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[[caption-width-right:350:Nothing illustrates [[ThePowerOfFriendship friendship]] better than [[DarkestHour hopelessness]], {{Nightmare Face}}s, and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking green slime]].]]

->''[The game has] a sense of timeless nostalgia... there's innocence to it as well, Cosmic Horror not withstanding.''
-->--'''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation''' on ''VideoGame/{{Earthbound}}''

Okay, so you have a villain who is legitimately intimidating and frightening. Maybe they try to destroy all positive emotions, or maybe they turn people into twisted shambling abominations, or maybe they're plotting genocide. Point is, they're actually a fairly creepy villain. The irony is that they're stuck in a SugarBowl.

As one could probably tell, this trope is about villains in normally lighthearted fiction that are so disturbing, or even terrifying, on some level that they kind of clash with the tone of the show/game/whatever. Because of this type of villain's ability to ruin the mood of the story they're in, this trope can overlap with KnightOfCerebus or CompleteMonster. If a series has a lot of villains like this, then it's taking a ride on the CerebusRollercoaster.

A violation of [[{{Consistency}} Genre Consistency]]. Compare and contrast the CrapsaccharineWorld, where it's not just the villain, but the ''entire world'' that is rotten to the core. A major cause of SugarApocalypse and SurpriseCreepy.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Anime/MonColleKnights'' is cheerful and wacky and the enemies usually are the TerribleTrio. When they're not, there's Reda, with his bloodstained wings and a fondness for driving people to suicide and [[ChestBurster subjecting things to splooshy transformations]]. The english GagDub toned him down and edited some scenes.
* The ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' anime is usually light-hearted and normally has a goofy and incompetent TerribleTrio composing of two delinquents and a talking Meowth as the primary antagonists, but it still has:
** The coldhearted DiabolicalMastermind Giovanni, and the psychic Gym Leader with a split personality Sabrina, in the Kanto Saga.
** The intimidating Mewtwo in ''Anime/PokemonTheFirstMovie'', who, while eventually redeemed, has a body count, mind-controlled people, and planned to commit total human and pokemon genocide leaving only his clones remaining.
** The merciless Pokémon Hunter J, the OmnicidalManiac Cyrus, and the abusive JerkAss trainer Paul in the Sinnoh Saga.
** The Iron Masked Marauder and Grings Kodai, in the [[Anime/Pokemon4Ever 4th movie]] and [[Anime/PokemonZoroarkMasterOfIllusions 13th movie]] respectively.
** As of ''Best Wishes'', the usually goofy, incompetent TerribleTrio [[TookALevelInBadass isn't so goofy and incompetent anymore...]]
*** The ''Episode N'' arc brings us [[VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite Ghetsis]], [[VideoGame/PokemonBlack2AndWhite2 Colress]], and Team Plasma. Whenever they show up, expect the mood to drop dramatically and the battles to get more intense.
** ''Anime/PokemonOrigins'' (because it's a faithful retelling of the ''Pokemon Red and Blue'' games) discards this trope outright with Team Rocket, in a stark contrast to their [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain depiction]] in the anime. Just like the games, they actually kill Pokémon, and they're shown conducting horrible experiments on them, too. Giovanni's reasoning for doing all this? [[KickTheDog Because a Pokemon-based society is a business, and Pokemon are tools for business.]]
** The race of Unown, which are borderline EldritchAbomination. In [[Anime/{{Pokemon3}} the third movie]] they absorb a person alive, and infest a lonely girl and let her do quite scary things, like freezing the entire city in crystal as well as kidnapping and brainwashing the hero's mother into thinking she's ''her'' dead mom.
** ''Anime/PokemonJirachiWishmaker'', otherwise the [[TastesLikeDiabetes fluffiest]] pokemon movie made, has an EldritchAbomination that absorbs any lifeforms nearby to sustain itself and looks like Groudon.
* The {{Big Bad}}s of the ''Anime/PrettyCure'' franchise are usually like this. One of them is an entity that existed before everything and wants to plunge everything into nothingness, another is a life-hating EldritchAbomination that turns every planet he visits into sand dunes, yet another is a monster born out of humanity's collective negative emotions, etc etc... This is a series that is (supposedly) for little girls in elementary schoolyears.
* ''Manga/FruitsBasket'' is an adorable series about a cute high school girl who befriends a lot of pretty boys and the hijinks that ensue. Then we are introduced to Akito, who we learn has been committing various forms of physical and psychological abuse on various family members, and has no problem with doing the same to any "outsiders" who look like they're butting in. Later, [[spoiler:Akito actually becomes ''sympathetic'' when her mother, Ren, is revealed to be even ''worse''.]]
* ''Anime/MobileFighterGGundam'' is known for its campiness and can also be kinda cheesy at times. The main threat is a vile EldritchAbomination known as the Dark Gundam (AKA Devil Gundam in Japan) that can take control of people and animals via metallic cell replication that covers the victim's body over time. Its master plan is to [[WellIntentionedExtremist rid the world of humanity all to save the planet.]]
* Although it's about UsefulNotes/WorldWarII, ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' manages to be pretty goofy while focusing on the general incompetence of the nations. While there is fighting, it's portrayed as comical punches and cartoonish damage. In the movie ''Paint it, White!'', we are introduced to invading aliens called the Pictonians. The Pictonians quickly conquer nearly all of Earth, transform most of humanity into their species, and abduct them as slaves. Everything the nations do to fight them fails, [[spoiler:and they very nearly lose at the end, when all of them but Italy are turned into Pictonians. While screaming.]]
* Despite ''TenchiMuyoGXP'' being a lighthearted adventure comedy [[SpacePirate Tarant Shunk]] still tries to behave as a real and scary [[RuthlessModernPirates Ruthless Modern Pirate]]. It [[ButtMonkey doesn't help him much]]. Though arguably Tenchiverse is usually so lighthearted precisely ''because'' most of its important characters are [[spoiler:[[CosmicEntity Cosmic Entities]] on vacation]]. There's really [[spoiler:[[BoringInvincibleHero no credible threat to them possible]]]], which is why they're engaged in those comedic shenanigans just to kill the time.
** Kagato from the original OVA and Tenchi Universe was no slouch himself.
* ''Manga/DragonBall'':
** Most villains were dealt with comically, and only a few were shown to pose a serious threat to Goku and his friends. Then came Tao Pai Pai, a PsychoForHire who cares only about profit and ruthlessly and remorselessly wipes out anyone who gets in his way with his bare hands. After he murders Upa's father and defeats Goku in battle, he laughs at Upa and tells him that he's lucky that he's still alive, meaning that he has absolutely no problem killing children. When he returns to Karin's Tower to look for the one Dragon Ball he neglected to find, he grabs Upa and throws him against the tower (fortunately, he was saved by Goku). One time he forced a tailor to overwork on making an outfit for him in about three days... which he rewarded by killing him. After his defeat, he was rebuilt into an AxCrazy cyborg who wanted nothing more than the deaths of both Goku and Tenshinhan.
** King Piccolo and his children. King Piccolo's arrival [[KnightOfCerebus marked the series's complete shift to a much more serious tone]], which carried over into the SequelSeries ''Anime/DragonBallZ''.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Parodied in Steph Cherrywell's ''ComicBook/WidgeyQButterfluff'', with Lord Meanskull and his Hench-Witches.
* ''ComicBook/LesLegendaires'' is a seemingly kid-friendly comic book, involving a world where everyone has been turned into children following a magical accident. The characters are typically comical (though [[LetsGetDangerous they do have moments]] of BadAss), and the universe even more. But let's have a look at the main villains:
** [[ArchEnemy Darkhell]] is a homicidal, megalomaniac, cruel EvilSorcerer (and formerly SorcerousOverlord) who made insane experiments, was TheDreaded for years in his world and cause a large amont of death each time he shows up. While he was scary already as an [[EvilOldFolks adult]], [[EnfantTerrible having turned back to childhood only makes him more disturbing]].
** [[ManipulativeBastard Skroa]] is a bird-like demonical sorcerer that used to be Darkhell's rival and frequently uses the protagonists as pawn for his plans. Is shown slaughtering a group of armed human beings of his own. He once ''cut his own arm off'' as a part of his plan;
** [[BiggerBad Anathos]] is the comic's version of Satan, being an OmnicidalManiac GodOfEvil that succeeded in destroying the world a long time ago and almost succeeded a second time. He came back by [[DemonicPossession reincarnating in one of the protagonists]] and [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown literally crushed the remaining heroes in their first fight]], leaving them scarred for life.
** [[TheChessmaster Abyss]] is introduced as a [[BitchInSheepsClothing seemingly extremely nice person]] in his first appearance, [[TheReveal only to be revealed later]] as a {{Yandere}} [[IncestSubtext who seems to have a thing for his foster sister]], to the point of forcing her to join his side by [[BrainwashedAndCrazy brainwashing her]] through PuppeteerParasite.
* Just like in [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic the TV show]], ''ComicBook/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicIDW'' has some surprisingly creepy villains. The most notable case is probably the return of Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings. Case in point - she is implied to have [[KickTheDog brutally killed a cute, loving kitten-like creature]], [[HarmfulToMinors right in front of the Cutie Mark Crusaders]]. The same comic also presents exactly what happens when a country is taken over by Changelings. "Disgusting" [[SicklyGreenGlow doesn't even begin]] [[CoveredInGunge to describe it]]. Ironically, this same arc also sees Chrysalis used for comedy pretty often (due to her interactions with the aforementioned CMC), while in the show she was played completely straight at all times.
** Another arc presents a MirrorUniverse, now presenting the heroes and the normally kind princesses as taunting and vengeful antagonists.
* ''ComicBook/LokiAgentOfAsgard'' is a light-hearted series for Marvel standards, yet the BigBad is [[spoiler:Old Loki, in his classic incarnation, trying to force young Loki to become him like it or not.]] Worth to note that that series gets a GutPunch thanks to ''Comicbook/{{AXIS}}'' and then [[CerebusSyndrome takes a nose first dive into darkness]]. (It's trope page grew a tearjerker subpage at that point.)
