Memes / Arrowverse

Page for the collection of the Arrowverse fandom's memes. Needs Wiki Magic.

Since almost any line a character says in a loud, memorable, or dramatic tone can go memetic, this is most definitely not a complete list. Also, some of these meme explanations may contain spoilers, as the 'verse has a tendency to rapidly generate new memes as episodes come out.

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  • X is [insert villain here]. Explanation 

  • "My name is Oliver Queen. For five years I was stranded on an island with only one goal: survive. Now I will fulfill my father's dying wish, to use the list of names he left me and bring down those who are poisoning my city. To do this, I must become someone else. I must become something else." Explanation 
  • Organic. Explanation 
  • I was Ra's Al Ghul. Explanation 
    • Ra's Al Tittyfucking Ghul. Explanation 
  • Dialogue hallway. Explanation 
  • I'm convinced. Explanation 
  • I'm ten steps ahead of you and you don't even know what game we're playing yet! Explanation 
  • It's Cupid, stupid. Explanation 
  • Did you get those compstat reports? Explanation 
  • OLIBUR! Explanation 
  • Shunovabitch. Explanation 
  • Eat a dick. You can eat one too.Explanation 
  • Tom. C'mon. Explanation 
  • I WANTED TO! AND I LIKED IT! Explanation 
  • Kid. Explanation 
  • I keep my promises. Explanation 

     The Flash 

  • Angry helicopter noises. Explanation 
  • Fridgeposting. Explanation 
  • Everyone is Jay Garrick. Explanation 
  • The Caitlin Curse. Explanation 
  • Booty Spivot. Explanation 
  • Inter-dimensional council of Wells. Explanation 
  • Some would say ____ is the reverse. Explanation 
  • Run, Barry, run! Explanation 
  • Who's the villain now!? Explanation 
  • You can't lock up the ___ Explanation 
    • You CAN lock up the ___ Explanation 
  • For centuries. Explanation 
  • Barry fucking the timeline. Explanation 
  • Unclear Explanation 
  • Emo Barry, the Saddest Man Alive. Explanation 
  • Patty is Zoom. Explanation 
  • Earth-2 Lives Matter! Explanation 
  • Barry Allen really is the fastest man alive! Explanation 

     Legends Of Tomorrow 

  • Did you know Kendra used to be a barista? Explanation 
  • Ray Palmer fuckup counter. Explanation 
  • All women in history are lesbian. Explanation 
  • Haircut. Explanation 
  • Timeforce. Explanation 
  • Gang-banging the timeline. Explanation