->''"But, when you live in a castle, everything's done for you. All the time--they dress you, they feed you, drive you, brush your teeth. I admit it was a charmed life, until the day my parents cut me off and I realized… I don't know how to do '''anything.'''"''
-->-- '''Naveen''', ''Disney/ThePrincessAndTheFrog''

The Sheltered Aristocrat is a character who has lived a life [[BlueBlood sheltered]] from the everyday trivialities which the lower classes have to contend with. In this way he is pure and untainted by the hardships of the outside world.

This results in a certain naivety and ignorance, despite the numerous tutors he's no doubt had all his life. When he is finally exposed to the outside world, it becomes apparent that the character is out of his depth. He doesn't realize how difficult and dangerous life outside his palace really is, and as a result he is a HorribleJudgeOfCharacter, easily duped by conmen and stolen from by thieves. Often he thinks he can talk his way out of confrontations, or throw money at any problem, and generally doesn't recognize, at least initially, that bad things could actually happen to ''him'' out in the real world. He will often be puzzled and even intrigued by the goings on of everyday life, resulting in MundaneObjectAmazement. Sometimes the irony will be taken further as the Sheltered Aristocrat proclaims himself to be an expert, having studied the lower class from textbooks, only to be proved very wrong. Often he has no idea how to do common, everyday activities and is thus rather helpless if he finds himself on his own. He may also be unaware of any suffering his people are really going through in his kingdom until he comes face to face with it.

These characters tend to fall into three main types: a plucky-type with child-like innocence and kindness, a silly and cowardly-type who is treated like a joke, and snobby and superior type that can be cruel. Most of the types have a good chance to mature into the honourable and melancholic [[TheWisePrince Wise Prince]] or the practical and down-to-Earth PrincelyYoungMan during their adventures, though the cowardly and snobbish types have just as much of a chance to turn their back on the real world and [[IvoryTower shut themselves back in their palace]], if they can.

This trope can include any character, not just princes, who are sheltered in this way. See also UpperClassTwit, SpoiledBrat and SpoiledSweet. Compare SacrificedBasicSkillForAwesomeTraining.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
%%* Mendou from ''Manga/UruseiYatsura'' is the pompous and mean-spirited buffoon kind
* Most of the ''Manga/OuranHighSchoolHostClub'' but especially Tamaki, the president of the club. He is the clownish charmer type (especially the "buffoon" part; his heart is usually in the right place, but his brain is another story), who is actually so fascinated by the middle-class customs of Haruhi that he plans activities and "excursions" to educate themselves about the lifestyles of the "commoners" to make Haruhi feel more comfortable--she doesn't.
** Mori would be the composed type, mostly because of his protectiveness of Hani and keeping his mouth shut.
** Kyouya. He's involved in his family business, so he understands how the world works. He doesn't consider ordinary people to be quaint or insignificant, but he does regard them as less important than successful people.
* Prince Chagum from ''Anime/MoribitoGuardianOfTheSpirit'' is of the young and dignified sort. He gets used to life as a commoner and enjoys it, since the series very much avoids TheDungAges and thinks RousseauWasRight. Later he seems to develope to TheWisePrince.
* Yuki of ''Manga/FruitsBasket'' has shades of the composed type, and is nicknamed "Prince Yuki" by the girls at his school. He's a very different person behind the facade he puts up for most of his classmates.
* ''Anime/AshitaNoNadja'': Nadja's love interest Francis Harcourt poses as your typical White Prince [[WideEyedIdealist with a philanthropic edge]], but deep down has severe self-esteem issues that become obvious once his idealism clashes with reality.
* The Prince in ''Anime/RuneSoldierLouie''--though befitting the fantasy setting he was only naive and shocked when he came across mercenary behaviour and darker aspects of humanity. In other aspects he was quite educated and willing to give anything a try.
* Touga in ''Anime/{{Gravion}}'' fits the composed variety, and forms an OddFriendship with the largely mannerless Eiji often driven by his quiet curiosity about the "real world" (he's not a literal prince, but he ''did'' grow up in a castle…).
* Romeo Candorebanto Montague from ''Anime/RomeoXJuliet'', in addition to being the [[MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter Mad Dictator's Handsome Son]]. His best friend Benvolio di Frescobaldi also shows some Sheltered Aristocrat traits, but once his family is stripped of its noble status, he adapts to peasant life very quickly and happily.
* Prince Canute of ''Manga/VinlandSaga'' starts out as the innocent sheltered type, with a few minor subversion in that he is surprisingly well educated in peasant activities, then upgrades to the cool as sin, composed badass version.
** That's because the real-life Norse nobility differed from commoners mostly in that they usually ate better and called the shots at war. Otherwise [[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething they weren't that much different]].