* This can happen by RoguesGalleryTransplant. Characters like [[{{Satan}} Mephisto]], [[DreamWeaver Nightmare]] and [[EldritchAbomination Shuma-Gorath]] in Marvel are all really dark villains, but they also moved from antagonizing characters like ComicBook/GhostRider and ComicBook/DoctorStrange, where they aren't out of place, and are now general threats to the entire Franchise/MarvelUniverse. Which means sometimes they can show up in much lighter series, while retaining all their usual qualities (though Mephisto and Nightmare can ram up BlackComedy a bit to fit better). Case in point, Mephisto showed up in the abovementioned ''Loki: Agent of Asgard'' (how it went could be described as OutGambitted with liberal doses of YourApprovalFillsMeWithShame and {{Incredibly Lame Pun}}s), Nightmare was an antagonist in a pretty comedic ComicBook/FantasticFour story and Shuma-Gorath fought the ComicBook/MightyAvengers in a straight superhero adventure.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''FanFic/GettingBackOnYourHooves'' is a ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' fanfic that strongly goes for OriginalFlavour with the original series. The BigBad, [[KnightOfCerebus Checker Monarch]] is based off real life {{Sociopath}}s. This was intentional on the part of the writer to emulate how the TV series has disproportionately dark major villains.
* ''Blog/{{Moonstuck}}'' is a story about a pony on the moon meeting lots of friends and going on silly adventures [[MST3KMantra that you shouldn't take seriously]]. Its villains are a [[RegentForLife usurping, tyrannical regent]] who fully intended to ''[[WouldHurtAChild kill]]'' Woona and her friends, Woona's EnemyWithout that delivers multiple {{Curb Stomp Battle}}s and vicious [[BreakThemByTalking Breaking Speeches]], and [[spoiler:Discord]], who is just as nasty as his canon self with ''none'' of the comedy, often falling into full-blown EldritchAbomination territory.
* ''[[Fanfic/AFutureOfFriendshipAHistoryOfHate A Future of Friendship, A History of Hate]]'' is yet another ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' example. It maintains the OriginalFlavour of the show very well, but [[BigBad Ruinate]] is a rather horrifying EldritchAbomination who intends to turn Equestria into a CrapsackWorld before [[OmnicidalManiac destroying it]], and even manages to temporarily [[spoiler: ''[[EmptyShell destroy Twilight Sparkle's soul]]'']]. Also, his [[CoDragons heralds]], who know perfectly well his final goal and serve him anyway, are willing to do terrible things in his name.
* ''Fanfic/MagnaClades'', a ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' fanfic, gives us [[BigBad Zoisite]], an EvilChancellor who is willing to [[KillEmAll exterminate humans]] because he thinks of them as [[FantasticRacism dirty animals]]. At one point, he even ''[[spoiler: rapes Connie]]!''
* The BigBad from the crossover story, ''FanFic/TheBridge''. True, [[Franchise/{{Godzilla}}one half]] of said crossover is far from a sugar bowl, but isn't too mature it's not safe for kids. So what is the villain for a crossover between {{Kaiju}} and [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Equines?]] A demonic, RealityWarping, EldritchAbomination who's an OmnicidalManiac with millions of kills under his belt. Considering it's very likely to be [[spoiler: Bagan]] this should be expected.
* [[BigBad Siegmund Schnee]], Weiss' grandfather from ''Fanfic/WeissReacts''- a CardCarryingVillain who outright attempts to ''kill'' Weiss and her team- and that's not even going into what he ''did'' in the backstory. Keep in mind that the Reactsverse tends to be SliceOfLife oriented, and that up until then, the villains had PokeThePoodle evil and acted like [[{{Jerkass}} jerks]] at best.
* Both versions of ''FanFic/BattleFantasiaProject'', by virtue of being crossovers between series who ''abounds'' of these. The above-mentioned villains from {{Pretty Cure}}? They're here, and ''they're not the most evil guys around here''.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* ''Film/WereBackADinosaursStory'' is a cutesy film about dinosaurs being sent to our time to make children happy. Nothing scary about that at all. Well, except for the creepy old scientist Professor Screweyes, who runs a CircusOfFear, has children sign a contract in their own blood, and is eaten by birds at the end of the film.
* Franchise/DisneyAnimatedCanon:
** The Evil Queen (Grimhilde) from ''Disney/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs''. While most of the film is very cutesy and whimsical, she takes her pursuit to preserve her narcissistic self image to dark extremes. She ordered her Huntsman to assassinate Snow White and bring her heart as proof of the deed. When he failed, she took matters into her own hands, becoming a frightening looking hag who conducted a poisonous apple that would've put her into a deep sleep. Her response was that [[BuriedAlive her caretakers, the dwarfs would've buried her alive, not knowing the truth]].
** Maleficent from ''Disney/SleepingBeauty''. The story was very lighthearted till she [[MoodWhiplash showed up and sentenced baby Aurora to death for a]] [[EvilIsPetty petty]] reason, though it is more likely it for [[ForTheEvulz the hell of it]]. All the heroes could do was stall for time, which only worked because her minions [[SurroundedByIdiots thought babies stayed the same age]], but once she sends her raven, Aurora is soon ensnared by her powers and is put into a deep sleep by a spindle created by Maleficent. [[DangerouslyGenreSavvy She captures the one prince that could undo the spell]] and have him wait for a hundred years so Aurora would go mad from the sight of an aged and broken man, implying that even with the counter-curse to her death sentence, she could twist it to something worse. And since she is easily a RealityWarper who was so beyond the heroes in power, that the fairies had to cheat along the way in order to even do her in. She also [[OneWingedAngel turns into a scary dragon with power to match]] that almost manages to defeat the prince, "almost" meaning the fairies had to intervene in order to land a deathblow.
** The Disney version of Claude Frollo from ''Disney/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame'' is essentially a medieval stand-in for Hitler. The movie was already more adult than is normally thought of for Disney, but it was still shocking. He is one of the most realistic Disney villains ever produced, and he doesn't have an iota of comedic qualities, many seeing him as the darkest villain the company has ever made.
** ''Disney/ThePrincessAndTheFrog'' gives us Dr. Facilier, a voodoo witch doctor willing to sacrifice all of New Orleans to pay off his debts to dark voodoo entities. Although he gets in on the light, jazzy theme of the movie with a cool VillainSong, it's still clear that he's selfish, relentless and bad to the bone. That he [[spoiler:murders the comic relief in cold blood on screen]] cements this. And then [[spoiler: there's his FamilyUnfriendlyDeath...]]
** ''Disney/{{Pinocchio}}'':
*** The Coachman runs an [[AmusementParkOfDoom amusement park that magically turns young boys who use the attractions into donkeys]]. The ones that lose their voices are then sold to salt mines and circuses, and the ones who ''can'' still talk... well, they're put in cages, and we don't know what happens to them after that. It seems that none of them are ever human or see their homes again, though. [[KarmaHoudini And he gets away with it, too!]] Which is unique, considering [[TheGoodGuysAlwaysWin every other villain falls to the hero.]]
*** Though the Coachman is far worse, Stromboli is pretty bad too. Both his and the Coachman's actions can be [[NightmareFuel Nightmare Fuel]].
** ''Disney/OliverAndCompany'' is a very lighthearted movie, featuring talking cats and dogs. However, the storyline is a loose SettingUpdate of ''Literature/OliverTwist'', and its human villain Sykes -- the counterpart of the novel's Bill Sykes -- is a LoanShark played utterly straight. There's nothing [[EvilIsCool cool]], [[LaughablyEvil funny]], [[AntiVillain sympathetic]], or even [[EvilIsHammy hammy]] about him. He's just a cold-blooded thug who wants his money ''now'' and doesn't care what he has to do to get it.
** ''Disney/{{Mulan}}'' is the story of a girl who goes into the army to save her father's life. While the movie is comedic much of time (and has a non-threatening dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy and a cute little cricket), the BigBad Shan-yu is implied to kill vast numbers of innocent civilians. The aftermath of his handiwork makes a MoodWhiplash from a song about getting a girl to seeing the most straightforward example of WarIsHell in a Disney movie. The scene with the destroyed village also has a subtle implication that the InfantImmortality was averted with the [[EmpathyDollShot appearance of a doll without its owner]]. Further, of the Disney villains listed here, he's the one whose sidekicks are ''also'' scary, mostly competent, and definitely not wisecracking parrots.
** Professor Ratigan of ''Disney/TheGreatMouseDetective'' spends most of the film as the epitome of the FauxAffablyEvil, EvilIsHammy villain (this is helped by being voiced by Creator/VincentPrice, who is very obviously ''really'' enjoying himself), so it's easy to forget that he kidnaps frightened children and has no qualms about threatening them or getting them killed -- a throwaway line in his VillainSong refers to "those widows and orphans you drowned". Then his temper gets pushed that little bit too far; cue VillainousBreakdown and vicious NoHoldsBarredBeatdown.
** ''Disney/OneHundredAndOneDalmatians'' has Cruella [=DeVil=] -- for all her campy vampiness, her basic goal is still to kill and skin a bunch of puppies to make them into fur coats.
** Scar, from ''Disney/TheLionKing''. Simply put, he gets the honor of committing the first onscreen murder in a Disney film.
** ''Disney/WreckItRalph'' has the WalkingSpoiler that is [[spoiler:King Candy/Turbo]]. He becomes even more vile during his VillainousBreakdown in the climax, and more vile ''still'' after [[spoiler:[[OneWingedAngel getting assimilated by a Cybug]].]] The worst part of all this? [[spoiler: He's ruling over a saccharine world, making him a villain who seems saccharine at first but just gets viler and viler!]]
** ''Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast'' has Gaston. While he starts out as a fairly comedic foil for Belle, as the movie goes on, he turns into one of the most realistic depictions of a possessive abuser ever shown in a kids' movie. By the time he's having Belle's father committed under false pretenses, leading a mob bent on murder to the castle, and stabbing the Beast immediately after the Beast saves his life, he's become one of Disney's most menacing villains.
** ''Disney/TheFoxAndTheHound'' starts off as a cute dog[=/=]fox bonding story, and ends in a fight with an utterly terrifying bear.
** ''Disney/TheAdventuresOfIchabodAndMrToad'', during the "Ichabod" story. Everything is comedy and laughs, until the ''very'' scary Headless Horseman shows up.
** Yokai from ''Disney/BigHero6'', is surprisingly dark and menacing for a film that's otherwise so light-hearted and adventurous, commanding an army of little robots that can construct anything and he isn't afraid to use them to cause all manner of destruction and family-unfriendly scenarios.
* In a (semi) Live-Action example, Judge Doom from ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit''. The film initially seems like a classical family movie until we meet him. We discover that not only is he responsible for all the bad things that happen in the movie, [[spoiler: but he's also the same psychopathic murderous toon who killed Eddie Valiant's brother long ago and he was planning the genocide of his own species to profit him]].
* ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory'' is a lighthearted series where the main conflict is usually within the heroes as opposed to external. Villains tend to be either ObliviouslyEvil or relatively harmless. Until ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory3'', that is, where we meet [[spoiler:Lotso, a sadistic teddy bear overlord of a day care center who subjects new toys to being broken by toddlers, tortures, brainwashes, imprisons, and attempts to murder the heroes, and eventually leaves them to die in an incinerator AFTER THEY SAVE HIS LIFE]]!
* Hopper in ''WesternAnimation/ABugsLife'' is a ruthless tyrant who delights in the fear he instills in the ants, and was fully prepared to publically execute their queen to keep them compliant. He even admits to his minions that they don't even ''need'' the food the ants provide, implying his actions are motivated purely by sadism.
* [[spoiler:Charles Muntz]] in ''WesternAnimation/{{Up}}'' is a delusional and sociopathic murderer who kills anyone who he even ''thinks'' [[spoiler:threatens his discovery]].
* ''Anime/LittleNemoAdventuresInSlumberland'' has the Nightmare King suddenly show up in a world that was just plain SugarBowl till then, ruling over a section of Slumberland known as [[{{Mordor}} Nightmareland]], the place where nightmares come from.
* ''Film/OsmosisJones'': For the most part, this is a lighthearted parody of SaltAndPepper cop movies with copious amounts of ToiletHumour for the kids all [[FantasticVoyagePlot set inside the human body]]. Enter [[OmnicidalManiac Thrax]]. He's portrayed as a mix between a supervillain and an international terrorist who travels between human hosts (which in the context of the movie are self-sufficient city/nations for countless micro-organisms) and [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt destroys them]], for no other reason than fame (if he can kill a human in less than 48 hours he'll get a chapter in every major medical text). Also, the [[TouchOfDeath slightest touch from his claw]] is enough to kill other microbes in a spectacular and horrible fashion, [[KillItWithFire burning them from the inside out until they finally explode]]. Then, just to ratchet up the NightmareFuel even further, at one point he counts out his previous victims; the one he's most proud of is [[WouldHarmAChild "a child who didn't wash her hands like she was told."]]
* ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda2'' has Lord Shen, an evil peacock tyrant who is bent on destroying kung fu with heavy artillery, terrorized many innocent pigs and bunnies with his army of wolves, and he almost pushed the entire panda species (which includes Po) to the point of extinction! All of this is enough to make Tai Lung, the snow leopard villain of the first ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda'' film look like a scaredy cat. When Shen's right hand and the leader of the wolves objects to him [[BadBoss opening fire on his own soldiers to get at the heroes]], Shen responds with a [[YouHaveFailedMe dagger]] [[BackStab to his back]], making it the first time in a [[Creator/DreamWorksAnimation DreamWorks]] movie a villain actually offs someone onscreen.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheBraveLittleToaster'' is a cute musical film about talking electrical appliances, but then we meet the Junkyard Magnet...
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSpongebobSquarepantsMovie'': While [[WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants the series]] is lighthearted with an IneffectualSympatheticVillain, TheMovie introduces Dennis, a somewhat [[LaughablyEvil comedic]] but still surprisingly terrifying hitman hired to kill [=SpongeBob=] and Patrick using sharp spiked boots. Meanwhile, [[HarmlessVillain Plankton]] turns out to be NotSoHarmlessVillain, framing Mr. Krabs for stealing Neptune's crown and getting him frozen, coming back in anticipation of seeing Mr. Krabs get [[KillItWithFire burned to death]], and proceeds to brainwash and enslave all of Bikini Bottom. And there's the [[HumansAreCthulhu cyclops diver]], who captures sea creatures and ''painfully kills them using the heat of a bright lamp'', then sells the dried-out remains as knick-knacks (although whether or not he knows the fish are sapient and screaming is left as an exercise to the viewer).
* ''WesternAnimation/DespicableMe'' has Miss Hattie and [[spoiler:Mr. Perkins]]. Although BigBadWannabe Vector ended up getting some punishment of some sort, these two [[KarmaHoudini both manage to get away with everything!]]
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Brave}}'' gives us a sweet mother-daughter bonding story...with a villain, Mor'du, that happens to be a red-eyed, twelve-foot-tall bear with a taste for human flesh. As well as plenty of scenes that could have come right out of a horror movies, such as [[spoiler: Mor'du watching a young Merida in the forest, Merida going into a castle and having Mor'du sneak up behind her after she's learned his gruesome origin story, and the end fight, where absolutely nothing hurts him except a bear of similar size and a multiton rock]].
* ''WesternAnimation/Madagascar3EuropesMostWanted'' follows a parade of colorful animals, some escaped form the New York zoo, others part of a circus. The villain, Chantelle [=DuBois=], ostensibly an animal control officer, is out to ''murder'' the protagonist by [[ImplacableMan any means]] [[TheUnfettered necessary]]. Even after the escaped lion in question is safely contained in the zoo, she ''still'' tries to kill him (and an innocent sea lion!) and steal his corpse so she can add it to her collection of trophies.
* ''WesternAnimation/FernGullyTheLastRainforest'' takes place in a forest filled with fairies and wildlife and copious amounts of [[SceneryPorn scenery porn.]] The main villian is [[Creator/TimCurry Hexxus]], the spirit of destruction who first takes the form of a smoke monster and later looks like [[OneWingedAngel a demon straight from hell.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheIronGiant'' starts off looking basically like a funny, cute WishFulfillment story about a lonely young boy who befriends a giant alien robot while dodging a bumbling, ineffectual government agent... until said agent locks him in a shed and threatens to take him away from his mother if he doesn't tell him what he wants to know. Oh, and then chloroforms him.
* ''WesternAnimation/CatsDontDance'' has the AmbiguouslyHuman Darla and Max, who try to drown a group of animals in a soundstage and God knows how many Hollywood workers.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Ice Age}}'' is one of the forerunners of the family-friendly CGI comedies. Its villain is Soto, a sabertooth tiger who wants to ''murder a human baby.''
** The fourth movie gives us Captain Gutt, an evil pirate ape with jagged sharp claws for um...[[MeaningfulName gutting]] his victims. He has sick twisted sense of humor. And he holds a grudge against Manny. A grudge ''so powerful'' in fact, that Gutt [[MoralEventHorizon eventually resorts to trying to]] [[spoiler: ''kill Manny's family in cold blood just to get back at him'']]
-->'''Manny''': Alright, let them go!\\
'''Gutt''' (''[[EvilLaugh chuckles darkly]]''): I don't think so. You destroyed ''everything I had''! I'm just ''returning the favor.''
* ''WesternAnimation/RiseOfTheGuardians'' is an animated adventure film focusing on a team of SantaClaus, The Sandman, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and Jack Frost that protects children. The villain is Pitch, the living embodiment of childrens' nightmares, who commands an army of monstrous shadows [[spoiler: and murders one of the core team members in cold blood (he gets better) and in the finale is willing to kill an innocent child in order to boost his power.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Coraline}}'' is an animated fantasy film about the titular heroine who wishes her busy parents would pay more attention to her and is, for the most part, pretty lighthearted. The main villain is the Other Mother, AKA the Beldam, a villainous creature who lures [[WouldHurtAChild children]] to the Other World with false gifts and love to feed on their LifeForce. She assumes a more monstrous form as her plan unravels and it's heavily implied that Coraline is the latest in a long line of victims and possibly the first to escape her clutches.
* ''WesternAnimation/ParaNorman'' is a goofy FantasticComedy that plays a lot like a deconstruction of zombie movies, with the zombies being pathetic and harmless, but this doesn't stop the Witch from being terrifying, especially when she starts edging into RealityWarper territory. She's not the villain however; the villains [[spoiler:are the zombies themselves, who set the plot in motion by ''murdering a child'']]. The comedy levels drain rapidly after that little reveal.
* ''Film/{{Paddington}}'' introduced a CruellaToAnimals villain who wanted to kill Paddington and stuff him, leading to a [[http://www.theguardian.com/film/2014/nov/10/kids-films-villains-paddington newspaper article]] complaining in general about why film versions of gentle kids' stories always seem to introduce a murderous villain to [[BigDamnMovie make the story "bigger"]].

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/GalaxyQuest'' is a lighthearted ActorRoleConfusion comedy with endearingly innocent aliens and the cast of a ''Star Trek'' {{Expy}}... and the villain Sarris is a sadistic, genocidal maniac, not above murdering underlings who fail him, who takes a specific glee in forcing Jason to BreakTheCutie. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking And he looks creepy, too]].
* The 1939 film version of ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'', unlike the book, portrays the Land of Oz as a SugarBowl, but the Wicked Witch of the West remains being just as mean (if not meaner) than her literary counterpart.
* And in ''OzTheGreatAndPowerful'', there is Evanora, [[spoiler:The Wicked Witch of the East, who manipulates her formerly good sister Theodora, turning her into the Wicked Witch of the West.]]
* ''Film/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy'' is generally pretty lighthearted and fun... that is, with the exception of Ronan the Accuser. Disgusted with the Kree for signing a peace treaty with Xandar to end the war that resulted in the loss of his father and grandfather, Ronan immediately separates himself from the rest of the Kree and doubles his efforts to find what Thanos had requested of him so that he will annihilate Xandar; once he realizes that that item is actually an Infinity Stone, he immediately ceases their partnership and vows to come after Thanos once he's done scouring Xandar clean of life. He's a genocidal maniac and brutal zealot who thinks that wiping out an entire planet as retribution for two deaths is a totally acceptable course of action, and his incredible cruelty towards enemy combatants and callousness when confronted with his actions further hammers home how truly loathsome the guy is.
* ''{{Film/Ghostbusters}}'' is a classic lighthearted 80s comedy with a fun bunch of characters--at least, [[NightmareFuel until Gozer and company start to show up.]]
* For the most part ''Film/ThoroughlyModernMillie'' is a happy-go-lucky musical in the vein of ''Film/SinginInTheRain''. "For the most part" means "except for the parts with Mrs. Meers, a woman who kidnaps people and sells them into a human trafficking ring."

* ''Literature/CharlieAndTheGreatGlassElevator'', by Creator/RoaldDahl, has the sudden intrusion of a HordeOfAlienLocusts into an outer space sequence that until then is mostly whimsical.
* ''Literature/{{Redwall}}''; it seems like a happy fluffy world full of cuddly talking animals. Then you meet the villains, who made this the first book series to get its own [[Monster/{{Redwall}} Complete Monster page.]]
