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"The difference between doing voiceover work in animation or in real movies — as opposed to video games — is slight. I mean, you know, acting is acting. It's either good acting or it's bad acting."
Keith David on his role in Mass Effect

Those voices you hear in cartoons, Puppet Shows, Video Games, and Anime don't exist in a vacuum. While not quite as famous as regular actors, these folks still get a lot of mention among fans for their distinctive style and/or extensive catalogs.

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Also, this page is for those whose primary career is in voice work. Don't bother listing TV and movie actors who also happen to do the odd voiceover.

For Japanese voice actors, see Names to Know in Anime.

See also Puppeteers.

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    Primarily in Western cartoons 

  • Adrian Truss: A British-Canadian actor who is a founding member of the internationally renowned comedy troupe, Illustrated Men. He voiced Poe from Ruby Gloom, Jerry in Totally Spies!, the titular Dragon from Jane and the Dragon and Dr. Kirk from Dino Crisis. His other credits include such shows as Rolie Polie Olie and Spliced.

  • Alanna Ubach: Has lent her deep Latina voice to male and female voices alike: to both Skate Lad and Rope Girl in Teamo Supremo, Mayor Spryman in Ozzy and Drix, Lola Bola in Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Liz Allan in The Spectacular Spider Man, Strudel in Pound Puppies (2010) , Imelda Rivera in Coco, and the title character in El Tigre. Also a prolific live actress who got her big break as Josie on Beakman's World, and has appeared in such films as The Brady Bunch Movie, Sister Act 2, Legally Blonde, Meet the Fockers, and Waiting....

  • Andrew Sabiston: A Canadian voice actor with a long career in both stage and screen, Sabiston has had many roles in various cartoons. He played Yoshi in the Super Mario World animated series, Diddy Kong in the Donkey Kong Country animated series, Cat in Little Bear and is currently playing Lee on The Amazing Spiez.

  • Annick Obonsawin: A Canadian singer and voice actress whose most famous role is that of Sierra in Total Drama World Tour, though she's voiced a number of characters before that, including Inez in Cyberchase and Skunk in Franklin. Her distinct voice is somewhat easy to pick out but her true talent lies in conveying numerous emotions on the fly. She's the 2010 Toonzone Award winner for best voice performance in a televised cartoon, she was very thrilled to say the least.

  • Ashleigh Ball: A Canadian vocalist and voice actress (see Hey Ocean!) best known for voicing two of the Mane Six ponies. Also the voices of Mary Test, Oopsy Bear, and Plum Pudding.

  • Brian Froud: Canadian voice actor whose best-known roles are Beezy from Jimmy Two-Shoes and Harold and Sam from Total Drama. His voice can also be heard in Detentionaire, Bakugan, Grojband, Zafari, ToonMarty, and Chop Chop Ninja. No relation to the English fantasy illustrator of the same name.

  • Carolyn Lawrence: She is best known for her roles as Cindy Vortex in Jimmy Neutron, Sandy Cheeks in Spongebob Squarepants, Orel Puppington in Moral Orel, and Ashley Graham in Resident Evil 4.

  • Cathy Cavadini: She is perhaps best known as the voice of Blossom on The Powerpuff Girls. She was also the voice of Tanya Mousekewitz in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West and the short-lived television series it spawned, even performing songs for the soundtrack of the film, and has done voice work for the Final Fantasy video games as well.

  • Chris Latta (real name Christopher Collins): Probably best known as the voice of Cobra Commander in the 1985 G.I. Joe cartoon, or perhaps as Starscream in G1 Transformers; he did similar voices for D-Compose in Inhumanoids and Cravex in Visionaries. (Latta also played Gung Ho in G.I. Joe and Darkstorm in Visionaries.) He has shown up from time to time (26 of them, to be exact) in Space Battleship Yamato, as General Dire and Sergeant Knox. He originally was cast as the voice of Moe Szyslak and Charles Montgomery Burns on The Simpsons, but was replaced by Hank Azaria (for Moe) and Harry Shearer (for Mr. Burns). Latta died in 1994 of a cerebral hemorrhage from a long illness, but there has been allegations that his death could have been the end result of a drug problem.

