Spit Shine

Characters using their own spit to shine some object.

Some examples include:
  • A restaurant worker cleaning tables.
  • A mother cleans a smudge off her child's face using her spit as the cleaning solution. Or using her spit to manage the child's hair.


  • Some servants do it with the royal crown in The Madness of King George.
  • Space Jam: The Looney Tunes gang cleans their gym this way.
  • Mushu tries shining up Mulan's armor to cheer her out of her Heroic B.S.O.D.. It doesn't work.
  • On Cars, Mater offers to clean off a spot of tar on Lighting McQueen's hood, and he starts hocking before McQueen hastily declines.
  • Ragetti does this with his wooden eye a couple times in Pirates of the Caribbean. Later on, Barbossa gives the thing a really good slurp and shoves it back into Ragetti's empty socket. The poor man looks terrified.
  • Blaze and King Charles II have a bonding moment spitting to shine their leather boots in the French comedy Delusions of Grandeur.

Live-Action TV
  • Jayne of Firefly does this with a knife, combining this with Licking the Blade. This...disconcerts the rest of the crew.
  • The Big Bang Theory: Raj uses his spit to clean off dirt from the crotch area of an Aquaman action figure bought in a garage sale.
  • On an episode of Seinfeld, where George is forced to be a butler for his parents, Frank orders George to shine his shoes, and George spits on the shoe once Frank's back is turned.


Video Games

Western Animation
  • Done by Hank when he must shine his father's shoes as punishment on an episode of The Venture Bros..

Real Life
  • Works on shoes.