The Bermuda Triangle is a popular place for works of fiction to place mysterious events, especially the disappearances of ships and airplanes (sometimes in connection with other StockUnsolvedMysteries, such as the fate of the crew of the ''[[GhostShip Mary Celeste]]''). Often, it will turn out that something ''really'' weird is involved with the area, such as aliens, paranormal activity, {{Eldritch Abomination}}s, {{Atlantis}}, or something even weirder. If the events are of human origin, it's still something weird like an AncientConspiracy or the work of a dangerous {{Cult}}.

Part of the HollywoodAtlas. The Bermuda Triangle is a region in the Atlantic Ocean, much of which is south-west of the coast of Bermuda. Before it became popular in pure SpeculativeFiction, the triangle started out as an [[UrbanLegends Urban Legend]]. Although that legend has since been [[DiscreditedTrope discredited]][[note]]Statistically speaking, the number of disappearances in this particular region are no higher or lower than any other part of the ocean of similar size and weather[[/note]], it continues to live on through its popularity in fiction.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* In one ''Anime/{{Doraemon}}'' NonSerialMovie, the heroes discover that this is due to the triangle being part of an ancient force-field, home to an AI gone insane.
* Makes an appearance in ''Anime/TransformersCybertron'' as the last resting place of {{Atlantis}}, which turns out to be an ancient Cybertronian starship.
* ''Anime/LupinIIIIslandOfAssassins'' uses it as a both a plot point and as one of its [[TheReveal big reveals]], since it's where the eponymous island is located. Lupin explains that the reason for all the unexplained disappearances is a GovernmentConspiracy to keep the island hidden, since the assassins there work for them. So any ships that come anywhere near it without clearance is taken out with [[KillSat a high-powered satellite weapon.]]
* ''OnePiece'' had the Florian Triangle which is full of fog and many ships are said to have disappeared. The Straw Hats eventually find out that an island ship called Thriller Bark was responsible for this and put a halt to it. However even with the crew of Thriller Bark defeated, the end of the story arc reveals that there's still ''something'' lurking within the fog.
* In ''Anime/SaintSeiya'', Sea Dragon/[[spoiler:Gemini]] Kanon can open a rift in space to throw people in the Triangle, which is a [[EldritchLocation time abyss]] in the story's universe.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In [[ComicBook/DRAndQuinch "D.R. & Quinch Have Fun on Earth"]], one of the segments of the title duo's [[TimeTravel adventure through time]] that sees them influence the course of history on some InsignificantLittleBluePlanet features Quinch recalling a time with his buddy "while cruising just off Bermuda" and trying to pull in human aircraft towards their ship with a TractorBeam "to get a better look at them," only for the beam's force to break apart the fragile planes.
* The fictional nation Themyscira (a.k.a. Paradise Island), the native home to Franchise/WonderWoman and her sister Amazons, is currently located in the Bermuda Triangle, but the island can teleport to any location or time whenever the island's inhabitants desire.
** Pre-Crisis, it was in the Bermuda Triangle all the time. Although the Franchise/DCUniverse is generally a FantasyKitchenSink, it was acknowledged in-story that this was a coincidence and the area is not actually paranormal.
* A recurring foe of the ComicBook/FantasticFour, Mole Man, has a home on Monster Island, which is suggested to be either somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle or off the coast of Japan, DependingOnTheWriter.
** The island first appeared in ''Fantastic Four'' #1 and was only later localized (for a time) in the Bermuda Triangle, but it more frequently linked to the Godzilla mythos (Marvel once published a Godzilla comic) and thus localized near Japan.
* Also in Marvel, the mysterious nameless island raised to the surface of the Atlantic by Magneto ca. ''Uncanny ComicBook/XMen'' #149 is definitely located in the Bermuda Triangle. It contains ruins of a lost civilization heavily implicated in aliens and eldritch abominations.