  • Christian Potenza: A Canadian Voice actor who's best known for voicing Chris Mclean in the Total Drama series, as well as Jude in 6teen. He has his own Youtube page.

  • Clarence "Ducky" Nash: Comedian and one of the first masters of television animal noises. He originated the voice of Donald Duck in 1934, who he would voice until his death in 1985. His last role as Donald was in 1983's Mickey's Christmas Carol, and the character would be voiced then on by Tony Anselmo, a Disney animator, who trained under Nash in person. He also provided animals and character voices for many of Disney's other films such as Huey, Duey and Louie, and Figaro the cat. Cited as a huge inspiration for Frank Welker and Red Coffee.

  • Cody, Luke, and Nathan Ruegger: The sons of Warner Bros. cartoon producer Tom Ruegger lent their voices to quite a few of the youthful characters in his shows. Nathan voiced the baby version of Plucky Duck on Tiny Toon Adventures, Skippy Squirrel on Animaniacs, and Froggo on Histeria!. Luke was the Flame on Animaniacs and Big Fat Baby on Histeria!. And Cody, the youngest, was the Baby Blue Bird in a few Animaniacs segments as well as the voice and inspiration for Loud Kiddington on Histeria!.

  • Cory Doran: Canadian Voice actor. His best known roles are Mike from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and the eponymous character of Jimmy Two-Shoes, but he can also be heard as Bummer from Stōked, George of the Jungle in the 2007 series (after Lee Tockar left), and Lenny from Freaktown.

  • Dana Snyder: Well known voice actor in [adult swim] programs such as Master Shake in Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Dr. Wang in Minoriteam, The Alchemist in The Venture Bros. and Granny in Squidbillies. Has recently branched out into non [adult swim] animation as the voice of Gazpacho in the Cartoon Network original series Chowder and three characters on Robotomy: Mr. Dreadnot (the Sadist Teacher), Principal Thunderbyte, and the janitor from the "Mutilation Ball" episode. More recently, Snyder has provided the voice of the supervillain rabbit Dr. Colosso (and portrayed him as human in one episode) on Nickelodeon's live-action sitcom The Thundermans.

  • Danica McKellar : She's as prolific in animation as she is in live action. Her voice credits include Miss Martian and Marie Logan on Young Justice , Sapphire Stagg in Justice League , Hayley in Transformers: Rescue Bots , and is the current voice of Judy Jetson .

  • Danny Cooksey: Best known for his high scratchy whiny voice he has been in the business since he was 15 among his more famous characters are Montana Max from Tiny Toon Adventures, Victor the bully from the The Ren & Stimpy Show episode "A Visit to Anthony," Urchin from The Little Mermaid animated series, Milo Kamalani from Pepper Ann, the title character of Dave the Barbarian, Hotstreak from Static Shock, and Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown. Before that, he starred as Sam McKinney near the end of Diff'rent Strokes' run, played the scheming Jerkass camper Bobby Budnick on the Nickelodeon sitcom Salute Your Shorts, and was a hoodlum on Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

  • David Berni: Canadian voice actor with numerous roles, which include YAY-OK on Rocket Monkeys, Duck on Almost Naked Animals, Paddy and Buck on Scaredy Squirrel, Gobsmack on Pearlie, Frank on Ruby Gloom, Jiggers on Iggy Arbuckle, Pauly Creature on Growing Up Creepie, Crusher on Metajets, and Chaz Moneranian on Detentionaire.

