Mood Whiplash / Radio

  • This American Life: One episode ("Fall Guy", aired June 28, 2009) jumps from a comedian talking about his beatdown-filled freshman year of high school as part of his routine, to a sobering story about Lynndie England and the Abu-Ghraib prison scandal.
  • The Mercury Theatre Of The Air production of The War of the Worlds, as part of the conceit that a Martian invasion was happening, switched back and forth between news remotes about a meteorite striking New Jersey and a jaunty dance-music program starring "Ramon Raquello and His Orchestra".
  • This was the reason for Casey Kasem's famous Cluster F-Bomb outtake. He had been given a dedication for a deceased dog to read after an upbeat, cheerful Pointer Sisters song, and had gotten tired of doing somber tributes to deceased people and animals after light-hearted songs, finding the jarring transitions insensitive to the memory of the departed.
  • Radio has its own term for this trope: "train wreck." A “train wreck” is radio lingo for programming two songs in a row that are not normally heard — or not normally heard back-to-back — on the same station.
  • The late Scottish folk-singer Jean Redpath was a frequent guest on A Prairie Home Companion and once remarked in an interview that what she most admired about Garrison Keillor was his ability, whilst storytelling, to bring an audience from the point of tears to the point of hysterical laughter and back again within the space of just two or three sentences.