* Quatre Raberba Winner from ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing'' was raised to be the heir to his father's company and was cloistered away from a lot of the suffering and conflict around him. His idealistic streak lasts through a large part of the beginning of the series. When things go south for his family though and he witnesses his father getting killed, [[BewareTheNiceOnes it goes downhill quite fast]]. Notable in that he actively ''wants'' to get away from the trope and willingly joins in the show's conflict.
* The F4 in all incarnations of ''Manga/HanaYoriDango''. Domyoji is of the arrogant meanie variety ([[JerkWithAHeartOfGold at least initially]]) and Rui is the reserved type. Sojiroh and Akira are certainly both [[HandsomeLech very charming]], but seem much more aware of the lower classes, at least intellectually, than the other two.
* Yuna Roma Seiran from ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny'' proves why letting one of these gain power can be a really, really, bad idea. Luckily eventually they [[spoiler:[[DroppedABridgeOnHim Dropped A GOUF On Him]]]].
* In Creator/NaokoTakeuchi's work ''Manga/TheCherryProject'', Tsuzuki fits this well. He's been trained as a professional figure skater since he was young, and was born to rich parents who really spoiled him. He had recently cut himself off because he felt that he wasn't really living life normally.
* Ninzaburo Shiratori from ''Manga/DetectiveConan'' is this and a rather competent policeman. While not a bad person, he can be kind of an UpperClassTwit when at his very worse, switching to a borderline PrincelyYoungMan when at his best.
** Also his former classmate Fumimaro Ayanokouji, who actually ''is'' from RoyalBlood according to Satou.
** Sonoko's soon-to-be brother-in-law, Yuzo Tomizawa, is of the naive kind. So were his brothers Tatsuji and Taichi. [[spoiler: Until one of them killed their father]]
** And predictably, both {{Ojou}}s and Sheltered Aristocrats are among either the victims or the culprits rather frequently.
* In ''Manga/TheSecretAgreement'', Yuuichi regards Iori to be this because of his lack of worldliness, and while he doesn't like that Iori is getting [[ArrangedMarriage married]] he outright states that the marriage will be a good thing for Iori since he doubts Iori could live a poor life with him.
* Albert from ''Anime/{{Gankutsuou}}''. His [[IdiotHero cluelessness]] and [[WideEyedIdealist idealism]] make him an excellent target for the Count's manipulation.
* Princess Arika from ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima''. Although she wasn't completely ignorant about the hardships of the world, her sheltered upbringing made her more naive than she let on and didn't know about things like what ice cream is.
** {{Ojou}} and {{Class Representative}} Ayaka Yukihiro is a more minor example. While not a Princess she is from the upper class so she sometimes fails to understand what more common place things are. One particular example that springs to mind is during class 3-A's preparation for their school festival, she supplies the entire class with maid outfits for a Maid Cafe, despite not knowing at all what a Maid Cafe actually is.
* Shion from ''LightNovel/GJBu'' acts like this, but there was a further justification--all her older brothers were all geniuses in one field or the other, so that she in fact doesn't need ''anything'' that comes outside of her household--those would be inferior to what is in her house anyway. When you have an blue-cordon class SupremeChef--or maybe an Supreme ''Barista'' as well--preparing your lunch box every day, do you expect you to know what ''UsefulNote/RamenAsDehydratedNoodles'' or ''Canned Coffee'' is? She doesn't (and didn't even know how to use a vending machine on her ''high school graduation day''!), but she finds this depressing as well, and wants [[NiceGuy Kyoro]] (who is the only person of a lower status in the cast) to actually teach her those ''common sense''.
* Yukari in ''Manga/{{Yuyushiki}}'' is a {{downplayed|trope}} example, in that she ended that phase relatively early, in elementary school. Still, Yui, the ChildhoodFriend who taught Yukari those kinds of lowly stuff (plus the concept of money), initially finds Yukari's presence in her house incredibly embarrassing because of this trope.
* Hime, the Monster's princess at ''Manga/PrincessResurrection'' (her real name is Lilliane) never helps with any work that doesn't involve killing something. She also didn't know how to use a modern cell phone--Hime stated that her robotic servant Flandre had to use it for her. This also explains why she is always reading when everyone else is playing videogames.
* Princess Shirahoshi from ''Manga/OnePiece'' had to stay sheltered in her room for most of her life (ten years, to be exact; and considering she's only sixteen…), to protect her from her {{Yandere}} of a StalkerWithACrush. As a result, she is very curious about pretty much everything in the world.