  • David Herman: An actor and comedian who now primarily does voice acting. Was on Saturday Night Lives rival sketch show MADtv during its first two seasons (and prior to that, was on the very short-lived post-In Living Color sketch show, House of Buggin, starring John Leguizamo). On MADtv, Herman's most popular recurring characters were Marsh (co-anchor of Gen X News) and 'ike Lawson (host of the informercial series, Incredible Findings). His celebrity impressions on the show include Tom Hanks, David Duchovny, Brent Spiner, Alex Trebeknote , John Ritter (as Jack Tripper on the 1970s sex sitcom Three's Company), Larry Flynt, Tim Allen, Joel Schumacher, Woody Allen, and Nicolas Cage (back when Cage was in dramas like Leaving Las Vegas). On the voice acting front, Herman's most popular vocal credits include Buckley (Luann's deceased boyfriend), Eustice (a wimpy man who was thrown out of Straight Arrow scouts as a child and is now a successful patent lawyer, which, to Hank Hill, means nothing), Anthony Page (the social worker from the pilot episodenote  and the episode "Junkie Business"note , Jimmy Witchard (a mentally retarded sociopath), and many others from King of the Hill. Herman also did the voices of Scruffy the Janitor, Roberto, Dr. Ogden Wernstrom, Turanga Morris, Mayor Poopenmeyer, Larry, Number 9, Nudar, and many others from Futurama, various characters from American Dad!, Uncle Gabby from The Drinky Crow Show, Ranger Steve Williams from Brickleberry, Mr. Frond the guidance counselor from Bob's Burgers, and the second voices of Coach Stopframe and Principal Fakey from Moral Orel.

  • Dwayne Hill: A Canadian Voice actor who has been heard in Jimmy Two-Shoes (Samy Garvin, General Molotov, and several others), Yin Yang Yo! (Dave), the Total Drama series (Lance and Josh), Seven Little Monsters (Three), Spliced, The Future Is Wild cartoon series, and many others.

  • Gail Matthius (last name pronounced "Muh-THIGH-ess," not "Math-EE-ess"): A former Saturday Night Live cast member note  turned voice actress for kids' cartoons in the 1980s and 1990s. You might: remember her as the voice of Bobby Generic's mom on Bobby's World (which is actually the voice she used for her hairdresser character, Roweena, on SNL and sounds a lot like Sarah Palin to 21st century ears), Shirley the Loon (the psychic Valley Girl duck) on Tiny Toon Adventures (using a pitched-up version of the voice she used when she played Valley Girl Vicki on SNL and a short-lived syndicated sketch show called Laugh Trax, which had Howie Mandel before he became famous for Bobby's World and Deal or No Deal), and Molly Coddle from Bump in the Night (using her actual voice). On SNL, her celebrity impressions included singer Irene Cara, model/actress Brooke Shields, businesswoman and Bentix Scandal victim Mary Cunningham, and former First Lady Nancy Reagan. Her recurring characters were the aforementioned Valley Girl Vicki and Roweena the hairdresser, and Francis Lively, the wife of Phil Lively (played by Charles Rocket), a game show host who treats his life like an episode of The Price is Right (or any other high-stakes game show). These days, Gail Matthius is a drama and improv teacher residing in Pacific Palisades, California and is part of an improv group that includes character voice actress Edie McClurg (she voiced Hampton's mom on Tiny Toon Adventures and Louie's mom on Life With Louie) and Simpsons voice actor Dan Castellaneta.

  • Greg Proops: An improvisational comedian who appeared on both versions of Whose Line Is It Anyway? (also a good display of his talents whenever the game "Questionable Impressions" came up). While Proops is better known for his work on live-action television (i.e. True Jackson, VP), he has lent his talents to The Nightmare Before Christmas, several Star Wars works, Bob the Builder, and MadWorld.

  • Hans Conried: Character actor and stand-up comedian who was very active in voice-over roles (having previously been on many radio works) during the mid-twentieth century, most notably Captain Hook from Peter Pan. He also voiced the Grinch in the television special Halloween Is Grinch Night, Snidely Whiplash from Dudley Do-Right, and Wally Walrus in a number of Woody Woodpecker cartoons.