* Tove Jansson's ''TheMoomins'' take place in Moominvalley which is, at least at a very quick glance, somewhat of a saccharine world in the early novels and some of the adaptations. Then we are introduced to the [[WalkingWasteland Groke]]. The revelation in later stories that she's a TorturedAbomination rather than consciously evil may make her less, or even more, horrifying depending on your taste.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Even though ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}'' is not exactly a cheerful show (it's actually quite cynical), Joey "[[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Crazy Joe]]" Devola still adds a surprising dash of darkness to it.
* An in-universe example appears on ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'' with the ShowWithinAShow ''The Adventures of Flotter'', a series of fantasy holonovels for children. One of the title adventures involves a character called the Ogre of Fire, who shows-up, ''vaporizes the main character in front of the child's eyes'', and then torches the setting to the ground.
* Yogoshimacritein - The true BigBad in ''Series/EngineSentaiGoOnger''. Not only is he more evil than his son, but he's also a ''very'' BadBoss, [[spoiler: killing off his two minions once they double-cross him to help the Go-Ongers]]. He also has access to a device that ''deletes'' people from existence.
* ''Series/KamenRiderFourze'' is a LighterAndSofter High School version of ''Franchise/KamenRider''. The monsters, known as Zodiarts, are actually fellow students--many of them having lots of psychological issues--alongside the teachers who actively are giving them the means to become evil. It has the ''most'' amount of monsters out of all the Kamen Rider Series with a total of at ''least'' eight that are trying to kill teenagers.
* ''Series/TheAquabatsSuperShow'' is a surreal children's show that runs on pure silly camp. Then in the season finale Space Monster M shows up [[spoiler:murders superheroes before the team's very eyes, devastates a city, and vows to destroy the earth.]]
* ''Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle'' has Grandma Ida. While she is PlayedForLaughs, there's no denying that she's probably the most evil character on the show.
* ''Series/OnceUponATimeInWonderland'' is notably LighterAndSofter than the series it spun off from. The BigBad, however, is Jafar, bastard son of the Sultan of Agrabah, EvilSorceror, and all-around monster. Every episode has him doing something despicable: torture, murder, attempted murder, manipulation, and turning his lover into his serpent staff. He also has a particularly dark backstory that features his equally horrible father attempting to drown him when he was a child among other things.
* ''Series/KickinIt'''s Sensei Ty started out this way; in ThePilot he ordered a student to break Jack's leg. Let me restate that - ''he ordered a teenage martial artist to break another, younger one's leg in tournament play''. He's gotten broader and sillier since.
* ''Series/{{Thunderbirds}}'' has the Hood, who regularly causes disasters that could potentially kill hundreds or thousands of people, just to force International Rescue into action so that he can try to copy their technology.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* It may be a bit inaccurate to call WWE "saccharine," but when most of the bad guys are just cowardly {{Smug Snake}}s and brutish {{Jerk Jock}}s, it definitely makes Wrestling/TheWyattFamily stand out.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''Franchise/{{Kirby}}'' is a SugarBowl with some really nasty major villains.
** The most common recurring villain, Dark Matter, is an EldritchAbomination who appears in a multitude of disturbing forms. These include the basic cycloptic dark ball with yellow dots on its back, or a cloaked knight appearing as the first form of ''Kirby Dream Land 2''[='=]s TrueFinalBoss, Miracle Matter, a 20 sided die that appears as the FinalBoss of ''VideoGame/Kirby64TheCrystalShards'', and Zero from ''Kirby's Dream Land 3'', the boss of Dark Matter who cuts its own iris and bleeds as an attack, and later it rips its own iris out. It is reincarnated as 02 in ''VideoGame/{{Kirby 64|TheCrystalShards}}'' as the TrueFinalBoss, a creepy angel thing with a blood-dripping eye.
** From ''VideoGame/KirbySuperStar'' there is Marx, first appearing to be a cute jester-like creature balancing on a ball, he manipulates the Sun and Moon to fight and sends Kirby to stop them as part of a plan to wish for ultimate power. He is killed, but his grotesque soul appears as a BonusBoss that terrifyingly screams when you defeat it.
** ''VideoGame/KirbyMassAttack'' has Necrodeus, the monster that split Kirby into ten pieces, and the Skull Gang, his minions. It doesn't help that his name translates to "Death/Corpse God".
** ''VideoGame/KirbyCanvasCurse'' has the lesser-known Drawcia Soul; the soul of a painting that came to life. Not only does it look and act like an EldritchAbomination, but it has a high-pitched, warped and rather disturbing scream to go with its apperance. It also started the trend of [[OneWingedAngel "Soul"]] [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity transformations]].
** Sectonia from ''VideoGame/KirbyTripleDeluxe'' is the only villain in the franchise to be a case of LightIsNotGood (Except maybe Galacta Knight, but we don't know ''anything'' about him), and she manages to stay regal and beautiful even in her EldritchAbomination form. While most villains are just generic "smother the world in darkness", she outright states her intentions are to [[AndIMustScream fuel her ascenscion to godhood by feeding on Pop Star and its inhabitants for eternity.]]
** In ''VideoGame/KirbyAndTheRainbowCurse'', [[spoiler: The true big bad, Dark Crafter, is a paint-themed expy of Dark Matter, having possessed Elin's best friend Claycia to do his bidding. The plot is kicked off by him draining all of Popstar of its color through Claycia, only for Elin to escape and revive Kirby and Bandanna Waddle Dee to help her save both Popstar and her best friend.]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Earthbound}}'' combines this with MoodWhiplash, in the final fight, in what had started as a funny and lighthearted game, with Giygas, a horrible EldritchAbomination with more than a few similarities to [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Azathoth]] that you cannot defeat in the normal manner and whose attacks are so powerful [[YouCannotGraspTheTrueForm your mind cannot comprehend them]], [[spoiler:but the fourth wall doesn't protect him from you]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Mother 3}}'' has [[spoiler:Porky Minch]], who commits an array of disgustingly horrible acts,[[note]] Such as: killing [[spoiler:your mother]], killing [[spoiler: your brother]], [[spoiler: resurrecting said brother and brainwashing him to be a right-hand-man]], sending said right-hand-man to kill you, burning down the forest you used to play in, taking over your perfectly peaceful village, corrupting all the people you care about into selfish, pleasure-obsessed jerks, violently torturing a huge population of animals, and [[UpToEleven aspiring to kill everybody in the world]] [[OmnicidalManiac other than himself]]. Please note that "you" are a perfectly innocent 12-year-old boy.[[/note]] ultimately because ''he was bored''.
* [[spoiler:Real Overlord Zenon]] in ''VideoGame/Disgaea2CursedMemories''. [[spoiler:She]]'s made even more horrifying in the infamous worst ending. [[spoiler:And yet, thanks to the magic of {{reincarnation}}, she's also the hero's love interest.]]
* ''VideoGame/NiGHTSIntoDreams'' has a relatively cutesy and bright-colored aesthetic to it (much like Kirby, but to a lesser extent), but the bosses, in addition to being [[ThatOneBoss (arguably) the most difficult parts of the game]] are {{Eldritch Abomination}}s that look like something out of a Tim Burton movie.
* ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'':
** All the ''Mario'' villains appearing in the [=RPGs=]. You've got the weapons-crazed Smithy in ''VideoGame/SuperMarioRPG'', the X-Naut leader Grodus and the demonic Shadow Queen he is seeking to free in ''VideoGame/PaperMarioTheThousandYearDoor'', the AxCrazy MonsterClown Dimentio in ''VideoGame/SuperPaperMario'', the super-creepy Cackletta in ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiSuperstarSaga'', the [[AlienInvasion invading]] Shroobs in ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiPartnersInTime'', the force of evil that's the Dark Star in ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiBowsersInsideStory'', [[spoiler:none other than Bowser himself powered up into an EldritchAbomination that can warp reality]] in ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiDreamTeam''... That's a fair amount of disturbing villains in the otherwise quite light-hearted series.
** ArchEnemy Bowser sometimes counts [[BewareTheSillyOnes underneath all the]] [[LargeHam ham]]. He is ''Great Demon King Koopa'' after all, and can cause major damage when he's actually trying. He tries on [[ResetButton two separate occasions]] to remake the universe in his own image, which is exactly what [[spoiler:Dimentio]] wanted to do, but old Bowser did it by stealing from a powerful cosmic caretaker of baby stars with nothing but his [[CoolAirship Airship fleet]] and [[BadassArmy his army]]. Dry Bowser is him resurrected as [[DemBones a huge demonic skeleton]]. And there's [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Giga Bowser....]]
** ''VideoGame/LuigisMansionDarkMoon'' shows that after his defeat, King Boo is willing to do anything to make Luigi and Gadd suffer as much as possible, even [[spoiler:attempting to destroy the fabric of the universe.]]
* ''VideoGame/CaveStory'' is a pretty cheery-looking game with {{Ridiculously Cute Critter}}s, a QuirkyMinibossSquad with a memorable {{Catchphrase}} and a main character who's BadassAdorable incarnate. And you're facing a MadScientist who is irredeemably evil. It gets even creepier when you enter the BrutalBonusLevel. [[spoiler:Ballos is not only creepy, but his story is really depressing. He destroys the kingdom because he went insane from torture.]]
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'':
** [[spoiler:Darkrai]], the main villain of the ''VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeonExplorers'' games. Prior to the game's events, he steals artifacts responsible for the balance of the universe as an attempt to destroy both space and time and in the process, he makes one of the gods evil and crazy, then he wipes the hero(ine)'s memory clean and turns him/her into a Pokémon. Later, when this doesn't work, he decides that the easiest way to get rid of his aforementioned archnemesis is to make him/her commit suicide!
** The main games have [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Yakuza stand-ins involved in Pokémon trafficking and murder]], [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire eco-terrorists that nearly end the world]], [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl emotion-hating and omnicidal Cyrus]], [[VideoGame/PokemonRanger murderous misanthrope Purple Eyes]], [[VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite notorious childbreaker Ghetsis]], [[VideoGame/PokemonXAndY genocidal lunatic Lysandre]], and worst of all, [[VideoGame/PokemonColosseum the abominable cabinet of mind-rapists known as Cipher]].
** ''VideoGame/PokemonBlack2AndWhite2'' have Team Plasma and the aforementioned Ghetsis freezing part of the continent using the power of Kyurem.