* Again in Marvel, the Isla des Demonas, which connects to the Hell dimension Nightcrawler passes through, was located in or near the Bermuda Triangle. Havok and the X-Men even had to guard archaeologists there.
* In ''The Perils Of Penelope'', the truth turns out to be that there's an ancient religious cult in the Triangle that abducts people to brainwash them.

* The adaptation of ''[[Film/GulliversTravels2010 Gulliver's Travels]]'' that stars Creator/JackBlack depicts the title character's adventure beginning after his ship wrecks in the Bermuda Triangle.
* There's a brief shot in the Special Edition of ''Film/CloseEncountersOfTheThirdKind'' where [[SaharanShipwreck a ship is in the middle of the Gobi desert]]. It's supposed to be one of the Bermuda Triangle disappearances. The film opens with the discovery of Flight 19, a Navy aviation training exercise that disappeared out of Ft. Lauderdale (the airbase is now Nova Southeastern).
* In ''Escape From Atlantis'', an American family is teleported to another dimension by the Triangle, where {{Atlantis}} turns out to be located.
* ''[[Film/{{Airport}} Airport '77]]'' involves a jetliner crashing and sinking in the Bermuda Triangle.
* The plot of ''Film/DakotaHarris'' involves the protagonists getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle.
* In ''Film/{{The Phantom|1996}}'', The Devil's Vortex is a serial-numbers-filed-off version of the Bermuda Triangle, a region of ocean that has a reputation for ships disappearing in it; this turns out to be because the home base of the Sengh Brotherhood is in the middle of it, and they take strong measures against anybody who gets too close.
* ''Film/TheDarkSideOfTheMoon'' offers an unusual explanation that disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle happen during the roughly 28 days in a month when the orbiting moon [[SpaceDoesNotWorkThatWay isn't facing the location]].
* ''The Bermuda Triangle'' with John Huston and Gloria Guida is a 1978 action sci-fi Mexican-Italian film [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin about the Bermuda Triangle]].
* ''Bermudas: la cueva de los tiburones'' a Mexican-Spanish-Italian horror-action film with the Bermuda Triangle setting. Also made in 1978.
* ''Encuentro en el abismo'' another Mexican-Spanish-Italian flick (this one from 1979). A wealthy man organizes an expedition to investigate the Bermuda Triangle after his daughter and her fiance disapear. They discover that TheGreys are conducting experiments there.
* Not mentioned but clearly influential in the BMovie ''Film/TheLostContinent'': a cruise get lost in an unknown ocean full of deadly sea weed, giant lobsters and Spanish conquistadores.
* Creator/TheAsylum's 2009 remake of ''Film/TheLandThatTimeForgot'' uses the Bermuda Triangle as a TimeTravel mechanism.
* The Bermuda Triangle is where Fester Addams got lost for 25 years according to Gomez in ''Film/TheAddamsFamily''.

* In Creator/DeanKoontz's ''Literature/{{Phantoms}}'', Timothy Flyte proposes that the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle are due to one of the [[EldritchAbomination Ancient Enemy]] creatures.
* In ''Literature/{{The 39 Clues}}'', the Ekaterina have an IslandBase here.
* The storied universe of ''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians'' establishes that because America is the current center of Western Civilization, mythological sites that used to be around Greece and Rome are now located there. This means that The Sea of Monsters is no longer the Mediterranean but the Bermuda Triangle.
* ''The Bermuda Triangle'' by Charles Berlitz was an instant hit because it pretended to be a real mystery, rather than fiction. The book claims many ships and airplanes have disappeared mysteriously in the Triangle, but the facts in the book were quickly discovered to be falsified. Lots of the ships and airplanes listed never existed in the first place, and others had sunk in other parts of the world. Those that remained were not many enough to be unusual and had sunk under totally normal circumstances, such as extremely bad weather.