  • Jamie Watson: Canadian voice actor who has appeared in numerous cartoons, including Scaredy Squirrel (Mildred), Freaktown (Taylor the Barbaricorn), 6teen (Ron the Rent-a-Cop), Yin Yang Yo! (Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard), Rocket Monkeys (Dr. Chimpsky), Jimmy Two-Shoes (Chuck the Bus Driver), Timothy Goes to School (Henry), and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (King Friday XIII).

  • Jill Talley: Known for voicing Karen, Plankton's computer wife on SpongeBob SquarePants, Sarah Dubois on The Boondocks, Gretchen, Nina, and Ms. Mucus on Camp Lazlo, and Mrs. Loud in The Loud House. Is married to fellow voice actor Tom Kenny.

  • John Stocker: A Canadian voice actor whose best known role is Beastly in Care Bears but also played Toad and Oogtar in the Super Mario Bros. cartoons, Sir Burnevere in Blazing Dragons, Ankylo in Dinosaucers, Richard P. Fungus in Stunt Dawgs and Naga in Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

  • Juan Chioran: an Argentine-born Canadian actor who is best known for playing villainous characters in Canadian animation, including Lance Boil in Grossology, Oslo in Skyland, Lord Fear in Ace Lightning, Venomous Drool in Fangbone!, Harry Von Follicle in Atomic Puppet, and Rudolpho in Jimmy Two-Shoes.

  • Katie Crown: A Canadian stand-up comedienne known for quirky humor, some of that has carried over into her voiceover performances. These include the Cloudcuckoolander Izzy in Total Drama. Her role as Fin in Stōked sees her in more of a Deadpan Snarker-type role while her role as Patricia in Spliced sees her as an Only Sane Woman. More recently, she's been voicing Mary (Clarence's mother) and Ms Baker (Clarence's hapless teacher) in Clarence

  • Katie Griffin: Canadian voice actress. Her voice is featured in such works as Sailor Moon (Sailor Mars), Totally Spies! (Alex and Mindy), Bakugan (Julie Makimoto), Beyblade (Hikaru Hazama), Max and Ruby (Ruby), the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs TV series (Sam Sparks), Meta Jets (Maggie Strong/Foxtrot), Atomic Puppet (Abbie Felt), and the Inspector Gadget reboot (Kayla).

  • Kevin McDonald: This former The Kids in the Hall cast member is known for voicing Cloudcuckoolanders like Pleakley from Lilo & Stitch, the Almighty Tallest Purple from Invader Zim, and Waffle from Catscratch.

  • Larry Storch: An unusual example in that while he is arguably better known for his work in live action comedies, he has actually done slightly more work in cartoons and animated advertisements than he has done in live action roles. Most of his voice work was for Filmation and Hanna-Barbera, and he was also the lead voice artist for the Looney Tunes cartoons in their final years of production.

  • Liliana Mumy: The daughter of former child star Billy Mumy (of Lost in Space and The Twilight Zone (1959) fame). She voices Myrtle Edmonds in Lilo & Stitch (and its spinoffs), Panini on Chowder, Leni Loud in The Loud House, and Beth Tezuka in Bravest Warriors. She also appeared in several live-action roles, including The Twilight Zone (2002) episode "It's Still a Good Life", playing the daughter of the Creepy Child character her father made famous, who inherited his powers and teams up with her father to wreak havoc on the world outside their sleepy Ohio town.

  • Lorenzo Music: Music didn't have much in the way of vocal range. He did only one voice—his own, sleepy, phlegmatic yet warm—but he made it count. Music started out as a comedy writer until he was recruited to play The Faceless role of Carlton the doorman in Rhoda. This led to his playing Garfield in Garfield and Friends, which led to still more voice work: Tummi in Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Peter Venkman (and his father) in The Real Ghostbusters (for the first few seasons), Sergeant Dunder in TaleSpin, Super-Pac in the second season of Pac-Man, Larry the Crash Test Dummy in a series of famous Public Service Announcements, and several guest star roles and commercial voice-overs. Music was very active until shortly before his death in 2001.