* ''LightNovel/{{Shimoneta}}'': Anna is the only daughter of the Nishikinomiya Family, a prestigious political household. Her parents passed [[MoralGuardians the Public Morals Decency Act]] to ensure she grows up in a society free of immoral influences, such as pornography and profanity. They've even seen to it that she's kept from contact with male students without supervision. [[NiceJobBreakingItHero Which has left her sexually repressed and with no understanding]] of what is, [[LoveMakesYouCrazy or isn't]], sexually acceptable behavior.
* In ''Anime/{{Endride}}'', Prince Emilio has no idea what life is like for people outside the palace, and doesn't even carry money because growing up, if he needed something, someone would provide it. It's implied many of the nobility who aren't actively malicious are like this, and before Lucio's death Demetrio had shades of this as well.
* Guillaume and Pierre from ''Manga/InnocentsShounenJuujigun'' are both examples of this, being semi-nobility (as much so as peasants can be), and ''extremely'' naive when it comes to how much respect they deserve and staying safe in the world. The both of them are so set on keeping their power and status that they turn to the Knight Hugo, [[spoiler:which turns out to be a TERRIBLE idea.]]
* In ''Manga/KaguyaSamaLoveIsWar'', Kaguya has been raised with a ''very'' sheltered upbringing. She has no idea how movie theaters work, is unfamiliar with popular fictional figures, and has no idea what the phrase "first time" means.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Khrissalla of ''ComicBook/WhiteSand'' seems to have had this kind of upbringing. When she first sees the aftermath of Kerztian slaughter of Sand Masters, she appears blissfully unaware what she's just looked at.


[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* In ''Disney/TheLionKing'', Simba was surprised to learn that there was more to being king than getting your way all the time. He was still a cub at the time.
* ''Disney/ThePrincessAndTheFrog'''s Prince Naveen, who provides the pithy quote at the top of this page and is out to get a rich wife because he's been disowned.
* Princess Anna in ''Disney/{{Frozen}}'' spends most of her life in the royal palace [[FriendlessBackground with no companions]] other than a handful of servants, her parents and (even more sheltered) sister Elsa, who refuses to leave her room. That, of course, makes Anna grow up to be [[NoSocialSkills socially awkward]] and very [[NaiveEverygirl naive]], [[WrongGenreSavvy to put it mildly]]. So much so that she agrees to marry [[LoveAtFirstSight the first man she meets]] outside of the palace gates [[FourthDateMarriage after knowing him for less than a day]]. Then when Elsa panics, freezes Arendelle over and runs off, Anna [[DidntThinkThisThrough decides to chase her personally, without even a change clothes]], [[MissingStepsPlan hoping to talk sense into her sister]], all while [[HollywoodLaw leaving the kingdom in the hands of her foreigner fiance]].
* In ''Disney/{{Aladdin}}'', Jasmine is so sheltered she doesn't know she's supposed to pay for produce at the market.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Prince Henry from ''Film/EverAfter'' is bored by the idea of peasants until he meets Danielle, who actually is a peasant. He takes his servants for granted because they're servants, it's what they do.
* Similar to Yuna Roma Seiran above, Commodus in ''Film/{{Gladiator}}'' is also a proof against the idea of letting one sheltered aristocrat become the ruler of a country.
* The prince from ''Film/ComingToAmerica'' had never so much as gone to the bathroom by himself before he left home.

* Prince Edward Tudor (later King Edward VI), in Creator/MarkTwain's ''Literature/{{The Prince and the Pauper}}''.
* Prince Jen from Creator/LloydAlexander's ''Literature/TheRemarkableJourneyOfPrinceJen.'' Upon embarking on a pilgrimage to a mystical kingdom, he sniffs the air and asks his servant what that wonderful, invigorating smell is. His [[DeadpanSnarker significantly more worldly-wise servant]] hazards a guess that the odors of rotten food, body odor, the occasional goat, and the distinct lack of cash comprise "The Essence of Misery."
* Another Lloyd Alexander example, this time ''Literature/TheChroniclesOfPrydain'', introduces us to Prince Rhun, who is the "clownish buffoon" type, easy on the "charming." He irks Taran, especially for [[ArrangedMarriage being engaged to]] [[WellExcuseMePrincess Princess Eilonwy]]. [[spoiler: Rhun gets better, and he dies a hero's death.]]
* Prince Daren in the Literature/HeraldsOfValdemar series starts off this way. He becomes more of TheWisePrince later in the series.
* Prince Kerish in ''Literature/TheSevenCitadels'' starts out this way, even putting the lives of his men in jeopardy due to his over-confidence. He [[CharacterDevelopment grows out of it]], though.
* Prince Lir in ''Literature/TheLastUnicorn''. As he attempts to earn the attention of the Lady Amalthea (the unicorn in the form of a young woman) he shakes off his sheltered uselessness and becomes far more interesting.