** Larry Kusche wrote a book of his own as a rebuttal to Berlitz, ''The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved'', where he points out the above errors. Kusche is quite willing to admit that mysterious incidents do happen in the Bermuda Triangle (the fates of the airplanes ''Star Tiger'' and ''Star Ariel'' probably the most baffling ACTUAL mysteries); the problem, he says, is that these incidents happen at roughly the same rates around the entire world and that you can't pin special blame on the Bermuda Triangle.
* ''Literature/TheJenniferMorgue'' has the Triangle as one of several sites heavily colonized by the Deep Ones, a species of SufficientlyAdvancedAliens that live on the ocean floor. The disappearances of ships in the region involve the weaponization of gas deposits - when released, they can cause the water under a ship to rush out momentarily, causing the keel to sink into the void just as the water starts rushing back in. The Deep Ones do this whenever a ship gets too close to finding out about them.
* TheBermudaTriangle shows up in Literature/TimeScout, as possibly explained by an "unstable nexus gate". Basically, one semi-permanent TimePortal that leads to a number of other semi-stable, semi-permanent gates constantly opening and closing. Oh, and it's in warm water.
* In ''Emperor Mollusk vs. The Sinister Brain'', the Bermuda Triangle is the site of a spatial anomaly that would have eventually destroyed the Earth, but Mollusk stabilizes it and uses the focal point (on an island) to hide his MadScientistLaboratory in the (mistaken) belief that no-one can get access to it.
* In ''Literature/{{Curveball}}'', there used to be an island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. [[RetGone It's been mostly erased from history, now]]. There's still a remnant, however, that will occasionally appear in the location where the island would have been, to trap unwary ships and planes.
* ''Literature/WeCantRewind'' uses this as a MagneticPlotDevice which takes the characters to a BizarroUniverse where time flows backward. The narrator mentions near the end that only a very few of the disappearances in the Triangle are actually rightly attributed to this phenomenon, while the rest were (probably) from more mundane causes.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* On ''Series/EerieIndiana'' Marshall once discovers that the titular town, which he believes is "the center of weirdness for the entire planet," has the exact same geometric shape as the Bermuda Triangle.
* ''Series/TheXFiles'':
** The episode "Triangle" sees Mulder investigate a [[GhostShip luxury passenger liner]] that mysteriously appears on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle. Once on board the ship, Mulder finds himself in the year 1939 as Nazi soldiers are fighting the British crew for control of the ship.
** In a later episode, {{Area 51}} [[TheMenInBlack Man In Black]] Morris Fletcher claimed to be the one who originally coined the term and insisted that powerful, primal, otherworldly forces are hidden beneath the waves, waiting to be plucked by man.
** The tie-in comics had a story about a suspiciously young man claiming to be John Lawrence, one of the pilots from the famous Flight 19.
* One of Creator/SpikeMilligan's ''Q'' shows included a headline which read "Bermuda Triangle Disappears in Bermuda Triangle".
* In a "Mathnet" segment from ''Series/SquareOneTV'' titled "The Case of the Bermuda Triangle," Pat and George debunk the Bermuda Triangle myth on television, leading to a case where a sunken boat could prove a man's innocence of treason.
* An original miniseries on the [[Creator/{{Syfy}} Sci Fi Channel]] titled ''The Triangle'' focused on a team of researchers hired to discover the secret of the Bermuda Triangle. Their mission sees the team go above and beyond just finding out the truth as they eventually aim to destroy the anomaly that causes those who enter the region to vanish.
* In an episode of ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch'', when Sabrina is on a cruise ship that enters the Bermuda Triangle, she discovers that her powers no longer work but can instead make wishes that are instantly granted.
* The dimension-hopping escapades on ''The Fantastic Journey'' begin in the Bermuda Triangle.
* The ''Series/KeyWest'' episode Crossroads featured the paranormal activity of the Bermuda Triangle as a plot point.
