David, a high school senior who used to drink a lot but has now learned better, brings his sister Lauren to a keg party. There is a lot of beer. She gets drunk and the sleazy party host, Gary, tries to take advantage of her. Meanwhile, Langston, another senior is drinking a lot to get up the courage to ask Christine out. By the end of the video, Langston is dead, Lauren is unconscious, David is in the police station for questioning, and Gary is about to be arraigned. So don't drink.

!!This video provides examples of:
* WildTeenParty The keg party
* AnAesop If you drink, people will die.
* BigBrotherInstinct verging on KnightTemplarBigBrother
* KissingUnderTheInfluence Lauren and Gary
* {{Narm}} Pretty much the whole thing
* ManlyTears David at the end