'''''Prehistoric Assassins''''' is an obscure[[note]]As in so obscure that this page is one of the first things that shows up on a Google search of the show[[/note]] two-part {{Documentary}} special that aired on the DiscoveryChannel in early 2011. As the title suggests, it deals with dangerous critters from prehistoric times, including [[UsefulNotes/PrehistoricLife dinosaurs, ancient predatory fish and saber-toothed cats]], amongst others. Their weapons of choice are examined in details, and compared to the teeth and claws found on some of today's top predators.

Following the norm of recent paleo-docs, it relied solely on {{CGI}} (made by the Polish Sventevith Animation Studio) to recreate its cast of extinct animals. Their animation demo for the program can be viewed [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0ieF9Nnl20 here]].

Its two episodes focus on two different types of environment: "Claws and Jaws" was all about land predators, while "Blood in the Water" dealt with marine menaces.
!!The documentary contains examples of:
* BadAss: All of the predators that appear in the special would qualify.
* BulletTime: Used at times as predators pounce on their prey.
* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs
* FamilyUnfriendlyDeath: The unfortunate prey animals.
* FeatheredFiend: Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of the special is its well-feathered (if silly-looking) ''[[http://www.channelcanada.com/tvzone/shows/prehistoricassassins.jpg Deinonychus]]''.
* {{Gorn}}: The animations are quite bloody, and depict acts of graphic dismembering.
* MegaNeko: ''Smilodon'', the famed saber-toothed cat.
* PrehistoricMonster
* RaptorAttack: As deinonychosaurs in media go, this show's ''Deinonychus'' aren't too bad, but they have a scaly face and, though their wing feathers extend all the way to the hands, they aren't attached to the second finger, as they should be.
* ScienceMarchesOn: Yup, even such a recent documentary couldn't manage to avoid it.
** For instance, some recent studies indicate that the famous fossil of a ''Tenontosaurus'' surrounded by several ''Deinonychus'' isn't actually proof of pack-hunting raptors (as it's been believed for decades), but rather evidence of random raptors coming together to munch on a carcass.
** Another common error is giving the ''Majungasaurus'' well-developed, if still very short arms. They should be underdeveloped and absurdly stubby.
* SeaMonster: ''Blood in the Water'' is full of these.
* SmallTaxonomyPools: Averted to a degree, since there are a few well-known animals in the program. However relatively obscure dinosaurs like ''Majungasaurus'' or ''Rapetosaurus'' also get some screen-time.
* SpeculativeDocumentary
* StockDinosaurs: Not a lot of them. There are ''Deinonychus'', ''Corythosaurus'', while other stock-prehistoric nasties include ''Elasmosaurus'', ''Megalania'' and ''Smilodon''.
* TyrannosaurusRex: His smaller cousin, ''Daspletosaurus'' makes an appearance.
* ZergRush: The attack style of the raptors.