* For his tenth television special, StageMagician David Copperfield used the power of the Bermuda Triangle, channeled aboard a ship via a pyramid-shaped frame, to make himself disappear. A light from within the pyramid yanked him inside, and he soon emerged from the ocean along with a long-vanished ship (which quickly burst into flames). Or at least, [[{{kayfabe}} that's his story and he's sticking with it]].
* An F-14 fighter plane disappears in the Bermuda Triangle in ''Series/{{JAG}}'s'' third season episode "Vanished".
* Behind the scenes on ''Series/{{Lost}}'', the original plan if the show was CutShort 13 episodes or so in was to reveal that the island was the Bermuda Triangle.
* Was the focus of one episode of ''Series/TheSuiteLifeOnDeck'' which caused a GroundhogDayLoop.
* The ''Series/QuantumLeap'' episode "Ghost Ship" featured USS Cyclops (which was lost in the Triangle) and picked up a WWII aviator, 26 years after it was lost.
* One episode of ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'' had Coulson give a throwaway line about how SHIELD had figured out what was going on with the Triangle and stopped it back in the eighties. [[NoodleIncident No details were provided]].
* Season 3 of ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise'' takes place in the Delphic Expanse, a region of space compared to the Bermuda Triangle because of its {{Negative Space Wedgie}}s.
* ''The Bermuda Depths'' is a 1978 Japanese-American fantasy MadeForTVMovie dealing with the Bermuda Triangle mistery.
* 1975 ABC's MadeForTVMovie ''Satan's Triangle'' is about the US Coast Guard attending a distress call from inside the Bermuda Triangle.
* ''Lost Voyage'', a Film/SyFyChannelOriginalMovie has angry spirits from the Bermuda Triangle killing people in a TV studio.
* ''[[Series/TheLibrarians2014 The Librarians]]'' went there in the season 3 episode "The Trial of the Triangle". The disappearances are because a previous Librarian magically set up a PocketDimension there as safekeeping for a {{MacGuffin}}. Dates of entry and vessels lost there are themed after his love of Lewis Carroll's ''Alice in Wonderland''. Vessels never return because the wormhole that leads there is impassable, without magically changing ones own particles for transit, and they disintegrate on the way through.
* ''Series/TheHardyBoysNancyDrewMysteries'' episode ''The Mysterious Fate of Flight 608'' subverts this to pieces. The Hardys board a plane that will be flying over the infamous area; Joe finds out about the flight path from a scared passenger and freaks out, though Frank scoffs at the idea, saying science has debunked the whole thing. But the plane runs into trouble: a hurricane hits, the pilots collapse, Frank ends up crash-landing the plane into the ocean, and the passengers take refuge on a deserted island, with the scared passenger saying they're now in another dimension and lost for good. Psych! [[spoiler:Nothing mysterious about it -- the pilots were drugged by a diamond smuggler, and the island is within spitting-distance of Bermuda, with rescue crews heading their way.]]
* The unsold ''Comicbook/{{Aquaman}}'' pilot from the producers of ''Series/{{Smallville}}'' featured the Atlanteans abducting famous missing pilots and ship crews from the Bermuda Triangle and defending the area with a huge DeathRay that shoots up out of the ocean to blast nosy visitors.

* Music/MojoNixon's song "Elvis Is Everywhere" attributes several unexplained phenomena to Elvis, events in the Bermuda Triangle being among them. As it is explained, "Elvis needs boats."
* Metal band Music/{{Rage}} mentions disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle in the song "Without a Trace."
* "Bermuda Triangle" by Music/BarryManilow. "It makes people disappear" is Barry's insightful take on the matter.
* Music/FleetwoodMac also did a "Bermuda Triangle" song, on their ''Heroes Are Hard to Find'' album.