* Prince Edward, aka Ned, in Mickey Zucker Reichert's ''The Legend of Nightfall''. He truly believes in the ideals of chivalry and ''noblesse oblige'', he despises slavery, and he'll risk his neck to save others' lives. His idealism is only matched by his naivety… which is why his father the King takes the extreme step of secretly blackmailing (and spell-binding) a ruthless thief/assassin to be his squire (i.e., protect him) when the young royal is sent out to get some real world experience for a change. (The ultimate {{Fantasy}} Adventure OddCouple Buddy Story WunzaPlot--and it ''works.'')
* Galad Damodred from ''Literature/TheWheelOfTime'' borders between the "arrogant" and "reserved" varieties, with a very [[BlackAndWhiteMorality naïve view of the world]], but is anything but a buffoon. [[CharacterDevelopment Later shows signs]] of turning away from the path of the KnightTemplar and shifting towards TheWisePrince.
* Bertie from ''Literature/JeevesAndWooster'' survives thanks to the efforts of Jeeves, who serves as valet, ParentalSubstitute and LivingEmotionalCrutch. When they get separated, cue the RichInDollarsPoorInSense plot.
* A ''very'' disturbing take on this trope is shown in ''Discworld/InterestingTimes''; The Emperor of the Agatean Empire is a PsychopathicManchild, described by Twoflower as having been the sort of child who liked to pull the legs off insects. However, because he was never contradicted, he's never caught on to the fact that having people killed in the most terrible fashion is ''not cool''.
* The King and Queen of Caederan in ''Literature/TheQuestOfTheUnaligned'' are a variant on this trope, in that they don't really understand that attuning themselves almost entirely to wind magic is wrecking their country. This is partially due simply to living at court, which at this point is inhabited almost exclusively by [[BlowYouAway ruahks]] and unaligned, and partially because wind magic has a tendency to make its users [[TheDitz "airheads"]].
* ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'':
** All the Stark siblings to an extent, but most especially oldest daughter [[SpoiledSweet Sansa]], whose GoodParents have raised her to believe that [[WrongGenreSavvy life is like a fairytale]]. Needless to say, certain events change that.
** Daenarys Targaryen is another one. If a rather non-standard version. Because she and her brother were effectively exiled, poor and on the run for her entire childhood because of their bloodline, she had been kept both fairly socially isolated for safety's sake ''and'' entirely in the dark about an awful lot. This has led to ''massive'' gaps in her education as a result, despite her intelligence. With few of the perks more normally closeted princesses get.
** Joffrey's been pampered by [[EvilMatriarch his mother Queen Cersei]] and ignored by [[TheHedonist his father King Robert]], and generally raised in affluence. Their example combined with zero real-world experience '''or''' political understanding (and possibly mental instability due to [[spoiler: [[{{Twincest}} his less-than-healthy genetic background]]]]) have led Joff to believe [[EntitledBastard he can do whatever he wants without consequence]]. [[WithUsOrAgainstUs Including beheading anyone who says otherwise]] or [[AxCrazy shooting starving people just because he feels like it]]. Spoiled doesn't equal SpoiledSweet.
** Young Griff was raised to be the perfect prince, but seems ignorant of the world outside his group of protectors and inexperienced when it comes to politics. Lampshaded by Tyrion.
** Quentyn Martell views the world like heroic fantasy and he sees himself as a hero destined to be successful. He was sent to court Daenerys, but is rebuffed as he doesn't have the machismo to really win her over. He tries again by taming her dragons himself, but gets burnt to crisp for all his troubles.
* The Moon Prince from ''[[Literature/ShadowsontheMoon Shadows on the Moon]]''.
* The narrator in Richard Powell's ''Don Quixote, U.S.A.'', who came from a New England family of old money and nearly-impeccable breeding and falls into the "plucky" category. After being sent to the island of [[{{BananaRepublic}} San Marcos]] as a Peace Corps volunteer, he rather quickly earned the semi-affectionate nickname "El Estupido."
* Raine Destin in ''Literature/DarkHeart'' is a pampered young nobleman from a wealthy family who thinks the real world will be a grand adventure. As there are real assassins out to kill him sent by a rival house, he eventually learns differently.
* Cullen Moorland from ''Literature/ABrothersPrice'' is a ''very'' sheltered not to say smothered aristocrat which has made him bored and rebellious. Seemingly Real Life in the outside world does not disappoint him.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, the wealthy, old-money next-door neighbors in ''Series/{{Hazel}}''.
* ''Franchise/KamenRider'':
** Mitsuru Sanofrom ''Series/KamenRiderRyuki'' was thrown out and forced to get a day job. His rich father hoped it would build Mitsuru some character. It didn't.
