Shout Out: Radio

  • Garrison Keilor and Ira Glass have a fake feud going on, whereby they slip little insults to one another into their respective radio shows or public appearances. In Keilor's case, these often take the shape of mentions of Glass in his Prairie Home Companion sketches, impressions of Glass done by his actors, or pastiches of Glass' broadcasting style.
    • The ersatz Keilor/Glass feud is itself a shout-out to Jack Benny and Fred Allen, two giants of the Golden Age of Radio, who first hit upon this idea as a running (and recognised) prank on the audience.
  • Keilor also mercilessly lampoons other NPR figures in sketches, most notably news correspondents, who show up as voice impressions in PHC news sketches. Sometimes these pseudo-cameos are identified by name; often they are either un-named or given a ficitonal name, making the shout-out an inside joke among NPR staff and habitual listeners.
  • Our Miss Brooks: The radio episode "The Twin Orphans" features twin boys named Mike and Danny. Al Lewis, the show's writer, had twin boys named Mike and Danny. ◦ There were shout outs on other occasions as well, although never so prominently (i.e. "Babysitting for Three" and "New School TV Set")
  • The Reduced Shakespeare Radio Show gives a shout out to other comedy troupes in the rap song "We Take It OTT (The RSC)":
    We look to the past to be our inspirator,
    We gobble up influences like we were hungry sharks!
  • The NPR radio game show Ask Me Another has contestants who sometimes play this straight on accident when unnecessarily use “What is…” when answering a question; this often prompts the response: “This isn’t Jeopardy.”