* The songs "Without a Trace" by Sabbat and "Flight Nineteen" by Angel Witch are based on the Flight 19 incident.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In ''Illuminati'', one of the [[AncientConspiracy Illuminati Conspiracies]] is ''named'' "The Bermuda Triangle". This is not what they call themselves; they are so secret that no one knows the organization's real name. The others have nicknamed it after the geographical area because they know that it's behind the disappearances there. In both card game versions of the game, this Illuminati conspiracy is one of the playable factions. In the TabletopRPG version, it's one of the mysterious forces that the characters might have to investigate.

[[folder:Theme Parks]]
* Ride/SeaWorld once had a ride, called ''Mission: Bermuda Triangle'', that took travelers into the Bermuda Triangle and showed an image of the USS Cyclops (lost in the Triangle in 1918).

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/DarkVoid'', this region is apparently a gateway to an AlternateDimension (The Void), but it's not the only gateway of its kind. You even get to loot the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Cyclops_%28AC-4%29 USS Cyclops]].
* In ''VideoGame/TheConduit'', radio host ConspiracyTheorist Gordon Wells makes increasingly more extreme and bizarre theories as the Drudge invasion progresses, at one point suggesting that the Bermuda Triangle is a "defense mechanism of fallen {{Atlantis}}."
** And in ''VideoGame/{{Conduit 2}}'', the first level takes place on a deep-ocean platform in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, which is later attacked by a giant serpentine Leviathan [[spoiler:who's guarding Atlantis underneath it.]]
* Although not specifically named, one of the lost civilizations from ''The Omega Stone'' is situated near Bimini, a location linked to both the Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis in pop culture. It's represented by the symbol of a triangle containing ocean waves in various clues and PlotCoupons.
* In ''VideoGame/ZakMcKrackenAndTheAlienMindbenders'', you simply fly to the triangle whenever you want to get abducted by the aliens. This is actually very convenient.
* ''VideoGame/PrehistoricIsle in 1930'' is set on a dinosaur populated island situated in the Bermuda Triangle, the UnderTheSea level shows [[DerelictGraveyard the wreckage]] of all the ships that have gone missing in the area.
* In ''VideoGame/SuperMarioLand'', The Muda Kingdom is based on this, as the levels from this games are [[LocationThemeNaming named after locations]] associated with AncientAstronauts theories.
* ''VideoGame/TombRaider2013'' takes place in the Dragon's Triangle, which is basically the Bermuda Triangle of Japan, and dialog in the game explicitly draws comparison between the two locations.
* In the original ''VideoGame/NexusWar'', St. Germaine was located here. There wasn't anything particularly paranormal about it until the [[ApocalypseHow end of the world]], at which point the entire nation vanished to become Valhalla, the eternal battleground.
* Bermuda is one of the stages in ''VideoGame/TheBattleCats''. The enemy base is shaped like a crashed plane, and the treasures you get in the Bermuda stages are either Recording Boxes (Empire of Cats) or Hurricane Winds (Into the Future). Also, Bermuda in Into the Future is underwater.

[[folder: Webcomics]]
* ''Webcomic/MagickChicks'': In chapter 16, [[spoiler:Cerise]] said she mass teleported the [[AllGirlSchool Artemis]] [[AbsurdlyPowerfulStudentCouncil Student Council]] into a volcano, but she didn't divulge its location. However, after [[spoiler:Light]] Melissa saves them, Jacqui speculates that they might've been somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle because of the [[spoiler:octopus faced monsters they saw there]].
* ''Webcomic/Polandball'': The character of Bermuda is portrayed as a [[VisualPun triangle.]]

[[folder: Web Original]]
* ''WebVideo/BedtimeStoriesYoutubeChannel'' covers this part of the world in the episode "The Mysterious Disappearance of Flight 19".

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* On ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'' Cosmo and Wanda put Unwish Island, one giant ContinuityNod that holds all of Timmy's un-wished wishes, inside the Bermuda Triangle.
* One episode of ''WesternAnimation/The13GhostsOfScoobyDoo'' took place in the Bermuda Triangle.