* ''VideoGame/SpyroTheDragon'':
** The series takes place in a dreamlike environment with mostly cute characters... but occasionally has genuinely creepy enemies. The Dark Passage level from the first game is rife with these as is Haunted Towers.
** The Metropolis level from ''Spyro 2'' is a rather jarring break in an otherwise cutesy game, with its psychotic cows in space suits who stare angrily and shoot you, as well as exploding pigs who come flying at you out of nowhere (and they will always hit you unless you kill them first). The robotic sharks in water levels are horrifying, especially when you try to go in there without a submarine (you are killed instantly). And also there are levels where plants can eat you. There are quite a few bosses who are pretty unnerving as well.
** The Sorceress in ''3'', who steals all the baby dragon eggs because [[spoiler:she wants to kill them and use their wings for an immortality spell. Yikes! No wonder her [[TheDragon Dragon]] did a HeelFaceTurn after she found out!]] The most disturbing part is that she didn't ''need'' to [[spoiler:kill the hatchlings, she just didn't want them squirming about while she cut them off.]] Scorch, the 3rd boss, is pretty damn creepy as well, being solely created for the purpose of ''brutally murdering the heroes''. Granted the manner the Sorceress reveals her evil plan [[LaughablyEvil fails to]] [[ChewingTheScenery be that]] [[PsychopathicManchild terrifying at all...]]
-->'''The Sorceress:''' What did you think I was going to do with all those eggs? Put them in a zoo?\\
''(mook in the background giggles quietly)''
* ''VideoGame/WarioLand 3'' has enemies and bosses typical of the series... and then there's [[MonsterClown Rudy the Clown]], who turns this UpToEleven via InterfaceScrew and sudden subversion of a core game mechanic. Not only is he a powerful [[http://www.mariowiki.com/images/thumb/b/b3/Rtc.PNG/300px-Rtc.PNG demon]] (blood-red teeth and EvilLaugh not shown) [[spoiler:who becomes even more disturbing when he TurnsRed]], but he's the only thing in the game that can actually ''kill'' Wario, and '''the game auto-saves if he does'''. [[spoiler:Fortunately, all this does is let you skip the cutscene before the fight next time, and most consider him an AnticlimaxBoss once you know how to dodge his lethal attack.]]
* [=LeChuck=] from the ''VideoGame/MonkeyIsland'' series can be truly threatening sometimes. And even when he's more humorous, his entire concept of being a demon zombie pirate is incredibly vile.
* Rez the evil cyborg overlord from the ''VideoGame/{{Gex}}'' series. In addition to being incredibly creepy looking was downright NightmareFuel when you read between the lines. Judging from the fact that he has sentences like "NO HOPE" "30 DAYS IN THE COOLER FOR TALKING" "YOUR WORK IS THE REASON YOU LIVE" and "EMOTIONS ARE CRIMINAL" written throughout his lair it was heavily implied that he was using slave labor. Not to mention the sweatshop vibe the place gives off.
* Lord Arktivus Brevon from ''VideoGame/FreedomPlanet'' is an [[GalacticConqueror alien warlord]] who's as vile as they come, in what would otherwise be a lighthearted romp in the style of the early ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' games. You don't have to go further to learn of this than the game's opening sequence, in which he breaks into a palace with his army and [[spoiler:beheads its king ''on-screen and in front of his son'', who he promptly and painfully brainwashes to serve him]]. Whenever he shows up, expect things to get serious, and fast.
* ''VideoGame/HarmoKnight'' is a downloadable RhythmGame from the Nintendo eShop that is on par with ''VideoGame/{{Kirby}}'' in terms of cuteness. The game features an AdorablyPrecociousChild as the hero, a [[CivilizedAnimal talking bunny]] as his sidekick, and a PluckyGirl archer and a {{Badbutt}} Viking with a pet monkey as tritagonists. Then you have its BigBad Gargan, a HumanoidAbomination who's the leader of a race of [[PlanetaryParasite Planetary Parasites]] called the Noizoids who intend to take over Melodia. At first he seems like your average GenericDoomsdayVillain, kidnapping the princess and whatnot. But later in the game its revealed he's ''[[CerebusSyndrome slowly turning her into a Noizoid]]''. And by the time you meet him on the final level, he's ''nearly succeeded''.
* While most of the villains in ''VideoGame/KidIcarusUprising'' are lovable, quirky, and outright [[LaughablyEvil hilarious]], [[spoiler:[[EverybodyHatesHades Hades]] and The [[ChaosIsEvil Chaos Kin]]]] manage to be a cut above the rest in terms of sheer evil.
* ''VideoGame/SonicAdventure2'' has Eggman's grandfather, Gerald Robotnik, who wants to destroy the world. Seems like pretty typical supervillain stuff, but what makes him this trope is his [[KnightOfCerebus surprisingly tragic]] backstory and motive, namely [[spoiler: getting revenge on the world for the death of his granddaughter, Maria, which he blames both the people of Earth and himself for.]] The clincher is a pair of scenes, one of a speech of his before his execution and another where the main characters come across his diary that outlines his guilt-ridden slip into insanity, exacerbated by the good writing and how his actor nails the voice of a man with nothing left to live for.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* The entire point of ''Webcomic/HelloCthulhu''.
* ''Webcomic/SurvivorFanCharacters'' included a fan character from ''{{Franchise/Barbie}}'' in its ninth season, a cheerful girl with blonde hair, InnocentBlueEyes, and a [[PinkMeansFeminine frilly pink dress]]... who turns out to use her [[BitchInSheepsClothing "sweet, innocent girl" façade]] to get away with [[MoralEventHorizon morally reprehensible acts]] such as [[FalseRapeAccusation falsely accusing her loving boyfriend of rape]] [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness to get him voted out]] and ''laughing'' when being called out on it, and deliberately breaking a player's leg in a challenge to get him medically evacuated and being ''disappointed'' when his leg didn't even get infected.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Most ''Franchise/{{Neopets}}'' villains are LaughablyEvil, but [[BigBad plot villains]] tend to be [[KnightOfCerebus really EVIL]].
* Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses:
** Much of the time, ''WebVideo/SuburbanKnights'' has the same tone as the rest of the site; definitely not for children and sometimes resorting to RefugeInAudacity, but still comical and not taking danger very seriously. However, this doesn't hold true when Malachite -- an apparent complete sociopath who murders multiple innocent people just for using technology -- is on screen. While most of the site's villains are [[PlayedForLaughs Played For]] [[BlackComedy Dark Comedy]], Malachite is almost always PlayedForDrama.
** The RoguesGallery of ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall'' has several baddies more serious then others on the site. These include Linkara's EvilCounterpart Mechakara, the grim warrior Lord Vyce, and a [[TheMultiverse worlds]]-[[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIT destroying]] EldritchAbomination know only as The Entity. Mechakara also appears in ''WebVideo/ToBoldlyFlee'', where he is the only villain in the film who never behaves comically.
* ''AudioPlay/RefletsDAcide'' is a fantasy AffectionateParody of HeroicFantasy, with heroes arguing with each others led by a LovableCoward for a mission they don't clearly know themselves what it consist into. Most characters are either comically incompetent or {{Deadpan Snarker}}s. Then you get [[OurDragonsAreDifferent Alia-Aenor]] and [[OurDemonsAreDifferent Belial]]. The former is a FauxAffablyEvil BitchInSheepsClothing who enjoys killing people [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill with a mass-murder necromantic spell]]; the latter is a KnightOfCerebus and a Demonlord with ''no'' comical quirk, AbusiveParent tendencies and tendencies to pull a YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness.
* WebSite/{{Cracked}} presents: [[http://www.cracked.com/article_17129_7-badass-cartoon-villains-who-lost-retarded-heroes.html 7 Badass Cartoon Villains Who Lost to Retarded Heroes]].
* While ''Series/FlandersCompany'', being a show about a [[WeirdTradeUnion Company providing]] [[VillainProtagonist supervillains]], tends to have some amount of violence, it's usually played as black comedy, and the first antagonists (introduced in season 2) were more comical than serious... until the finale, where [[PsychoElectro Carla Burnelle]] almost annihilates the protagonists. Then come season 3, and we get [[KnightOfCerebus Aegis]], a group of [[GodModeSue overpowered]] {{Knight Templar}}s {{Hero Antagonist}}s who want to wipe out supervillains from Earth (despite supervillains being harmless {{Punch Clock Villain}}s in this universe). They actually killed 75 of them, and it was not played for laughs.
* The Creepypasta Candle Cove is partially based on this trope - it describes a low-budget pirate-themed puppet show for children, featuring a talking ship and a live-action little girl as the main character, yet features villains such as the Skin-Taker, an evil skeleton who does [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin exactly]] [[FlayingAlive that]]. It's also hinted that there are even darker forces in play.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold has Starro, a giant space starfish of unknown origin complete with a menacing voice, tiny minions that latch onto your face and turn you into a slave, and [[NightmareFuel one cold, unblinking eye]]. As a bonus, he feeds on the life force of the inhabitants of each planet he invades. Any planet he can't enslave or devour, he destroys.
* ''Franchise/CareBears'', of all franchises, tends to have this in spades, what with Professor Coldheart, the Spirit in the Book, Dark Heart, No-Heart and others all dedicated to the removal of any ability to feel emotion. Appropriately, Professor Coldheart has the (relatively) lightest/softest/most saccharine look, but the resemblance of his tactics' to pedophiles' could be said to make him simultaneously the creepiest.
* ''Franchise/WinnieThePooh'':
** ''WesternAnimation/TheNewAdventuresOfWinnieThePooh'' episode "Cleanliness Is Next to Impossible": a creature named Crud (voiced by Jim Cummings using his Robotnik voice from the ''SonicTheHedgehog'' SATAM show) imprisons Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger and then tries to force Christopher Robin to help him make the rest of the world dirty by saying "If you don't, YOU'LL NEVER SEE YOUR FRIENDS AGAIN!". Granted, by normal standards this [[LargeHam hammy]] cartoon blob is not much worse or creepier than [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain most]] DisneyAfternoon [[LaughablyEvil villains]], but he's much more so then you'd expect from one of Disney's [[LighterAndSofter lightest and softest]] universes.
** Prior to ''New Adventures'', the inclusion of ''any villains period'' [[WhiteAndGreyMorality was completely new to the franchise, which usually]] [[NoAntagonist didn't have any antagonists]] (par maybe Rabbit, [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold which still isn't saying much]]). For example this was the first depiction to show [[RealAfterAll real Heffalumps and Woozles]]. Granted they were all comical and almost as hapless as Pooh himself, but were still a big change from the usually laid-back stories of Creator/AAMilne's creation.
