What is known as Ryona is a kind of {{fetish}} video that features several things: the fatalities of classic and modern {{Fighting Game}}s, deaths from survival horror games, assaults on women depicted in various anime, or just the beatdown or shooting of a specific character in other game types.

The media always includes one or more characters beaten up, unconscious, or dead. But what defines Ryona is the one thing that all of these videos have in common: the recipient is AlwaysFemale -- the SpearCounterpart, known as "Gyaku[[note]]reverse[[/note]]-Ryona," exists mostly as a backlash and is extremely rare in comparison.

Ryona tends to focus on powerful male characters defeating or dominating female ones. Less common are scantily-clad women fighting the unfortunate victims in something akin to GirlOnGirlIsHot.

{{Ryona}} is not limited only to videogames -- sometimes it is also includes scenes from other media such as anime, comics, TV and movies that include battering, abusing or otherwise killing women.

Compare with StuffedIntoTheFridge, BreakTheCutie, KillTheCutie, ScreamingWoman, MonsterMisogyny, StrawMisogynist.

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