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A text parser is a form of input that takes commands from the player and simplifies this to commands that the game engine can understand. It is commonly found in {{Adventure Game}}s and InteractiveFiction, where it is used to control the actions of characters and influence the in-game environment. Using the parser to control an in-game story is one of the main elements that blurs the line between the story as narrative and as game.

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It is probably better to ask a better parser, such as those used in the classic Creator/{{Infocom}} InteractiveFiction games and the later works created by hobbyists.

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[[SelfDemonstratingArticle You're reading one right now.]] More examples aren't really necessary, because the point has been made. How well a text parser responds to your input depends on how well it's designed, and what commands the author of the game has [[DevelopersForesight anticipated]]. Clever enough authors will code in all sorts of [[EasterEgg clever responses to strange things you might try]], and will make sure every reasonable synonym is included so you won't have too much trouble [[YouCantGetYeFlask guessing the verb]].

One example that ''does'' bear mentioning (if only for its odd aversion of 'guess the verb' syndrome) occurred in Al Lowe's ''Leisure Suit Larry 2'': not long after the game's release, it was discovered that at a certain point (and ''only'' at that specific point), an error made during the testing phase had caused the parser to ''only'' recognized the plot-important command if it was written in ''full and complete English''.

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The text parser really got started with Crowther and Wood's ''VideoGame/ColossalCaveAdventure'', but it was not until ''VideoGame/{{Zork}}'' came along that more advanced forms of the parser came along. The parser used in the classic Creator/{{Infocom}} games was called ZIL (VideoGame/{{Zork}} Interactive Language). The text parser gradually disappeared from commercial computer gaming in the early 1990s (replaced by ActionBar and [[PointAndClickGame Point and Click]] interfaces) as game designers wished to reach a different demographic. Fortunately for text fans, a large number of hobbyists have continued to design text parser based InteractiveFiction. If you'd like to know more, check out the InteractiveFiction article here on Wiki/TVTropes.

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