* The G1 ''Franchise/MyLittlePony'' continuity has a lot of villains who came close to enacting a SugarApocalypse.
** [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyTVSpecials The initial specials]] have Tirek, a demon-centaur who wanted to turn the ponies into an army of demonic dragons with his "Rainbow of Darkness", and Catrina, a [[CatFolk catwoman]] sorceress who plotted to enslave the ponies into gathering ingredients for her FantasticDrug of choice, "witchweed potion".
** [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyTheMovie The movie]] has The Smooze, an all-consuming BlobMonster unleashed by a {{Card Carrying Villain}}ess and her bumbling daughters.
** [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyAndFriends The series proper]] has:
*** Squirk, a tyrannical sea monster who wanted to reclaim part of his undersea kingdom by flooding Dream Valley.
*** Crunch the Rock Dog, a huge dog made out of stone that hates all things soft, has the power to turn anything he touches to stone and turn normal rocks into sharp-toothed monsters to stalk his prey. The way he and his rock minions chased after the Bushwoolies, turning them to stone one by one, seems right out of a horror movie.
*** Grogar the demon ram sorcerer, who captured unicorns by intercepting their teleporting powers, and wanted to banish the main characters to another dimension. He [[BadBoss also threatens to do the same to his mooks]].
*** King Charlatan, a penguin monarch who wanted to freeze the entire world so that [[TheSocialDarwinist only the strongest and most worthy would survive]]. He and his soldiers also had a Nazi vibe, referring to creatures unable to survive the cold as "impure".
* The G4 ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' continues the franchise's tradition of cute ponies being menaced by terrifying villains.
** Discord [[BewareTheSillyOnes seems harmless enough]], right? Sure, [[OoCIsSeriousBusiness Celestia is on edge]], but [[FauxAffablyEvil he's a pleasant fellow]] and [[TheTrickster loves playing games]]. He's also an [[TheOmnipotent omnipotent]] RealityWarper with a passion for [[DespairEventHorizon psychological torture]], [[CorruptTheCutie corrupting]] Twilight's friends into a twisted mirror of their true selves and driving Twilight herself to the brink of the DespairEventHorizon. He celebrates his victory by turning Equestria into a WorldOfChaos where the ponies are reduced to playthings for his amusement. He's such a nasty piece of work that [[spoiler:his HeelFaceTurn]] a season and a half later came as a genuine shock, and even then it took a temporary [[spoiler:FaceHeelTurn, being betrayed just like he betrayed everyone, and Twilight being willing to help him despite what he'd done for it to fully stick.]]
** "Hearth's Warming Eve" introduces the Windigos, evil spirits who [[EmotionEater feed off of hatred]] and cause deadly blizzards. They drove the original ponies from their homelands, and nearly destroyed Equestria. Moreover, it's implied that they freeze people in a state of hatred [[AndIMustScream but keep them alive so that they can have a continuous food supply]].
** [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Queen]] [[EvilMatriarch Chrysalis]] in "A Canterlot Wedding", whose modus operandi is to replace and impersonate individuals, [[EmotionEater draining their loved ones]] to increase her own power and put them under MindControl, before leading her minions in a full scale invasion so they can feed as well and drain everyone. It's implied that Equestria isn't the first land she's done this to, and she's even worse in [[ComicBook/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicIDW the IDW comics]].
** "The Crystal Empire" has [[SorcerousOverlord King Sombra]], an evil unicorn who used [[BlackMagic dark magic]] to [[SlaveRace enslave the ponies of the Crystal Empire]] and make it vanish for a thousand years when Celestia and Luna defeated him and [[SealedEvilInACan sealed him away]]. He is never played for comedy at any point, is [[TheDreaded so feared]] that the crystal ponies imply that part of their LaserGuidedAmnesia is them intentionally repressing the events of Sombra's rule, and comes within inches of killing a main character -- [[WouldHurtAChild a child no less]] -- [[spoiler:before being KilledOffForReal himself, in a first for the show]].
** Season 4's two part finale brings in a G4 revamp of Tirek, the TropeCodifier and the very first of these to appear in the franchise. He escaped from Tartarus, the InUniverse Hell-equivalent and prison for Equestria's absolute worst monsters -- to put things in perspective, [[MadGod Discord]] was merely petrified and kept in Celestia's garden. He has powerful [[PlayingWithFire fire magic]] and he is capable of [[ManaDrain leeching the magic out of ponies]], which includes erasing their cutie mark. He's so terrible that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna feel the only hope they have of bringing him in and re-imprisoning him is to [[GodzillaThreshold send Discord to capture him]]. [[spoiler:[[TheWorfEffect That decision backfires spectacularly]] when [[WeCanRuleTogether Discord is tricked into siding with Tirek]] instead.]]
** [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirlsRainbowRocks The second film]] has the [[TerribleTrio Dazzlings]], who were originally Equestrian [[EnthrallingSiren sirens]] that were banished to the human world. Ironically, the defeat of Sunset Shimmer by the Humane Six at the end of the first film was what allowed them to rediscover Equestrian magic. Like the Windigos and Changelings, they are {{Emotion Eater}}s who feed on the [[HatePlague hatred]] incited in CHS's students by their MagicMusic. Once they absorb enough to regain their power, they transform into anthro-pony-siren {{Dark Magical Girl}}s who can summon frightening avatars of their original forms. They are implied to have been even more powerful back in Equestria.
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'':
** [[SpeakOfTheDevil Him]], one of the scariest ([[{{Satan}} and]] most [[CampGay daring]]) villains on a Cartoon Network comedy ever; he even turned Townsville into a living hell on Earth when the girls accidentally traveled forward in time. But at least Him has comedic traits, which is more than can be said for...
** Dick Hardly. He tricks the girls into giving him some Chemical X, and then starts making shoddy knock-off Powerpuff Girls to sell around the world and become rich. He has them made intentionally poorly, so that they fall apart and he can sell more of them, and when he sees a perfect Buttercup copy, he angrily orders it to be melted down for its excess Chemical X. When the girls go to his factory to stop him, he starts draining their Chemical X, nearly killing them. And when the Professor offers to become Dick's slave and make Chemical X for the rest of his life in exchange for the girls' safety, Dick laughs at him and says that he'll destroy the girls and keep the Professor as a slave.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'':
** Sideshow Bob has always been distinctly darker than anybody else in a cast of hundreds. Especially prevalent in his third appearance, "Cape Feare", in which he forgoes evil plans and just tries to slice Bart to pieces with a machete. Perhaps to balance this out, Sideshow Bob episodes are also frequently DenserAndWackier, even in the show's earlier, more "down to earth" seasons. In "Cape Feare" alone, he's [[AmusingInjuries driven through a cactus patch, walks through a pile of rakes and gets trampled by circus elephants]].
** Cecil Terwilliger is Sideshow Bob if he was more competent. He tried to kill two children and his own brother.
** Mr. Burns, especially in the earlier seasons. FreudianExcuse aside, his KickTheDog moments are much more frequent than those of other Simpsons villains. The few excuses he is given seem so disconnected from his evil, he is hated throughout Springfield, (''Who Shot Mr. Burns'' has even Snake Jailbird apologizing for not being around to shoot him).
* ''WesternAnimation/CodenameKidsNextDoor'':
** Father is a shadowy figure with control over fire, who brainwashed five children into thinking they were his/being evil. He is always beaten by the skin of everyone else's teeth and you've got a very threatening villain for such a harmless show.
** Once Father went through massive VillainDecay, TheMovie gave us Grandfather, Father's father ([[spoiler:and Numbuh Zero's]]), who possesses many of Father's abilities as well as the ability to turn all the people in the world into undead senior citizens.
* While a few of them do play nice, most of the diesel engines in ''WesternAnimation/ThomasTheTankEngine'' are very vocal about their desire to overtake the steam engines and aren't above trying to hurry that day along. At least twice, they've tried to smelt down [[FamilyUnfriendlyDeath other engines]] [[KarmaHoudini and escaped any consequences]].
* ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'':
** The unnamed DrillSergeantNasty in "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted", especially in contrast to the usual IneffectualSympatheticVillain. He spends the entire episode coldly and sadistically pounding out any creativity and happiness from the duo to the point they essentially become mindless drones. He even [[spoiler:dies in the end]]. He's also [[spoiler:a literal nightmare]], so the show can get away with this.
** The crossover with Marvel presented ComicBook/RedSkull. His evil plan was to destroy the Tri-State Area, and he modified one of Doofenshmirtz's inventions to drain matter and living energy from other beings.
* ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' sometimes has this trope. The show itself is usually lighthearted, and most of the one-shot villains are comical (with a couple of notable exceptions)- but lets take a look at some of the {{Big Bad}}s. [[MagnificentBastard Slade]] is a creepily emotionless diabolical mastermind who runs on blackmail, MindRape, {{Hannibal Lecture}}s and FoeYay, and delivers {{No Holds Barred Beatdown}}s to several characters in surprisingly vivid fashion. Then there's Trigon, who's {{Satan}} and wants to use the show's main [[TheWoobie Woobie]], who's also his daughter, to bring about TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt- and he actually succeeds in causing HellOnEarth for two episodes. Fun times. Both villains (as well as Brother Blood) were toned down a lot for the cartoon. For much of the '80s, the ''Teen Titans'' was one of DC's darkest books. The fact that they were able to make it a kids' show is a feat for the ages.
* ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' is more [[CrapsaccharineWorld crapsaccharine]] than saccharine (though the characters inside don't seem to care), but some villains are a cut above the rest:
** Hunson Abadeer is the [[YourSoulIsMine soul-sucking]] [[HumanoidAbomination Lord of Evil]], who rules [[EldritchLocation the Nightosphere]] (which is a ChaoticEvil Hell) and has a OneWingedAngel form Lovecraft would have been proud of. He does [[EvenEvilHasLovedOnes genuinely love]] [[MoralityPet his daughter Marceline]], but the way he expresses his love is [[BlueAndOrangeMorality twisted at best]].
