A particular kind of Administrivia/{{natter}} that is similar to [[ThreadMode thread mode]]. This occurs in Video Game and Traditional Game tropes when a list of examples gets derailed into a discussion about game mechanics or a simple list of information about the game in question. BossBattle tropes and tropes about game difficulty are likely to get caught up in this.

For example, let's say Alice adds the Puppy Stomper 3000 to ThatOneBoss. Bob follows this up by stating, "[[Administrivia/ConversationInTheMainPage Actually]], the Puppy Stomper isn't tough if you have the Ring of Puppy Protection, which only requires you to do X, Y and Z." Then Clara comes by and adds, "[[Administrivia/JustifyingEdit To be fair]], you need Sven in your party to use the Ring of Puppy Protection. It's easier to use the Stick of Puppy Protection, which only requires you to bring the Ring of Puppy Protection to the Ring Transumation Fairy in Scary Town."

While it is understandable why this happens, we're ''not'' Website/{{GameFAQs}}. Trope examples should be generic enough that those who aren't familiar with the game can understand them, and shouldn't be cluttered with something like the exact attack strength of a weapon or helpful asides about which two of the three {{Bonus Boss}}es can be affected by the GameBreaker.

''Note: You can put such things on this site, but they belong in the {{Trivia}} namespace for that work.''
!!'''Tropes that often fall victim to this include:'''

* AIBreaker
* AIRoulette
* ArtificialStupidity
* AttackItsWeakPoint
* AwesomeButImpractical
* BonusBoss
* ClimaxBoss
* DifficultButAwesome
* DuelBoss
* EasyExp
* GameBreaker
* GoddamnedBoss
* GuideDangIt
* LethalJokeCharacter
* PermanentlyMissableContent
* PuzzleBoss
* ShootTheMedicFirst
* SNKBoss
* ThatOneAchievement
* ThatOneAttack
* ThatOneBoss
* ThatOneLevel
* ThatOnePuzzle
* ThatOneSidequest
* TrueFinalBoss
* {{Unwinnable}}
** UnwinnableByMistake
** UnwinnableByDesign
** UnwinnableByInsanity
* WakeUpCallBoss