An avant-garde/experimental duo formed by the pathologist David Janssen (Ted the Loaf) and the architect Brian Poole (Renaldo Malpractice). Sort of protegees of {{The Residents}}, their work carry lots of {{surreal humor}} with freaky-sounding melodies, enhanced by the disturbingly funny high-pitched singing voice of Renaldo.

Under The Residents' Ralph Records, they released five albums. The duo parted ways in 1989, with only Renaldo making ocasional collaborations and releases. They both only returned to see each other in 2006 due the launch of the website.

!!Renaldo and the Loaf have examples of:

*AlbumTitleDrop: Arabic Yodelling comes from a verse of Like Some Kous-Kous Western
*CoverVersion: Boule, by french experimental group Ptose
*NightmareFuel: Songs for Swinging Larvae, both the album and the video, each bringing it's own nightmares
*WordSaladLyrics: They used a game of dice for making some lyrics, like the series of questions in Is Guava a Donut