** The Lich [[OmnicidalManiac seeks to eradicate all life]], [[WalkingWasteland kills things simply by being near them]], looks like a half-rotten corpse, his [[spoiler:possession of Bubblegum]] is straight out of ''Film/TheExorcist'', he [[spoiler:kills [[BigGood Billy]]]] and uses him as LivingBodysuit, [[spoiler:kills Prismo]], is a master of manipulation and MindRape, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and he's voiced by]] Creator/RonPerlman. He's the only villain in the entire series that is played dead seriously (pun intended), and he is all the more terrifying for it. It's implied he's the embodiment of the first bomb of the Mushroom War, making him the avatar of the apocalypse.
** The Fight King, who tricked friend warriors into fighting his Gladiator Ghosts, and then eventually forced them to fight and kill each other for his own [[ForTheEvulz amusement]]. Just like The Lich, he is a completely serious villain without any comical trait.
** [[CuteIsEvil Me-Mow]] threatens to kill Jake if he doesn't assassinate Wildberry Princess for her, and at one point injects him with half the poison. Once she's discovered she tries to [[EyeScream blind Finn with a knife]].
** [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters The Destiny Gang]] are a [[RapePillageAndBurn band of marauding thugs]] that terrorise and plunder a village, burn it down purely out of spite, then set Finn's house on fire while his family are still inside (including his infant sibling). The two-part episode in which they appear features The Lich and finally confirms that Ooo is set AfterTheEnd, and they are still one of the darkest things about the episode.
** Ricardio is not only a blood covered giant organ with a scary looking face and hideous biomechanical limbs, he's also the closest thing to a rapist they could get away with having in a kid's show.
* ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'' is notable for making the Decepticons far more dangerous than in other versions of the franchise, given the lighthearted tone of the rest of the show.
** [[BigBad Megatron]] takes the cake, as the mere mention of his name can cause a collective OhCrap from the Autobots.
** Shockwave murdered [[spoiler:Blurr]] [[FamilyUnfriendlyDeath in an incredibly horrifying manner]], and Wasp is in a continuity where his insanity isn't played for laughs and is completely terrifying for it.
** Lockdown is a freelance assassin Transformer who's caused Ratchet to have war flashbacks. His whole body is a SwissArmyWeapon whose left arm and leg don't match his right. Why? He butchers other Transformers for their parts to increase his power, or just to keep as trophies.
** Prometheus Black/Meltdown is a rare human example in the series. While the other human villains are deliberately used as filler and to exemplify the Decepticons as a greater threat, Meltdown manages to be genuinely depraved and terrifying. Case in point -- in his second appearance, he was experimenting on humans to try and create human transformers (he'd already done at least two adult humans, one of them his former lawyer, and was planning to use 8-year-old Sari Sumdac as his next test subject).
* The ''WesternAnimation/ClassicDisneyShorts'' have WesternAnimation/TheMadDoctor, who is [[ExactlyWhatitSaysOnTheTin an evil doctor]] bent on cutting up [[WesternAnimation/PlutoThePup Mickey's dog Pluto]] as part of a lab experiment. Later, he actually threatens to cut open WesternAnimation/MickeyMouse himself! Fortunately, he only exists in one of Mickey's nightmares.
* Zordrak of ''WesternAnimation/TheDreamstone''. A gargantuan [[EvilSoundsDeep bellowing]] EldritchAbomination with a serious HairTriggerTemper that frequently [[BadBoss abuses or even exterminates]] his SlaveMooks the Urpneys for the slightest irritance. While also managing to be [[TheComicallySerious rather funny]], he's a pretty creepy guy, even when not compared to the cutesy residents of [[SugarBowl the Land Of Dreams]].
* ''WesternAnimation/YinYangYo'':
** While [[BigBad The Night Master]] still retains comedic features, he is a really dangerous and intimidating villain compared to the {{Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain}}s. He was responsible for the Woo-Foo extinguish, killing all the Woo-Foo's knights, Master Yo being the only survivor.
** Nightmooster, a future-alternative [[TheChewToy Ultimoose]]'s version. It has the honor of [[MoralEventHorizon having killed Yang's sister on screen!]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs'':
** Gargamel, sometimes, only other times he was too LaughablyEvil or too much of an IneffectualSympatheticVillain.
** Nemesis, a warlock who was introduced late in the series, had the goal of gaining immortality by stealing the Smurfs' Long Life Stone, and an accident in the past had made his face so hideous that most people [[BrownNote couldn't bear to look at him]]. His skills in black magic were greater than Gargamel could ever fathom.
** Gargamel's godfather Lord Balthazar, a far more competant wizard. The show's NeverSayDie policy was severly compromised in his first appearance, when he used a gun (he didn't refer to it as such, but it was clearly a blunderbuss of some sort) against the Smurfs, killing their pet duck. (He later got better, due to SwissArmyTears.) Balthazar [[VillainDecay mellowed a great deal]] in future episodes where he really didn't really care about the smurfs at all, but his plots to predict the future often made him a dangerous threat.
** The WickedWitch Chlorhydris, who was so full of hate that she wanted to make the entire world feel the same way, eradicating everyone's ability to feel happiness and love. While such goals are not uncommon for villains in a series like this, Chlorhydris did some downright sadistic things in pursuit of it, like kidnapping the wood elf Laconia and using her wand to kill the flowing plants in the forest - not caring in the least that doing so was causing Laconia to die an agonizingly slow death as she felt their pain. (Unlike most villains in the series, Chlorhydris was given a backstory; apparently, she was once in love with a wizard who left her at the altar, and apparently, the heartbreak was enough for her to want to deny all of creation what she had once had.)
* Some of the oldest ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' shorts had villains that made even Yosemite Sam look timid:
** The 1949 Porky Pig cartoon "Bye, Bye Bluebeard" had a SerialKiller (that's right, a ''serial killer'') named Bluebeard who would likely have given most of today's children nightmares. (Forget the fact that he was hideous, stood 6' 11 tall, actually had a long, blue beard, and the most nightmarish EvilLaugh in ''Looney Tunes'' history, he nearly decapitated poor Porky using a homemade guillotine; Porky was saved when a mouse (who Porky had been chasing earlier, who decides to ''flip a coin'' to decide what to do) tricks Bluebeard into eating some bombs disguised as popovers, causing the villain to explode.
** Even some of the more recent (relatively speaking) shorts had some darker villains, like the [[CardCarryingVillain Evil Scientist]] from "Water Water Every Hare". While his trained monster Rudolph was more LaughablyEvil, he himself was true NightmareFuel, his attempt to kill Bugs using an axe being a scene that likely startles anyone who sees the cartoon for the first time.
* Dr. Blowhole in ''WesternAnimation/ThePenguinsOfMadagascar''. In his debut episode he planned on flooding the world, just because of all the embarassment humans put him through when he was a circus dolphin. And in his second appearance, he intentionally meant to drown Skipper when he gave him amnesia. And that, after his first appearance, some of the other episodes went through DarkerAndEdgier territories.
* A Finnish Children's show called ''Literature/TheMoomins'' stars a family of cute claymation hippos -- occasionally visited by the Groke, some void/cold/death incarnation that can apparently kill things just by standing near them. It also moves like some kind of demon ghost.
* ''WesternAnimation/DarkwingDuck'' is a show where even the Devil [[TheDevilIsALoser (who's a loser)]] has comedy value. Taurus Bulba, however, had ''none''. He had Gosalyn's grandfather murdered, and when he was trying to get the code for the Waddlemeyer Ramrod he threatened to ''drop Gosalyn off a building'' if Darkwing didn't get the code. He was presumably killed in the explosion that destroyed the weapon, but Steelbeak and FOWL later brought him back to life as a near-indestructible cyborg, assuming he would accept their offer of employment. They were wrong. He not only turned it down, he destroyed the place in rage calling them out for "forgetting small details, like... asking my permission". All played completely seriously.
* ''WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy'' is a SadistShow, but everything that happens to the Eds up until is played for laughs and could be considered lighthearted enough. The end of [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddysBigPictureShow The Big Picture Show]] however introduces [[spoiler:Eddy's brother, who manages to genuinely harm both his own brother and Edd, and he's been abusing the former for years. What all the typical bullies in the show witness him doing is horrific enough for them to redeem themselves and accept the Eds as their friends once and for all.]]
* [[BigBad XANA]] from ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko''. The show takes place in a boarding school that appears to be a rather light-hearted, comical setting, with a ridiculous gym teacher, a LovableAlphaBitch and characters making jokes, but [[MoodWhiplash as soon as XANA starts acting]], we suddenly get stuff such as [[AttackOfTheKillerWhatever Killer Wasps/Rats/Birds invasions]], [[AttackOfThe50FootWhatever Giant Destructive Teddy Bears]], place where [[EverythingTryingToKillYou Everything Is Trying to Kill You]], ZombieApocalypse, cataclysms, DemonicPossession, and the list goes on. And just in case this wasn't scary enough, [[NothingIsScarier XANA itself never appears in person]].
* ''WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer'' normally only has [[HarmlessVillain Swiper]], but some of the {{Big Bad}}s in the double-length specials qualify -- especially the Witch from "Dora's Fairy Tale Adventure", who put Boots in a never ending sleep ForTheEvulz and was genuinely evil.
* Meatman from the ''WesternAnimation/CampLazlo'' episode of the same name is much more intimidating and terrifying than you'd expect from a show like this.
-->'''Lazlo''': Please, Meatman! I'm sorry I called you stinky, smelly, and stupid!\\
'''Meatman''': But that's how I like my dinner. [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Stinky... smelly... and STUPID!]]
* ''Franchise/{{Ben 10}}'', especially [[WesternAnimation/{{Ben 10}} the original series]], is goofy with a [[UsefulNotes/TheSilverAgeOfComicBooks Silver Age]] feeling to it, yet even some of its one-shot villains are outright disturbing. (With the exception of ''[[WesternAnimation/Ben10AlienForce Alien Force]]'' and ''[[WesternAnimation/Ben10UltimateAlien Ultimate Alien]]'', which both have creepy sinister villains but [[DarkerAndEdgier are already dark to begin with]].)
** [[BigBad Vilgax]] is a GalacticConqueror stated to be [[TheDreaded the most feared being in the Universe]], who wants get the Omnitrix so he can use it to create an army of invincible shapeshifting drones. He is explicitly stated to have blown up at least one inhabited planet according to flashbacks almost exterminating the species in the process, and WordOfGod implied it wasn't the only one. When first meeting with Ben, he delivers him a very brutal NoHoldsBarredBeatdown, kidnaps him by taking his relatives hostage, and tries to ''cut his arm off'' just so he can take the Omnitrix from it.