  • Lori Alan: Best known as the voice of Diane Simmons (the female news anchor who came before Joyce Kinney) on Family Guy, she has also voiced Pearl Krabs in SpongeBob SquarePants and the Invisible Woman in the 1990s Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer cartoons. She is also the American voice actress of The Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3. Her other roles include Lt. Felina Feral from SWAT Kats, and voices in several Pixar films.

  • Megan Fahlenbock: A Canadian voice actress, Fahlenbock is perhaps best known for her role as Gwen in Total Drama, though she voiced Jen in 6teen before that. Her voice is also featured as Melodia in Yin Yang Yo! and Deets in Get Ed, among others.

  • Olivia D'Abo: A London native, and one of relatively few Britons active in American voiceover. Has played a variety of roles, with or without a British accent (but mostly with), among them being Jedi Master Luminara Unduli in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Sapphire and Morgaine Le Fay on Justice League, Jane in The Legend of Tarzan, and Tak on Invader Zim. She also starred as Karen Cooper on The Wonder Years.

  • Olivia Hack: Former child actress, played Cindy Brady in the live-action The Brady Bunch movie and Teen Genius Tanna on Gilmore Girls, now primarily focusing on voiceover work with her light, sweet-sounding voice. Usually found doing Nickelodeon projects, was the voice of Rhonda in Hey Arnold! and the perky Ty Lee in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Also filled in for Lia Sargent as Shion Uzuki in the second Xenosaga game.

  • Pat Musick: Best known for her roles as Fluffy, Uranus and second voice of Charles after Dana Hill's death while in a diabetic coma on the USA Network's cult cartoon Duckman, Janine Melnitz (the redheaded secretary for The Ghostbusters who has a crush on Egon) in Extreme Ghostbusters, April Eagle in Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, Snappy Smurf in The Smurfs, Meriem Brunch in The Tick, Tony Toponi in An American Tail, Mona Lisa in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987), and Harold Frumpkin in All Grown Up!. Notable for her impressive ability to invoke Cross-Dressing Voices. Her daughter, Mae Whitman, followed in her footsteps as a voice actress.

  • Patrick McKenna: Best known for playing Harold Green in The Red Green Show. His notable roles in animation include Lorne, the Friend for Life from the Sam & Max animated series and Two-legs Joe from Spliced.

  • Peter Keleghan: Best known for playing Ranger Gord in The Red Green Show, he has appeared as Ned's father, Eric Flemkin, in Ned's Newt, Blake Bellamy in Producing Parker and Scaredy Bat in Ruby Gloom.

  • Peter Oldring: Best known as Cody, Tyler, and Ezekiel from Total Drama, this Canadian voice actor and comedian has also performed voices for Atomic Puppet (Mookie/Sergeant Subatomic), Braceface (Conner Mackenzie), Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (Gus), Pelswick (Goon Gunderson), Pecola (Jabatt), and Resident Evil – Code: Veronica (Alfred Ashford). Has also made a number of live-action appearances.

  • Peter Thomas: WWII Veteran and former DJ who narrated a lot of PBS specials, NOVA and Forensic Files. He's known for his crystal clear voice and precise diction, and his unique narrative tone of urgency, concern, and empathy. Also was a humanitarian before his death in April 2016.

  • Phillip Glasser: Did voice acting as a child, best known for voicing Fievel Mousekewitz in An American Tail, its sequel An American Tail: Fievel Goes West and the television series, up until the direct-to-video movies by which time he'd outgrown the role. He also voiced Gus in A Troll in Central Park and has had minor voicing roles in many other cartoons, mostly during the 1990s.

