->''Said the Toad to the Kangaroo,''
->''"I can hop and so can you.''
->''If we marry we'll have a child''
->''Who can jump a mountain or hop a mile..."''
-->-- '''Creator/ShelSilverstein'''

A lot of thought usually goes into a fan choosing their {{OTP}}...


Sorry, couldn't hold it in long enough. Okay, we admit it. One's OTP rarely has any thought into it going beyond the appearance of the characters involved. If they look cute together, we go for it. Like picking dolls to display on a shelf.

Sometimes, however, a couple is chosen due to their similarities. This is especially true if one's favorite pairing is separated by being in [[IntercontinuityCrossover entirely different series]], although not all theme pairings need involve such a CrossoverShip.

Examples of themes include:

* [[BirdsOfAFeather Similar character]] tropes (BadassBookworm, GenkiGirl[=/=]{{Keet}}, etc...).
* Similar ages outside the usual CompetenceZone (if the series itself doesn't do that already).
* Similar powers or abilities (ElementalPowers especially)
* Two {{Ensemble Darkhorse}}s or two {{Satellite Character}}s paired together.
* TokenMinorityCouple
* Identical or similar names.
* The characters are [[IdenticalStranger lookalikes.]]

That's ''love'', baby! Okay, not really. But truthfully, people ''do'' get along better when [[BirdsOfAFeather they have something in common]], so the idea isn't total bunk.

The basis of many a CrossoverShip.