** As did the ''Franchise/ScoobyDoo'' episode "A Creepy Tangle in the Bermuda Triangle" (skeleton men and plane-swallowing UFO's) and the animated film ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooPiratesAhoy'' (mysterious fog and ghost pirates being the focus).
* An episode of ''WesternAnimation/RockosModernLife'' involves Rocko boarding a cruise ship with Heffer and his grandfather, which passes through the Bermuda Triangle. After some DerangedAnimation, it turns every old person on the ship young, and every young person old.
* In ''WesternAnimation/ExtremeGhostbusters'', the Bermuda Triangle is revealed to be a huge, all-devouring spiritual entity.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheRealGhostbusters'' episode "Venkman's Ghost Repellers" also dealt with "the New Jersey Parallelogram", a (fictional) location off the Jersey coast that's equally mysterious but overshadowed by its more famous counterpart. It turned out to be a gateway to AnotherDimension, from which they had to rescue Peter's estranged father.
* The ''WesternAnimation/{{Danny Phantom}}'' episode "Infinite Realms" shows that there are portals to the Ghost Zone that naturally appear throughout the world, once of which being the Bermuda Triangle. And not only do these natural Ghost Portals transport people and objects into the Ghost Zone, but those who leave the Ghost Zone through these portals can also be transported through time as well.
* In ''WesternAnimation/DuckTales'' many of Scrooge [=McDuck=]'s ships were disappearing in the Triangle. Scrooge points out how well-traveled the area is and sets out to find his fleet. He finds it, along with other ships, trapped in a huge mass of seaweed.
* An episode of ''WesternAnimation/{{Ben 10}}'' has the characters visiting a prototype underwater hotel being built in the triangle and uncovering the secret - a colony of aliens bent on collecting everything that comes within reach.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' gives us the Bermuda Tetrahedron, where spaceships mysteriously disappear. Turns out they are attacked by a fourth-dimensional SpaceWhale [[spoiler:that feeds on spaceship captains' obsessions.]]
* On ''WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfJimmyNeutronBoyGenius'' they have the "Bahama Quadrangle" which Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl visit so that Jimmy can prove them that nothing supernatural is going on there. They end up running into a super villain/scientist that appears to be the cause for odd sightings and disappearances... [[spoiler:though the ending leaves us questioning it]].
** Sheen once refers to the Bermuda Triangle as the [[EskimosArentReal mythological North Dakota]].
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Ultimate Spider-Man}}'' "Snow Day": The team go to a remote island for some [[BeachEpisode fun on the beach]]. Nova fails to inform them that the island he chose for their holiday is a classified site inside the Bermuda Triangle [[spoiler:that is acting as the prison for the Sandman.]]
-->'''White Tiger:''' So you're saying we're in the Bermuda Triangle?\\
'''Nova:''' You guys got something against triangles?
* ''WesternAnimation/TaleSpin'': One episode had Baloo fulfilling one of his life's checklist items of flying across the Bearmuda Trapezoid, where several noted aviators had vanished. [[spoiler:The reason was that eccentric plane maker Howard Huge had pulled them out of the sky with a giant magnet and cannibalized them for parts to make a giant aircraft he called the Titanium Turkey.]]
* This is the subject of "The Bermuda Triangle Problem" from ''WesternAnimation/PegPlusCat'', in which the Pig, who is obsessed with triangles, goes into it and finds it to be a world full of triangles. Peg and Cat have to convince him to come out before the portal in which they're all trapped closes and he gets stuck there forever.
* The lake in ''WesternAnimation/CampCandy'' had the Bermuda ''Shorts'' Triangle. Which naturally was shaped like a pair of shorts rather than a triangle.
* The entirety of ''WesternAnimation/{{Zak Storm}}'' centers around the titular Zak accidentally being transported to the Bermuda Triangle and teaming up with others to not only fend off the dangers found in the Triangle, but to also find a way back to his home.

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