  • Pinto Colvig: A former singer and actor in live-action comedies, who moved into voice acting when he provided the voice of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for the Walter Lantz studio, where Colvig was also an animator and gag man. It was at Disney where he became most well-known though, lending his vocal talents to Grumpy (from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Goofy, and Pluto, along with a host of lesser-known characters. Clovig also voiced the Smart Pig on Tex Avery's first MGM cartoon (a World War II cartoon called "Blitz Wolf") and was the original Bozo the Clown.
  • 'Romi Dames : Her most iconic voice roles are Musa in the Nickelodeon dub of Winx Club and Lena Luthor on DC Super Hero Girls . Some of her other roles include Vivica on Star Darlings, Bridget Oishinomi and minor characters on Phineas and Ferb , the Brûlée twins on Milo Murphy's Law , and Jump Kick on Pickle and Peanut . She's also known for playing Traci Van Horn on Hannah Montana .

  • Russi Taylor: Best known as the current voice of Disney's Minnie Mouse. She has also voiced Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby from DuckTales, Baby Gonzo from Muppet Babies, Martin Prince, Sherri and Terri (the pale, purple-haired twins who tease Bart and Lisa) from The Simpsons, Penny Tompkins from The Critic, various incarnations of Pebbles from The Flintstones, Widget the World Watcher, was the voice of Strawberry Shortcake throught The '80s, and Ferny Toro from Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks, a role that got her two Annie and two Daytime Emmy nominations. She was married to the late Wayne Allwine.

  • Scott McCord: One of the most prolific of the new Canadian voice-over artists, his most famous roles are probably Owen and Trent in Total Drama. He also provided the voice of Skull Boy in Ruby Gloom and Yang in Yin Yang Yo!. His other credits include such shows as Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Spliced, Atomic Puppet, and the new Care Bears series.

  • Sean Cullen: Canadian voice actor and comedian whose characters tend to have Large Hams. Notable roles include Lucius Heinous VII in Jimmy Two-Shoes, Principal General Barrage in Detentionaire, Four, Five, and Seven in Seven Little Monsters, Fartor in Grossology, Sgt Sasha Spritz from Winston Steinburger And Sir Dudley Ding Dong, Gus and Nefarious in Rocket Monkeys, and Narwhal and Piggy in Almost Naked Animals. Also has a few live-action appearances under his belt, notably The Sean Cullen Show.

  • Stacey DePass: A Canadian comedy actress who has performed in several animated productions, most notably as the voice of Deadpan Snarker Nikki Wong in 6teen. She's also been heard as Iris in Ruby Gloom, along with several other lesser known children's animated series and several minor roles in Undergrads.

  • Steve Mackall: A Canadian-American voice actor who performed the voice of Marsupilami for Disney's Raw Toonage and the Marsupilami spin-off series. He also played Nosedive in The Mighty Ducks.

  • Tony Daniels: Canadian voice actor. His voice can be heard in countless animated series including Gambit from X-Men (and virtually any cartoon or video game featuring Gambit), Uncle Flippy in JoJo's Circus, Wiseman in Sailor Moon, and Hawkeye in The Avengers: United They Stand. He can also be heard in Beyblade, Time Warp Trio, Atomic Puppet, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Yin Yang Yo!, and Fangbone!. He's also in Devil May Cry as Big Bad Mundus.

  • Wayne Anthony Allwine: Disney sound designer and the third and longest-lasting voice of Mickey Mouse, following Walt Disney himself and sound designer Jimmy MacDonald. Starting in 1983, he would voice Mickey so often that he would be available for all required projects and regions featuring the character, including the Kingdom Hearts video game series. He was married to Russi Taylor, the current voice of Minnie Mouse (and the voice of several Simpsons kid characters, such as Martin Prince and the purple-haired twins, Sherri and Terri). He passed away on May 18th, 2009. The role is succeeded officially by Bret Iwan.

    Primarily in anime, video games 

    Actors with their own pages 
Here's a list of voice actors prolific enough to deserve their own pages. Don't bother listing their roles here; do so on the individual pages. Names are listed in alphabetical order. All names are in European order, with personal name first and family name last.

Note: this section has considerable overlap with Names to Know in Anime.

    Voice Actors in Franchises 

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