** Tsurugi Kamishiro from ''Series/KamenRiderKabuto''. If you're wondering which kind of Sheltered Aristocrathe is, consider that his personal motto is, ''"I am the man who will replace God and slash with a sword"''. He eventually discovers that his family coffers are more empty than he had ever imagined (as in, completely) and resolves to restore his family wealth whilst learning about the joys of "the common people", becoming much more quirky and likeable in the process.
** Sieg from ''Series/KamenRiderDenO'', an arrogant [[OurDemonsAreDifferent Imagin]] who claims that "the world revolves for [his] sake" and initially sees the [=DenLiner=] crew as his servants. Hana [[MegatonPunch punches some sense into him]], though, and he warms up to the others a lot quicker. Bonus points for his [[ManInWhite predominantly white]] color scheme.
* Wes in ''Series/PowerRangersTimeForce'' is a RebelPrince version. At first, the other Rangers only needed him to unlock their morphers, as his DNA was the closest possible match to the year 3000's Red Rangers. He persuades them to give him a chance anyway, as it's the first time in his life he's ever fought for something.
* ''Series/DowntonAbbey'': Lady Sybil, the Earl's youngest daughter despite being curious about the lives of ordinary people, starts out as very naive about the world. Her early attempts to explore outside Downton aren't always successful [[spoiler: such as getting injured at a violent political rally.]] However she sticks at it, befriends the chauffeur and a housemaid (helping the latter become a secretary) and [[spoiler: during World War I trains and works as a nurse. In fact she adjusts so well to normal life that she [[{{MarryForLove}} marries]] the [[{{InterclassRomance}} chauffeur]] and moves to Ireland to live as a commoner.]]
* ''Series/GreenWing'' plays this to great comedic effect when Guy attempts to convince Mac he is a man of the people and invents a friendship with a janitor who happens to be very good friends with Mac.
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'':
** Viserys Targaryen isn't so much naive about the horrors of the world--but rather, he's arrogant and naively expects everyone to march to his orders even while he's in exile. Eventually he gets drunk and [[spoiler: gravely offends Khal Drogo, paying for it with his life.]] Consitering he hasn't been much of a prince since he was 8, he really should know better.
** Joffrey Baratheon gives this impression, but since we haven't seen him outside the sheltered life of a prince we can't be entirely sure (yet). Still, he's an excellent demonstration of the bad things that can happen when the White Prince [[spoiler: is crowned King; even his mother can't control him now.]]
** Sansa grew up thinking life was a fairytale and is enchanted by the decadence of the royal court, leaving her totally unprepared for its deadly side.
** Brienne accuses Jaime of being this to snap him out of his depression after losing his sword hand.
** Tommen is extremely naive and has obviously spent his life obeying protective authority figures.
* Arthur from {{Series/Merlin}} is an interesting example. While he is established as the [[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething commander of the army and very proactive in his responsibilities]], it's evident that outside of Camelot he is very naive. He's an InnocentBigot in regards to magic users, who he was taught from birth to consider evil, and Gwen occasionally has to call him out on his InnocentlyInsensitive treatment of the poor. He eventually [[CharacterDevelopment grows out of it]] with some help from Merlin and Gwen.
* Rachel from ''Series/{{Friends}}'' is a modern day example of the trope. Her whole childhood was spent growing up in a family that was very well off and had parents who were willing to get her anything she wanted. On the day of her wedding, which was likely arranged, Rachel ran out on her own reception after realizing she didn't love Barry and she then decides to live on her own without the finacial help from her parents. The first season has Rachel comically trying to adjust to everyday life where even simple things like doing the laundry or taking out the trash is a huge obstacle for her. Rachel slowly evolves in character as the series progressed and she manages to have a successful career and a daughter by the finale.
* King Louis and Queen Anne from ''{{Series/The Musketeers}}'' are both examples of this, having grown up amongst the most powerful royal families at the time.
** Queen Anne attempts to cook for the first time in one episode and doesn't realize she's burnt the fish. She also seems to think people respond to logic and reason in all matters not realizing the effects personal bias and experience might have. She does at least realize that most people in France live much harder and poorer lives than she herself and that she is sheltered from many of the harsh realties of life and wants to help those that do.
** King Louis however thinks that his people do nothing but drink and gamble and live lives of freedom and leisure. He's shocked by the fact that there are slavers kidnapping his subjects, balks at having to walk for miles, and can't even do up his own tunic. Unlike the queen he doesn't bother trying to understand the differences and any experience of the normal world is met with confusion at best and paranoia and distrust at worst.