** [[EvilCounterpart Kevin 11]] is a [[TheSociopath Sociopathic]], [[TroublingUnchildlikeBehaviour 11 years old]], super-powered EnfantTerrible who in his very first episode attempts to deliberately provoke a bus crash that would kill thousands of people just so he can collect money from their corpses. Later, he accidentally absorbs energy from the Omnitrix and gains shapeshifting powers similar to Ben's, which he immediatly uses to go on a crime spree with several explicit attempts to kill people. Then he loses control over his shapeshifting, suffers BodyHorror and turn into a disturbing MixAndMatchCritter of Ben's aliens. Then the sequels reveal his insanity was caused [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity by his powers]], which have an addictive effect on him very similar to drugs.
** Zombozo is a MonsterClown HumanoidAbomination with a really creepy design, prone for [[SlasherSmile Slasher Smiles]], who fuels his power by [[EmotionEater harvesting happyness (Fear in Omniverse) from people]]. Prolonged drain can result in people being reduced to weak, barely alive husks, and he apparently enjoys [[WouldHurtAChild abducting children to drain them more later]]. When Ben confronts him, he proceeds to disturb and psychologically torture the kid thanks to [[MasterOfIllusion weird illusions]] involving a huge deal of AlienGeometry. And that guy is a ''minor'' villain.
** Ghostfreak[=/=]Sz'Skayr initially is introduced as one of Ben's ten original form in the Omnitrix, and one that disturbs him so much he is reluctant to use it. Then it turns out [[GeneticMemory his memory is still contained inside the Omnitrix along with his DNA]], allowing him to [[EnemyWithout resurrect from Ben's transformation]], and he just happens to be a maniac who wants to [[GrandTheftMe take Ben's body and use it to his own ends]]. His schemes involves, amongst other things, covering the world with Darkness while mutating the entire population into hideous monsters. And [[ResurrectiveImmortality as long as the Omnitrix contains his DNA, he can always come back from the grave]].
** Khyber the Huntsman, who was theHeavy in season 1 of ''WesternAnimation/Ben10Omniverse'', is a Film/{{Predator}}-esque EgomaniacHunter who likes to hunt various species in the Galaxy and collect their bodyparts as trophies. He doesn't care if the species he hunts are sentient, and [[FridgeHorror judging by]] what we see in his ship's TrophyRoom, he actually ''did'' slay several sentient aliens before coming for Ben, making him essentially the alien equivalent of a SerialKiller. Oh, and he owns the Nemetrix, an Omnitrix EvilKnockoff allowing his hound to shapeshift into all kind of feral alien predators.
** Malware, the true BigBad of season 1 and [[TheManBehindTheMan Khyber's boss]], is a [[AxCrazy psychopathic]] [[MechanicalLifeForm Galvanic Mechamorph]] born with a malfunction forcing him to sustain himself by [[IAmAHumanitarian cannibalizing people of his own species]] in exchange of the ability to [[CannibalismSuperpower copy technology by consuming it]]. His onscreen actions include [[WouldHurtAChild trying to crash a school bus just to distract Ben]], [[spoiler:mentally scarring Ben as a child by destroying one of his alien forms]], and in the finale [[spoiler:[[WhereIWasBornAndRazed blowing up his own homeworld]]]]. He especially stands out as this trope amongst Ben 10 villains, because, despite being in the most goofy and light-hearted entry in the franchise, his viciousness and cruelty rivals some of ''Alien Force's'' and ''Ultimate Alien's'' [[BigBad Big Bads]].
* ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents'':
** Miss Doombringer, unlike Crocker, desires to find Fairies not to prove people right or conquer the world; she's just AxCrazy and wants to tear the wings off of Fairies to mount on her wall!
** The Destructinator from the episode "Wishology". An OmnicidalManiac dedicated to the destruction of other worlds and willing to kill a 10 year old boy. He is so atrocious he was the first and only character in the series to be KilledOffForReal.
* The Old Crazy Farmer/Janitor from ''WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButtHead''. Although, probably played for laughs, he certainly is much more frightening and creepier villain than any other.
* Jake's father ("Mad Dog" Morgendorffer) from ''WesternAnimation/{{Daria}}''. Even to be a mentioned character, he is the only villain in the entire series that has [[TheSociopath sociopathic traits]]. Violent, impulsive and DomesticAbuser.
* ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'':
** Trip Larson from the Halloween episode "Pigmalion". Not only does he try and transform Luanne into his ideal woman, he tries to kill her with a pork processing machine.
** Luanne's mom Leanne is an alcoholic, self-absorbed criminal who neglects Luanne and physically abuses her husband and later Bill. Her foibles are ''not'' played for laughs.
* ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooMysteryIncorporated'' is DarkerAndEdgier than previous Scooby Doo series, but is still child-friendly, making the truly nasty villains all the more shocking:
** The Freak of Crystal Cove blackmailed the original mystery gang into leaving town and took the baby of one of them hostage, raising it for 18 years and threatening to harm him if they ever came back. Professor Pericles [[spoiler:murdered Ed Machine, and the Gang's friend Cassidy Williams]], and later experiments with genes to create a mutant army of cattle that cause wide property damage and killed at least 29 people. He later puts mutated cobra larvae into his former master's spine.
** The Entity that the MythArc leads up to is an EldritchAbomination played 100% straight, complete with a LeakingCanOfEvil that twists and corrupts the lives of everyone in Crystal Cove for centuries. In the GrandFinale, "Come Undone", [[spoiler:it's released and proceeds to eat the entire town, threatening to devour galaxies once it's powerful enough, and is only stopped by a literal CosmicRetcon.]]
* Similiar, ''WesternAnimation/TheThirteenGhostsOfScoobyDoo'' has titular 13 Ghosts (sometimes called demons). While some of them are goofy, few are quite nasty. Maldor the Malevolent, first ghost they fought, was menancing dark sorcerer, attempted to kill the gang with magic, imprisoned and threatened a wizard to get magic wand that would let him conquer the world and trapped Daphne in magic sleep Scooby barerly managed to break. Time Slime was outright sadistic, even for ghosts' standards, and managed to terrify Scooby so much he got HeroicBSOD and only broke from it when Vincent showed him vision of the future in which Time Slime turned world into a postpocaliptic wasteland, corrutped Flim Flam and Scrappy and drove Shaggy and Daphne insane. Nicara is FemmeFatale, who makes wizards fall in love with her and then drains their magic powers and almost did that to Vincent. Rankor actually looks like classic demon and, in order to prove himself worthy joining group of ghost trying to destroy the world, turned Vincent into stone, attempted to kill the gang and then some plane passangers.
* Dr. Robotnik gets this treatment in ''WesternAnimation/SonicSatAM'', which was the DarkerAndEdgier continuity for Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog in its day. Admittedly, Mobius in this series is a CrapsaccharineWorld at best (cutesy talking animals... who are hiding from a relentless army of robots in a world that's growing increasingly poisonous and polluted), but he's the guy responsible for making it so crapsack, his favorite method of conquest is herding sentients into a machine that [[UnwillingRoboticisation transforms them into helplessly obedient machine slaves]], and he's so creepy even his main toady (who is also his nephew) is scared to death of him.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheFlintstones'' had a few of these. One Film/JamesBond-inspired episode had Fred and Barney the victims of MistakenIdentity and wind up kidnapped by a MadScientist named [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Dr. Sinister]]. One example of how evil the villain was: in one scene, he ordered a henchman to throw another guy in "the bottomless pit", Fred and Barney being able to do nothing but watch, terrified, as the guy was dragged away, begging for his life. Fred eventually had the nerve to ask who the guy was, to which Dr. Sinister replied, "Oh, just a former assistant."
* While ''WesternAnimation/CourageTheCowardlyDog'' is pretty creepy and no stranger to NightmareFuel, most of the villains have some sympathetic motive or backstory or are otherwise LaughablyEvil. But there are some who can take villain level much, much further. In order of appearance:
** [[CatsAreMean Katz]], Courage's ArchEnemy, is simply put the most disturbing example of a sadistic SerialKiller played straight on a kid's show. Never PlayedForLaughs, his MO is to set up false businesses to lure victims, then murder them in brutal ways when he's done (feeding them to spiders, turning them into appliances or candy, etc). And it's heavily implied that the family is the latest in a long line of victims and possibly the only ones to escape.
** Benton Tarentella, one of the lesser known villains, is a Zombie director who was a SerialKiller when he was alive, murdering people with his partner while pretending to film them. When he died, he still continued his murderous work. His debut episode had him attempt to revive his partner so they could devour Muriel. His second appearance, however, downplayed his vileness.
** Mad Dog is a vicious gangster who regularly abused his girlfriend Bunny and implied to put her in prostitution. When Bunny's friend Kitty tried to get her away from him, he threatened to kill her. The event traumatized Kitty to the point where she assumed [[AlwaysChaoticEvil all dogs were evil]] and took her rage out on poor Courage. Much like Katz, Mad Dog is played completely seriously and is basically a DomesticAbuser played horrifically straight on a kid's show.
* ''WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom'' has many villains that, while powerful and dangerous, have many AffablyEvil moments are still have standards, such as not fighting or harming humans during Christmas. "The Ultimate Enemy" features [[spoiler: [[BadFuture Danny's future self]], Dark Danny]]. There never an attempt where he acts FauxAffablyEvil, and all of the destruction and death he's responsible for is played seriously.
* Megabyte and Hexadecimal from ''WesternAnimation/{{Reboot}}'' are incredibly serious characters that are stuck in a show that at least started much more lighthearted. They're capable of levity, including [[GoKartingWithBowser Megabyte getting into a guitar duel with Bob at Enzo's birthday]], but Megabyte's MagnificentBastard personality and Hexadecimal's SplitPersonality almost always pushed the heroes to their limits in between the more comical "game survival" episodes. The show later [[CerebusSyndrome became much more serious]] and the two were simply allowed to do real damage instead of just be intimidating.
* ''WesternAnimation/OverTheGardenWall'' is a ComingOfAgeStory based around SillyRabbitCynicismIsForLosers and is mostly a practitioner of RousseauWasRight, filled with people who underneath their problems genuinely want to help and make things better. The Beast is the reason for the "mostly" disclaimer; a [[LivingShadow shadow creature]] who stalks TheLostWoods and [[TheDreaded all in The Unknown fear]], he turns lost people into Edelwood trees, preying on those struck with grief or despair, and targets children in particular. In the end [[spoiler:he is implied to be KilledOffForReal, albeit offscreen]], and [[KickTheSonOfABitch it is very much deserved]].