". Also, the name of their first album, "Trailer", is a visual pun. As a matter of fact, its cover shows a toppled trailer.
* RockTrio: Since Charlotte Hatherley left the band in 2006, this applies.
* SingingVoiceDissonance: Tim Wheeler sings with an American accent in many songs, especially those from "Meltdown". In interviews, though, he often switches back to his normal Northern Irish accent.
* SomethingBlues: "Bad Karma Blues".
* StudioChatter: At the beginning of "Meltdown". ("Ready?" "Yeah, ready!")
* WordSaladTitle: "Astral Conversations with [[Creator/HenriDeToulouseLautrec Toulouse-Lautrec]]", "Message from Creator/OscarWilde and Patrick Brewer", "The Sweetness of Death By the Obsidian Knife", "Everywhere Is All Around" (er... [[CaptainObvious thanks?]]), "Heroin, Vodka, White Noise".