* Shakespeare's capricious, self-absorbed, melodramatic ''Theatre/RichardII''. Crowned king as a child and fully believing he's ordained by God to rule, Richard has no idea of how his poor decisions affect his family and supporters until they turn on him and kill him.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Prince Enrique of ''VideoGame/SkiesOfArcadia'', while living a sheltered life, is the highly intelligent, reserved type of prince and completely subverts the "naive, pompous idiot" part of the trope. He ultimately leaves his homeland with the pirates in hopes of trying to prove his mother's plans of conquest wrong. He later tries to return to Valua to personally convince Empress Teodora to protect her people, which appears naive on the surface, but when she refuses, he actually attempts to threaten her life when she won't see reason. He apparently was more than prepared for her to refuse him. Despite not being a naive idiot, the other air pirates tend to give him some light-hearted ribbing about his pampered life when he first joins up.
* Luke, the main character of ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss'', starts out like this.
** Emperor Peony hovers between this trope and TheWisePrince depending on whether the current situation at hand needs him to be mature or not--he's a wise, competent, devoted ruler when he ''needs'' to be, and a whimsical, self-centered, shamelessly flirtatious borderline manchild at all other times.
* ''VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia'': Prior to her adventure with Yuri and the others, all Estelle knew was what she'd read in her books. But over the course of their journey, she finds much of her information was either outdated, or factually incorrect. So Rita makes her fill in the pages of the groups's Collectipedia [[TricksterMentor to educate her.]]
* Eliwood from ''FireEmblem'' was a bit like this in the beginning. He grows into TheWisePrince later on.
** Reyson from ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemTellius Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance]]'' is an aversion. While his title is "White Prince," he acts more like a [[JadeColoredGlasses jaded]] [[IceQueen Ice King]]
** The PlayerCharacter from ''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates'' is a prince/ss was locked in a tower his/her entire life, and as such has absolutely no idea how the world works or even a decent sense of self-preservation once he/she is let out.
* A Downplayed example with Percival of ''VideoGame/GranblueFantasy'', but the Slice of Summer event shows him to be somewhat bewildered by rather commonplace things, such as an onion making him cry, or [[YaoiFangirl Lunalu]] getting flustered around him.
* Prince Peasley of ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiSuperstarSaga'' comes off a bit like this at first glance-his arrogant mannerisms, cocky grin, and tendency to flick out his hair (which is so radiant it causes the entire screen to flash white) suggest a pampered jerkoff without the time of day for a couple lowly plumbers… but he's genuinely concerned about his people, competent at what he does and aware of his limitations, and in general a pretty nice, if businesslike, guy.
* In the short time the PC is around him, King Cailan from ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'' comes off as this, more clearly depending on dialogue. As a good example, if the City Elf tells Cailan he is from "One of your alienages, of course", Cailan actually grows ''excited'' nearly ''begging'' the PC to tell him what it's like there, stating his guards never let him near them, which seems to indicate quite a lack of knowledge and interest in 'commoner' ways.
** Which can lead to a real awkward moment for the king where you proceed to bluntly state that your cousin was raped by a bigot noble, who you then killed. Cailan is actually quite disturbed by something like that happening in the Alienage and it being kept from him, and vows to look into it when they return to Denerim… but we all know how that ended.
** Return to Ostagar reveals he is not nearly as naive as he pretends, but acted confident to keep up morale.
* Sebastian Vael of ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'', to some extent. On the one hand, he has the highest social standing in your party and occasionally slips up (he's surprised that Aveline, daughter of an exiled noble, prefers being a city guard). On the other, he comes from a court that assassinated his entire family. There's no arguing he can handle himself in a fight, at least.
* In ''VideoGame/GoldenSunDarkDawn'', this is Amiti's defining trait. Subverted because he also realizes this is a bad thing, and he decides to travel with Matthew in order to overcome it.
* ''VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite''. N, King of Team Plasma, was raised not only to be sheltered from the world, but also isolated, psychologically and socially abused and stunted, and unable to identify with humanity, so that his father Ghetsis could use him as a pure-hearted innocent to gain the trust of the legendary dragons of Unova, ban Pokemon husbandry, and conquer Unova.
* Milliarde in ''VideoGame/BatenKaitosOrigins''.
* While Gio (Ludwig Giovanni Arland) of the Arland Trilogy of the ''VideoGame/{{Atelier}}'' series, one time King Gio of the kingdom of Arland, and later a leader of the Arland Republic, is definitely a [[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething royal who actually does something]], he still has shades of this. In one of the more comic scenes in ''VideoGame/AtelierMeruruTheApprenticeOfArland'', he finds the leader character, Princess Meruru, minding a dry goods shop for a friend. One of the things Meruru is selling is carrots, which he doesn't recognize because he's only ever had them cooked and buttered. He offers 100 cole for it, but Meruru says it's way too much and sells it to him for 10 cole… which is still 3 more cole than it's normally sold for to the player at the shop!
* One of the main characters in ''Iris'' is Alexander von Schoenmann, who's from a family so important that it causes an OhCrap reaction from Helen when she realizes exactly who he is. However, he's also so naive that he tries to pull rank in a pub, has never even ''heard'' of mana and needs to be rescued by Helen from a bunch of ''slimes''.
* In ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIIIMorrowind'', Balmora Mages Guild Stewardess Ranis Athrys is said to be one of these by her associates. She came from an upper class family and thus doesn’t relate well to [[OurElvesAreDifferent Dunmer]] who grew up outside a wealthy imperialist town like Balmora.
* ''VideoGame/Disgaea5AllianceOfVengeance'' has Seraphina, who grew up in the lap of luxury and has made her Prinnies do much of the labor for her (this gets her in hot water at the game's onset, where her Prinnies get completely destroyed by the Lost before Killia shows up). She grows out of this a bit, but only because Killia will not suffer her company otherwise.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* ''VisualNovel/HatofulBoyfriend'': Sakuya Shirogane Le Bel, of the "insufferable jerk" type. He considers being transferred to one of the top bird schools in the world to be a ''step down'', and utterly abhors his new classmates due to FantasticRacism (most of whom aren't fond of him, either). He also knows very little about the country he's in and most of it's misinformation. It's up to the heroine to [[DefrostingIceQueen defrost him]]--or the OmegaEnding to [[BreakTheHaughty devastate him]].
* ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'': The Beatrice who lived in Kuwadorian in 1967 [[spoiler:(who was actually Kinzo's illegitimate daughter with his Italian mistress Beatrice Castiglioni, who [[DeathByChildbirth died in childbirth]])]]. She was raised in a hidden mansion by a few servants and Kinzo, who would come down every few days or so, but was forbidden from leaving the Kuwadorian and so knows absolutely nothing about life outside of it. [[spoiler:Just before she died from falling off a cliff, Rosa actually speculated that part of the reason she didn't seem to be afraid of climbing down the cliff was because she didn't understand that if she fell from it, she would die]].
* In ''VisualNovel/ReflectionsOnTheRiver'', Zheng (the protagonist) tends to assume that the prince and princess are like this, and that they'll have trouble coping with the simple surroundings of their captivity. It's partly true — they're both "like small children" when allowed to go with Zheng to the market, for example, and Prince Shun doesn't understand the worth of money (thinking that a few gold coins are mere pocket change when they're actually so rare Zheng has never even seen one). However, neither is at all hesitant to work and do chores — Prince Shun because it's an opportunity to try things he's usually not ''allowed'' to do for himself (like cooking) and Princess Yanyu because [[spoiler:she's actually a servant pretending to be Yanyu, and although not allowed to wander freely, is quite used to doing real work]].
* ''VisualNovel/SuperDanganRonpa2'' has Sonia Nevermind, the Ultimate Princess, who struggles to turn the shower on and gave up figuring out how to turn it off.
* Enju Ueno, the protagonist of ''VisualNovel/{{Nightshade}}'', is more or less the princess of her village; her parents married in order to end a clan war, and she has been considered a symbol of that peace all of her life. As a result, she has never been allowed to go on a shinobi mission and most of the village is insistent that she remain safe no matter what. When the game's plot kicks off and she's finally allowed to go on a mission, she is overwhelmed by the big city and is more than a little naive about life outside her village, although it thankfully doesn't end up hindering her too much.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Princess Flufwiena of ''Webcomic/EbinAndMay'', [[BreakTheCutie up until]] her new husband conquers her homeland and kills her family.
* [[LittleStowaway Reynir]] from ''Webcomic/StandStillStaySilent'' is a sheep herder, but a sheep herder from inland Iceland, which is one of the safest places in which a human can be living in this world. His parents have chosen getting him to stay on the farm over teaching him about how things actually work outside it, which has led to a somewhat distorted perception of the world to the point that he thought he was forbidden from travelling internationally until one of his brothers set him straight. And even when he starts travelling, it doesn't occur to him that the reason merchant ships accept non-immune people may be that some of them aren't allowed to let people off in other countries anyway. In contrast, the actual members of the crew are all military and grew up in places that have gotten hit by TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt much harder than Iceland did. This results in him being the most childish member of the crew, despite being the same age as the three younger actual members.
* ''Webcomic/ILoveYoo'' gives us Kousuke. Shin-Ae discovers that he's never had rice-cake, even though it's available from practically every streetcorner. He has, however, [[SubvertedTrope eaten a burger before, and is a little offended Shin-Ae thinks he's that out of touch.]]
-->Kousuke: [[DoubleSubverted "Now where are my eating utensils. Waiter?"]]

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Phase, Ayla Goodkind of the Literature/WhateleyUniverse. Born into the richest family on earth, and used to having his own way all the time. When he turns into a mutant and gets kicked out of the family, he finds out he doesn't know how to do ''anything'', including use a can opener or a microwave. He has a coronary seeing what a real grocery store is like.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Lampshaded in an episode of the animated ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfZelda''--the episode was actually titled "The White Knight," and featured a blond heroic prince in pristine white garments who charmed Zelda and her father and made Link look like a buffoon by comparison. When Zelda was stolen by one of Ganon's minions, the so-called hero wouldn't go to her aid because he didn't want to get his clothes dirty.
* While obviously not a prince, Mr. Pewtershmidt of WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy fit this perfectly when he lost all of his money and was forced to live with Peter. He became utterly useless, to the point that he couldn't figure out how to ''wipe his own ass''. Slight variation in that he's not necessarily confused by how the lower class lives as much as he just wants nothing to do with it.
* The Earl of Lemongrab of ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime''. He was the first one of Princess Bubblegum's experiments gone wrong, and had severe [[TheMentallyDisturbed mental health issues…]] and was very, [[TheScrappy VERY annoying]]. The princess sent him away to live in [[GildedCage a castle]] far away from the kingdom, to be taken care of by servants. Lemongrab ended up an UpperClassTwit with a FriendlessBackground and NoSocialSkills. "Also… I don't know where ''food'' comes from!"
* ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow'''s Pops is made of this, and has a childlike fascination with even the most mundane aspects of park-keeping. He is allowed to remain this way by Benson, as he is the son of the park owner and not subject to the responsibilities of the rest of the team.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Siddharta Gautama aka Buddha, as one of the kind, naive types, makes this OlderThanFeudalism. He grew up in the palace sheltered from everything low and evil. When he first went into RealLife (which was after he had married and fathered a son), and saw the existence of poverty, disease and death, [[HeroicBSOD he was so shocked that he left palace, wife and son in the night to become an ascetic monk.]] For the exciting conclusion, see UsefulNotes/{{Buddhism}}.
** This was apparently deliberate, as his father was given a prophecy that if he didn't experience suffering he would become a great king, while if he did he would become a (very poor) holy man. So his father tried to shelter him as much as he possibly could.
* Emperor Hirohito (or better said Showa, after his era) of Japan, who asked his people to "endure the unendurable" while he never missed a meal in his long life.
** In that particular reference, "the unendurable" was surrender. Hirohito may be worthy of criticism, but in this case he was sparing them more suffering by allowing them to escape HonorBeforeReason simply by saying TheEmperor had ordered it.
** Obviously, ''every'' male in the Japanese Imperial Family is/was like this. Current Emperor Akihito is [[OlderandWiser a more down to Earth version]]: he actually went to university, is a more or less well-known marine biologist, married a NonRoyalPrincess (current Empress Michiko) despite [[ParentalMarriageVeto the opposition of the Imperial Household]], tried to project a less-divine and more-human image of the Imperial Family with diverse results, and after the Kanto Earthquake [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome he actually got out of the Imperial Palace to visit the damaged prefectures alongside his wife]].
** This is also what [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Miki Saint Paul Miki]] ''used'' to be. After being educated into Catholicism by the local Jesuits, he decided to become a BadassPreacher in the times when Christianity was banned in Japan… and ended up as one of the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twenty-six_Martyrs_of_Japan 26 Martyrs of Japan]].
* Belgian singer Jacques Brel was this, coming from a very rich family in the banking business before he started his singing career.
* Britain's King Charles I of UsefulNotes/TheHouseOfStuart who was taught by his father James I that Kings were "little gods on earth". This was ''not'' good for Charles, as his unyielding insistence on royal prerogatives is generally accepted to be one of the main reasons that the leaders of the parliamentary party in the UsefulNotes/EnglishCivilWar eventually found it necessary to cut off his head rather than simply keep him as a constrained constitutional monarch (which was what basically all of them preferred until about a week before they actually started his trial).
** Subverted by King Charles II who was raised for a large part of his early life in Scotland, hiding from the roundheads that had usurped his father. After their puritanical reign the people of England ''asked him to take back his father's throne'' and he swiftly restored a number of rights to the common man that Oliver Cromwell had revoked. He even ''saved Christmas'' after Cromwell made it punishable by death to celebrate.
* The infamous "Let them eat cake" response to being told the peasants had no bread to eat. [[BeamMeUpScotty Attributed]] to MarieAntoinette, when Rousseau wrote about "a great princess" saying it (and he might have made it up).
* Invoked by Louis XIV of France--he ''wanted'' his nobility to be useless so he could run the country unimpeded by them. In doing so, he gave France a whole class of {{Upper Class Twit}}s and royally screwed over the country.